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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 27, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse192 the stars and stripes Point in questioning Man Moro at hearing r says Cia created destroyed missile Gap � the mis Back into statement unit destroyed Agency. Agreed. In of who talked did so in Cam charged the Elton had per to open a nuclear missile strength. Last year after president Ken Nedy took office the missile Gap apparently vanished and this brought Republican counter charges that democrats deliberately misrepresented facts and created the missile Gap out of whole clot for political ends. A published volume of hearings by the Senate armed service committee included testimony by Secretary of defense Robert s. Of the . In i Mcnamara. He was explaining Why he now believes the United states can Cope with nuclear attack. This included estimates of russian Long Range strategic Power. Sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., who in 1960 was among democrats who contended the Eisenhower administration had permitted a Gap to develop used Mcnamara s re Marks As an occasion to presenta sort of timetable on the Down Ward revision of estimates on so Viet strength. Symington said that in 1958 and 1959 we were Given an estimate of the number of icbms the russians would have in fiscal year 1961" i february 1960 the then Secretary o defense announced that in the future figures would be based on estimates of intent instead of capability. In february the estimate was Cut 66 per cent sold Symington. Then Symington said the timetable ran like this in August 1960, the National intelligence estimate of soviet mis Sile strength was reduced four per Iara sees diminishing role for Navy s carriers a Secretary s. Mcnamara Isi carriers As Well it weapons to As he shapes his team. T to Teger retaliatory states bomb and the Polaris system is bullying sent Al tar Union even after nuclear attack Amaru Hie could it any help from tactical air units or Force which of course a for attack ing those nuclear testimony testimony before lie servers commell Republic. Mcnamara Carrier aviation will have some although strategic functions lie Way pal use of the attack he years ahead will be role. As we forces of strategic Polaris submarines. Tor the attack Carrier in War role will diminish they will still main nuclear strike which could augment retaliatory forces. But War and cold War be attack Carrier forces a most important Anc that another frigate is in the cur rent building program and the third in the fiscal 1963 budget. Together these five ships would constitute a Small nuclear powered task Force which would give us unique capability for sustained High Speed operations and provide invaluable operating experience he said and at least based on present construction practices and present Power Plant designs i would no propose any additional nuclear powered surface however Mcnamara added that efforts Are continuing to create More economical nuclear Power plants and that no doubt the time will come when nuclear Power will be competitive with conventional Power the limitation put on atomic powered surface ship construction does not affect the vast nuclear submarine program. The present defense department program is to build the Polaris Fleet up to a total of 41, Mcnamara said the program for Nurk a ill tick submarines is this by next june 17 nuclear attack submarines will be in a total sub Marine Force of 100 boats a year inter 21 atomic attack subs willbe in a Force of 103 boats. Eight More will be under construction during the coming fiscal year. Censors had deleted references twosome of the projected totals for the submarine Force. But other material indicates that during the next few years the total of non Polaris nuclear attack submarines is expected to reach 40. Re Many potential Trou if the world where the i and will continue Only practical Means of ear air striking Power t with thin. Mcnamara has the Navy s request fori authorization 1o Ron t another Barrier with fun sin the military budget Carrier. Under Pentagon have f on vent Ion no in it hear Power because a Tarrier costs Over $100 More Thun a conventional building col makes it Clear that new budget request building a third atomic frigate this will be the surface warship in " until building costs go testimony he noted that Vered Carrier enter the Cruiser Long Beach that the first of the frigates destroyer Type join the Fleet next year of Man to fed this shortage it Dpi Lite Detroit had to Ante a 20 to in traffic court was cawed when paid a traffic Fra with Felt of Mil must leave country David Ebo Oglo and he american born wife Sheryl pause at their work of typing out his doctoral thesis at Troy . Ebb Gnu from Turkey is to receive his Doc degree in june from Rensselaer polytechnic Institute but has been informed that he muss leave the United states next month. He has been in the country seven Yean. A photo Ala. 4�Ala music on the stump Montgomery. Ala. A there s a run on guitars and fiddles in Alabama these Days the candidates Are out campaigning Tigan. Rural rhythm and Oiler Gim micks have become an almost in dispensable Purl of the business of get i ing votes for the past 15 years. And it in t any less True this year. Almost without exception the candidates for governor Are using something besides their knowledge of governmental problems to draw the crowds. From the standpoint of volume