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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 23, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The stats and stoves Nixon urges Arab do solution Washington a vice president Richard Nixon re turned from his african Goodwill tour and called urgent for a mow satisfactory solution to Proir Terii of 9wxgoo Arab ref to Trees whole plight adding to Muff West got to do More than we leave he you cant Tut Brush the problem aside and say u11 go us got to be Nixon words dearly foreshadowed one of the main recommendations he will make to president Nixon said he detected Art of egyptian president Abdel Nasser prestige in to nations around especially am one government who privately were ready to recognize that Israel a nation established in their Region to stay offsetting continued popularity for Nasser among the summing up his findings on the fast moving flying Nixon made these other key Points higher priority of import Ance must be assigned to the Afri can area he continent in the nest 25 years will be Battleground of and West sharply cultural program for african nations should be authorized promptly with the aim of bringing More of Africa and to the for training and Gate quaint de of Nasser of dominating Arab none of the including the Sudan and will slavishly follow the line of any outsider because each jealously its own in dependence and the right to make its own decisions Mats plane with 67 lost in Pacific c dotted it Ftp Page ii plane just break to pieces in High seas like Low Clouds and rain hampered the air search through out the and towering 30foot swells reduced visibility almost to Zero for searching chips of the Navy and japanese const guard the japanese patrol Craft Mur Oto a died that it was Only 80 Miles from the planes last reported position and had seen nothing air Force officials that throughout the night an Ever growing Force of aircraft and would crisscross the Pacific Corri Dor 120 Miles wide and stretching 300 Miles Southeast of Tokyo in which the military air transport service plane was believed to have gone the four engine military version of the Boeing left Wake Island Friday afternoon for Tokyo on the Lasi log of a flight from Travis fab near san among the 67 the air Force has listed at least two one unidentified depend probably the wife of an Ameri can Serviceman in and a member of the Carolyn Meyer the in addition to the included 27 air 17 army and 10 Navy plus two civilian government both the air Force the c97 was last heard from Early Friday Only 200 Miles from its destination its last radio Fisher tumbles for a Beauty Queen teamsters fund said out f Singer Eddie Fisher and show Queen Rebecca Schenet make a thoroughly wet and thoroughly unscheduled splash at the Phila Delphia sportsmen miss Cochenet was in the act of presenting the Singer with a fishing Rod at the of the Pool when Ahe loot her footing and toppled into the four oof deep dragging Fisher with news photo Ike says set to join Baghdad military group message made no mention of Aid discussed with israelis continued from Page t International Law to do such things As Block israeli shipping in the Suez canal and Gulf of Aqaba state department press officer Lincoln White told his news con Ference that economic talks started last monday in Washington and Tel he described these talks As preliminary and on a working he said they include of what kinds of should be undertaken the View of israels economic Survey of what surplus farm goods can be usefully cent to Israel determination of How Best to use in Israel the israeli cur Rency held by the under the in in Secretary general Dag egyptian foreign minister Mahmoud Fawzi conferred for two hours 40 min reportedly resumed discussions started thursday on the responsibilities of the United nations emergency Force in the strip and Aqaba Gulf area i to encourage private and navigation in the Suez j construction of a Gigantic new continued from Pap i vary in the Eisenhower suite at the mid Ocean Hagerty said he did not know what they but the announcement that the would move deeper into the Baghdad Alliance came immediately after the already is a member of Baghdad pact committees on eco nomic questions and anti subversive Hagerty said the through special ambassador James Rich now in the Middle had advised the governments of Britain and Iran of willingness to join their efforts in a strategic defense against the soviet after four hours of negotiations on the Mideast in two sessions spokesmen for the pres ident and the prime minister announced they had discovered a Gratifying measure of agreement on a whole Range of thorny Peter British foreign office said there still Are Many details to be worked out but he added the measure of agreement revealed was James c White House press nodded then said i do think there has been a feeling of All participants that in Many we Are not so far apart As we thought we and As other people thought we areas of the two spokesmen included a Tenta Tive formula for quieting the Israel Egypt dispute Over looking into a proposal for a five Oil pipeline from iranian and iraqi Fields across Turkey to the medi and shaping new moves on the Suez canal operation if current negotiations by United nations Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold in Cairo should the treaty proposal was put Forth by it Calls for a pact among the Iraq and Turkey to guarantee a free flow of Oil and protect pipe line or