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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 25, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Int stars and stinks Vrh Iff residents fight to Wlhelm Chw Racli Tower Berlin ruin sets off Battle phone Calls flood backers of new Structure Berlin official plan to tear Down one of West berlins most photographed and or loved object the ruined Kaiser Wilheim mentorial Church has Surrey up storm of in both parts of the divided All of West berlins newspapers jumped into the demanding that the Tower of the red ruin be preserved As a re two of the printed ballots and asked their readers to Voe no on a Cit Church plan to Ronij utly tear Down the Church and its even one of communist East berlins newspapers found itself in the unusual position of defend ing a Church officials and newspaper offices said they were being swamped by Telephone Calls from irate jury derision object of the indignation is an official jury which voted to re place the ruined an ultramodern Church made of Plain Church and City officials were members of the end it was expected that their decision would be approved by a Church committee which has the but Church authorities admitted that mounting protests May Force them to preserve the said pastor Guenter i do not know if Chat Rich offi dais can afford to ignore Soctt a great in i believe there in a Good Chance that the old Tower will be the Church has been a Center of attention Ever since it was bad damaged by Allied bombs and rus Sian artillery during world War ii reds quadruple Trade with Mideast in 3 years by North United mute Rani vans carrying Wool into asian Russia from polish freighters being loaded with cot ton at and a Kwh technicians in the cities of Syria All Lead up to a disturbing picture for Western with in years the communist countries have thir com Mercial Trade from so to almost billion with the my die this Tittle noticed but startling ready taken commercial of during to communist or Ders the world commercial statistics re leased by the Inird observers Point out that while Washington has just begun to try to fill a commercial and vacuum in the Middle fast by the exit of France and the communist countries have Al 3 j Capitol is labelled atomic rat lawmakers shiver Washington the ques Tion of How the would get along without Congress came up in Congress it was such n horrible East substantial enough to Panoke protest governments in to refusing permission to soviet As opening of insurance companies and shipping of in All the Teveria Rich con tracts fell to the communist to rare u chemical production by 35 per of this Poland readying Plant for manufacture of enamel Ware in Egypt by Poland also the lawmakers Warmack Ned of Chorro loom starkly aka list the s r m if Helm Asroe Saied Iress photo nearly everyone so red the ruin was More Beautiful than the orig Inal Church had Ever next to the Brandenburg the Church and its shattered Tower be came berlins most popular target for the cameras of soldiers and West Berlin newspapers called it berlins most Beautiful Heads Kur Damra one reason for its popularity is that it stands at the head of the Swank and thus furnishes a spectacular backdrop for the elegant shopping Early in Church officials announced plans for replacing the but preserving its Tower for at least 10 until enough Money could be gathered to re place it but the whole plan was delayed and then dropped after an argument arose about the site of the new the old Church wis completed in 1895 under orders of Kaiser Wil Helm who wanted a memorial to the first Kaiser the result was a Structure with a Florid i troops to Zero in with quiz Germany Spe Cial target practice with a new kind of my begins Early this year throughout for this weeks troop information hour will be devoted to a Marksman Usa eur he the using questions instead of covers material pre during the past three months of troop information be plus recent news the rules Are the pity irs Art divided into two shooting each with a firing coach whose lets the Type of question to be questions arc Worth and 5 corresponding to three rings on an my if a player scores a 5point Bullseye he automatically has a free Chance to answer a 3point ques when a player misses the target completely and the referee Waves Maggie the fir ers team is docked one Point from is total the younger generation ins Noah Piquette got his 1957 bicycle License but Over All the attention Given his kid brother when he had applied for a similar License at the City the Broth is 91 years Noah s 92 us who for giant uncorking French wines set for taste fete London vintners of France have invited britons to expected to be the biggest win testing Enterprise in the his russians report prehistoric Snail alive London up radio Moscow reported that geologists in siberian coldest area had unearthed a shelled sea animal still alive after several thousand years in the permanently Frozen the broadcast on the so Viet radios German said the discovery was no id in the in Didirka River Valley of the soviet socialist Republic of Yakutsk in Eastern when the geologists took Sample of the permanently Frozen Earth along the shores of the the broadcast they were amazed to see a Lump of the soil investigation showed the clod contained a a species of Snail with a trumpet shaped of the antediluvian the animal Carne to life when the Sun warmed the Earth in which it had slept for thousands of the broadcast Yakutsk to one of the least explored areas of the world and includes seme of the worlds coldest tory country the smelling and Exchange of views will take e in London cafe Royal on april four Days after the beginning of the French fortnight being observed who regard themselves As pretty Good than 1000 my Mvi Iea is expected that will be hundreds of Gate the winners Are sending 35 wines which have won acclaim in everyone can come to London there will be and and a liver shop a t setting up a Hogshead of which will be free for All the hops in London the provinces will pass out samples of French dec group meets Europe men Luxembourg a four american nuclear experts have arrived Here for a discussion with the three Wise men appointed by the West european governments to study nuclear Energy the who Wirtl stay Here about 10 Are Richard Deputy general manager of the atomic Energy commission Paul director of dec opera Tion analysis Louis Deputy director of the dec reactor development and Andrew Vander Deputy director of the dec division of International the three Wise men Are Arnuand of Franz Euel of Germany Francesco Giordani of i thought that dropped Cunningham drought it up during i House armed services subcommittee hear ing on civil he writs questioning t Holifield about holi Fields plan to build an air raid shelter if a Hydrogen bomb dropped right on Washington everyone would be killed whether there were i in agreement with and saudi u con St rut the other Road project linking with Medina through the worst desert in the Poland Kuiv Putin Coitt Wirts for shipping Varia n factory of electrical the soviet Inion will build for India railway Iron casting plants m Plant in and hydroelectric project the whole in these multimillion Dollar agreements is the communist countries will construct the the local and put plants into the basis of Trade is bilateral agreements Pean countries and East euro the Middle shelters or Cunningham wed be smothered in he nobody would get wed be like rats in a Hollfield agreed Many would die but said some could be saved by Cunningham asked what would happen if n bomb out tin the supreme court and Congress nil in one fell swoop is he any pro visions for replacing them Holifield said there As a matter of he he once sponsored a move to study this problem but it got nowhere Cunningham dropped the my questions would be he except the whole subject is its a crazy Holifield soviet found that bilateral Trade agree ments were not in feet Ping with the Exchange values of its products and Middle Eastern raw materials and has now switched to multilateral if pays with Sterling received from exports to sometimes the soviet Union makes direct from the Middle East and then reexports the goods to Eastern recently has complained that resold egyptian Cotton to Germany at citrate Truman Kex teacher Kansas City hns former i Psid it Truman presented an award to his 81yeirold former who also taught mrs tru w l of was honoured by Theta Sigma National organization of women in journal army Mavy Aii foot in ipes lfj7 it col a Usa Hoeft a Cable Elmer Frank England fab Franci r Aii is Ini i Dolc cast Athens cd 73771 Dir Mmry us so Darmstadt 1c it it in Sysu i armed forces circulation service Europe Sydney Label i dorm to d offing en8land hmm Kmak in m Batky fort a m Imrij my m in w2 Franci chateau Houx my la i c hit cd toss Italy a vhf in Fly Many c in 1c c us it 1c sii7 1c my o c c 74m4 Sci North Africa Mil affair tit mrw m or of o Matt Latan Matwi fit tart 1c c Stan afo Ila atm my n my them to my m Strat two to my Aram few to my am 4 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