former gov. James e. Folsom run Ning for the May 1 democratic nomination for an unprecedented third term out sounds Emall. He sings his pretty wife joins in with a Solo too and sometimes the colourful 0-foot 8-Inch Candi Date takes out his false Teeth. Folsom. Who started the music with your polities trend when hews elected the first time in 1946, still has some of his original string band musicians with him. Less playful but just As musical nor. Macdonald Gall Loo and George Wallace. They too travel with Mountain music All or part of the time. Gailion carries around a closed circuit television network so the voters can see themselves shaking hands with the attorney general. Preston Parish who gave up Ajob us n spurt1 scientist at Redstone Arsenal to make the race for governor has a Dummy mls Silt on to of i car. When he stops the Gadget Riselo an upright position red lights Flash and the Good people Ore cig Aret crackdown oakv1lle, Canada up police have launched a crackdown on minors who smoke. Police chief Fred Oliver so his Force would arrest anyone under 16tound smoking. Invited to contribute to help pay Campaign expenses. Farish Calls Uthe Folsom also solicits funds from his audiences using a Ham sack you put in the Ham and Well grind it up and you la get the one candidate uses a Nail Keg to Nail up the that s a reference to an older Promise to end the waste of state funds by plug Ging up the holes in the Wayne Bodle Jennings has writ ten a Book and peddles it during his Campaign. He says it s an exposure of what he Calls Politica Conn it gov Albert More reserved. He hag a House trailer called Boutwell s Henderson the other Candi Date just Plain talks. Cent in june 1961 it was reduce again so that it was Only 15 per cent of what it had been Estima Tedas but a few months in september 1961 All of this under the previous management of the Central intelligence Agency and the 24 advisory groups i dropped again by 96.5 percent from the estimate made 19 months be fore. Referring to Mcnamara s Testi Mony that intelligence was a Factor in calculating the . Require ments and soviet strength Symington told Mcnamara i would ask you to tile for the record the justification of your statement that intelligence is take into consideration. I am in no sense critical it is rather fascinating. Somebody said it is the Best exhibition of How to win without trying the missile Gap was created by the National intelligence Agency. If it has been eliminated. It has now been eliminated by the National intelligence Symington said that based on every talk the president Kennedy made on this subject based on the National intelligence at the time was entirely Correct in what lie Symington was referring to remarks made by or. Kennedy apparently including those during the 1960 Campaign. Comments Mcnamara. Replying to Symington commented i would say that those who Dis cussed the missile Gap and who based their statements on information from the National Intelli gence estimates were speaking of the missile Gap in Good National intelligence Esti mates have been revised Down Ward As you have indicated an the revisions downward have been very Mcnamara did not say How Many intercontinental missiles Russia has ready for firing. But his state ment Lent support to speculation that the soviets May have As few As 50 to 75 icbms ready for launching. The United states now 54 Atlas icbms on launching ends and will have 9 titans ready next month. It also has 96 Shorter Range Polaris missiles on subs at sea. In a later discussion with Gen Frederic h. Smith jr., air Force vice chief of staff Symington said the Cia coordinated National intelligence estimates also were trimmed 81 per cent in four years from the original appraisal of so Viet bomber production. But than capacity in his discussion with Mcna Mara Symington complained about Basing National intelligence Esti mates on Kremlin intent rather than russian capacity. In a speech during the missile Gap juror Allen w. Dulles then director of the Central intelligence Agency said initial weapons system estimates based on potential could be revised and updated As information be comes available on what to actually being done. The testimony providing the committee s annual review of the nation s military posture also dealt with the subject of dependents Mcnamara said the defense department unwilling to increase the Drain on a dollars by re suming the shipment of military dependents to Europe u studying ways of shortening tour run order to permit the troops to move with out Cal tech talkers pass 474-hour phone Mark san Luis Obispo Calif. A some students of California poly technic have claimed a Champion ship of sorts the National Tele phone Tal Kathon title. At 12 noon the boys in Tenay aare rival candidates Eugene con dormitory and the girls in Santa Lucia Hull had been in continuous conversation More than 474 hours still on the original dime dropped into the pay phone Early in March. That they said beat the 468-hour record set by Texas tech at Lub Bock. And the relays of Cal poly gabber going at it in halt hours tints around the clock Are going right on talking. Right now with examinations coming up u new source of conversation is helpful consultation before that the talk was largely about dates. J. E. Goading san Luia Obten Telephone manager paid his troubleshooters were keeping Latouch to be sure nothing Cal ends the Tal Kathon

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