Eisenhower and Macmillan ordered a committee of experts to study Sonogram now thai Premier Bangkok up King Phu Niphol Adul det Hus chosen mar Shal Paul us Premier of Thailand and commanded him to form a new it officially announced hut to of Union funds without panting Security or paying interest Sis the flowed into their final placed in the record of totalling 98 and Cuputi oof ques of the West Ern conference of he said together with other mentioned in testimony brought to 74 the total of expenditures the committee be Steve i were either lost to to dues pay thu or misappropriated and still counted for or something of said he personally Dis approved of president pave borrowing of several Hundred thousand in Union funds without interest or Security Brewster said he regularly paid interest and provided Security for his own from he said he saw nothing wrong in Union officials borrowing from Union funds if interest was paid i and Security Brewster he himself had borrowed to and had paid interest on it he stud he sold some storks and Bonds in 1954 and 1955 repaid some of his at the end of he he owed and had consolidated what he owed the Western con Ference and local 174 into one sum owed to the in the past month or Brewster he rave the Western conference it warrants deed on enough including my own Home to assure full reply ment thus after this investing Lii heavy quake shakes continued from a tier t Sharp Force that it knocked the Needle off the Seismograph at the University of California after the machine had registered 3 on the Richter magnitude scale of seismologist Don Tocher said the quake apparently entered in the san Andreas did the disastrous the had a Richter Sesile Magni tude of highest Ever re the tremor was Felt sharply Over a wide including the san Francisco Peninsula South of the City and in Berke Alameda and other cities on the East Side of san has marked hundreds of window both in build mks and write shattered Artjur budding in the town town Section of the City reported fallen plaster and in some in stances cracked hundreds of office workers raced from the five Story state building of the civic Many of them were screaming one departmental head at the state building said t Shook like a of cancels contract to build largest transport plane Washington air Force has cancelled its contract with Douglas aircraft co for the construction of the worlds largest transport the the air Force announced last month that it was considering termination of the contract a new statement thursday said a final decision was reached after careful consideration of the rela Tive priorities of the air forces combat the statement said that the Douglas Plant of where a wooden a lockup of the c132 was is of continuing importance to the air Force it said there will be sufficient other work to assure economic operation of the Plant and to maintain a major portion of the present labor Force transport requirements will be the announcement by extending the life of the present cargo Fleet and by using places such As the c130 and the c133 that Are already in the co2 would have been Cap Able of lifting 100 More than the b36 which it would have resembled in want it or Mcclelon t Brewster Hul added thai to been thinking bowl it Tor some time Brewster came before few Mefs District he waa arraigned on charges contempt of and enter a plea of not guilty in Federal Bow Titell no emotion and replied not guilty in a Loutt voice How he pleaded to the Coivin Tript charge arraigned with sn4 ply thing nut guilty o exp utile of the to Union Officina Almaj were scheduled for one showed up and the didst Nugent treasure of teamsters Loral 1t4 in Wash pleaded Nof guilty Harry welfare administrator of local 227 in was not present when Hajj name was judge Charles f Molj Hughl ordered Bench warrant bring Ratut into court set dates of 20 for june 3 Fott Mohn and May 27 for la Bond for the three set the three were granted Sions in huh to file teamster revolt erupts in Illinois California Washington a revolt were de Friday scr int the powerful of the a teamster local in la sent to teamster Presh Dent and indicted uni oif Vic president in Sci r ind on resign a Fause disclosures in the Senate committee i sent a judge ordered Alt audit of the Hooks of the local of and Western Feam ser Boss Frank order was Down at request of Union members seeking to Clear up what appears to Verv hid situation in san official of ovum Star local 85 Oil aped and died a few minutes after stalking from a meeting attended by angry Union who or ended an accounting of Theip Mone Tom Leonard a trustee and of the san Franisco local was dead on arrival Central Kmer Ncncy Hospital he apparently Mif frred a at tack an employee of the where the held said t was the wildest he hid Ever seen a Union member Aid everybody was hot about this Brewster and Beck Adams nurse describes death from general sir Reginald Manningham we Are unable to say what that something Stu nurse at the beginning of her said she thought the syringe contained heroin and that she believed powerful drug to be bad for the who already had a she said Adams did not Tell her what was in the syringe defense attorney Geoffrey Law rence contends the contained a Normal dose of Par Alde Hyde not heroin Lawrence hammered Awty Merci Lessly at the Gray haired and after More than six hours of Cross examination she admitted she had trouble remembering some of the details of mrs mor Rolls

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