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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 26, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseTuesday March 26, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 5 top marines hails Viet policy doing the right things by Fokd s. Hoffman Washington a the s top Marine opposes any in Basic . Military strategy in Vietnam saying the United states can gain its objectives if we just gun Leonard f. Chapman r new Marine commandant acknowledged the communist Winter offensive scored a psychological physical material Shock and was a setback to Many things particularly the pacification , lie predicted in an inter View sunday the net effect of the tet offensive will be favourable to us because of Vio Lence by the communists against vietnamese civilians. First interview i believe we were and Are doing the right things Sai Chapman in his first question arid answer interview since be coming head of the 300,000-Manmarine corps on Jan. 1. He declined to forecast what the future decisions will be on strategy questions before presi Dent Johnson. . Strategy has come under review at the highest Levels of government since the communist offensive. Some civilian officials Are reported urging a Lidon further . Troop commit the same time . Strategy including search and de stroy operations and the hold ing of the besieged Khe san bastion has come under attack by critics of the Johnson administration including sen. Robert f. Kennedy . Chapman refused to discuss his views on the possible Impact of presidential bids by Kenned Yand sen. Eugene Mccarthy d minn., on the attitude of the in Gen. Leonard f. Chapmanjr. Horizontal 1. Narro Channel 4. Mexican coin8. Wearing shoes12. Time of life13. Town in Iowah. Manner 15. Grecian Gulf 17. Press 18. Pitcher19. Stare fiercely20. Show backer22. American author21. Cereal grain25. Brilliant assemblages20. Greek letter 30. Electronic device 36. Show excessive fondness 37. Pric painfully 40. Nimbus41. Possess 42. Originated46. Mimics 47. European linden48. Guido s highest note 49. Exploit50. Appends 61. Firmament vertical1. A fuel 2. Turkish officer 3. Kind of message 4. Wal Section 5. Arabian chieftain 6. Dry of wine 7. Girl name 8. Greenbrier9. Book of hours 19 20 2122 26. 27. Answer to yesterday s Puzzle. Vip32. Recall 34. Light rain 35. Arctic 0 37. 38. M 40 10. Fragrance11. Sandhill 16. English poet growl Maple Genus observe natives of Copen Hagen 23. Wing like 25. Sailor mimics Comfort 28. Drunkards30. Curse of cities or. Hem Ingway Dawn contest for two a recording ribbon. 39. Currier and greedy42. Greenland Eskimo 43. Boy nickname Wapiti period 33. 34. 36. 44. 45. Navigator air a time of it minute. Of 1 i. Is 20 14 to 41 41 o 21 w � 3 it a b a w a 4 5 0 w 5 z5 4 47 5012. Y.4 7 % 2 a 40 a s it 6 4 % w a 51 4b is time 0 it 4b Emy and the length of the the Marine chief made it Clear he is against scaling Dow the . Effort particularly Lim iting . Troops to defending cities towns and bases and leaving the Countryside unguarded. I certainly would not favo what is called the enclave Strat egy the four Star general think that is tantamount to certain in addition to refusing to com ment on the Kennedy Mccarthy political actions or on possible War strategy decisions ahead Chapman declined to discuss How big a buildup he expects beyond the 525,000 men now authorized for the War. What position the join chiefs of staff have taken on the buildup scope. Whether any Call up of Marine or other reservists is in the wind. Future courses of action inthe fighting by either the unit-1 de states and its allies or the communists. How Many More marines he has requested for the corps now badly stretched thin by its Vietnam commitments. Edison s first Star the world s first guest recording artist mrs. Harriet Atwood kisses Daniel Presenell held by his Mother mrs. Thomas Presenell in a Richmond va., nursing Home. The occasion mrs. Atwood s 103rd birthday also Daniel s first. Mrs. Atwood was called to Thomas Edison s new Jersey studio in 1887 to make the world s first piano recording. A pacification study embarrassing Viet report release asked Washington up Schweiker r-pa., suggested monday that the reason he Pentagon put a critical South Vietnam pacification report under wraps was because its conclusions were embarrassing to administration officials. Schweiker said the still secret 967 study showed that the joint \ .-South vietnamese program of win the Countryside was in Leep trouble As Long As a year ago. At the same time Schweiker said in a statement government j its a sp1i broke Bonn pact. Bonn a Chancellor Kur Georg Kiesinger s c h r i s t i a n democratic party cd Mondavi accused its social democratic spa coalition partners of breaking commitments m a d e when the two agreed to form a government in late 19g6. The Christian democrats said that at its party Congress in Nuernberg last week the social democrats made n number of statements on political question which deviate from the policy of the coalition and the commit ments of the spa the Christian democratic party expects that the spa. Like the cd stick to the coalition agreement the cd a bundestag parliament delegation said in a the Congress the spa passed a Resolution f a \ o of Poland s Western Frontier which would give up German claims on territories East of the Oder and Neisse spa also decided to Post Pone discussion of an election re form until its next Congress in 1970.the Christian democrats would like to see a Reform to a majority voting system before next oar s Federal election Interior minis Ter Paul . A Christian Democrat has threatened to re sign Over the is officials in Washington were Tell ing Congress and the Public that pacification w a s progressing called on the Penta gon to declassify the report. Member of the House armed services committee he did no divulge How he came up on the authors concluded that until such time As the South vietnamese government permits and encourages broadly base political organizations support by the vietnamese people to the Central government will be Lack ing Schweiker said. And until the peasants see tangible evidence that the Sai gon government serves their cause the study reportedly asserted they would withhold that support. The defense department was warned by the report that United states military superiority will not be sufficient to bring Success in Vietnam Schweiker continued. The authors argued strongly that if the goal in Vietnam is to be Success must not Only be achieved on the military Side of the War. It must be achieved also on the political front using the internal re sources of the Schweiker said the report maintained that the political Bat the was carried on by vietnamese who were ill equipped poorly trained and who Lack motivation and the congressman said it washes understanding that the mate rial gathered for the report was not classified but that the report itself was classified after the Pentagon read its conclusions. W e e p a l s

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