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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 23, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Cigar ets Briw fact for m tace rapidly tvs is Ciovaco of Kuman Epi ear Anoma ice curl tree the report cancer oscars much frequently 5 15 among smokers thaa among non and there the a direct relationship Between incident of Lang cancer and the amount at every in to estimated that a a life time basis one of every 10 men who Over two packs will j he of Long the comparable risk among nonsmokers out the scientists urged in their re that researchers try to and and if possible eliminate the sub Tranee in Cigar ets or cig Aret smoke that they believe causes the lung the study group which issued r the report organized in june i m56 at the suggestion of the four agencies to review problems of the effects of tobacco smoking on health and to recommend further needed Pant even be the american cancer society in has cited evidence relating Lang cancer to Cis Aret smoking but never has that smoking we a cause of lung the scientists pointed out that at least in Independent statistical studies on in Ftp coun tries have shown statistical Asso these statist incl studies have been reinforced by two invests Ira tons in which a great Many male smokers and nonsmokers have been the report but the scientists emphasized Tutu cig Aret smoking cannot account for All rates of Jung can they said the studies indicate Ether causes May include air Poi in men loaf iop Frenn All Ului three or four per 30 rate for of Sawyer totter s or 8 pm Market erratic in Light trading Kew Fork or cry sri in Light Stock Market late so the session use turned a reverse of wednes Days Bat in minutes of vein lived again several other Ahod Teton oils came from stats it in Lead the soft an4 with a of narc tit a 1 the air Many special Imam a raved Penney a i to the Zenith 2 2 the i new dependents noted in a Tead Htut i to the Cass sut4 in calf Oil m the a n thirty few Turtil a Rise id the motors amounts do fat Taamy Nib Mew pm b my s it 0 Saccom Lams u for Amy Frankfurt Ante at clan Don Bomm a t4 air to Larry a a 1c a smoke Cam i 1 8ihhm West pc Okaoa pit i m i 4m of a a w4mmm i Bat tax Smith Utt t Tatami Mary m w by arts it weatau Abb fms car Kaaa Ilni Bat Mem a a Van u it 4 wailers Cmara a Moart Cmara com b 6ri2zell t 4at i a Aarau in Howe Nam hat u4a4ac ii Mccot sat Afa Sawry it Mem Mai v a it main Mary it Warren Bawa a Artaria wart in american cancer society re viewed the report during a recent meeting of its Board in or David of san fran president of the said death erased by Tung cancer it six More common among men than Wood there 25 deaths from lung cancer Birds Cut flights of 2d Nataf jets Bonn British fighter in West Germany have been advised to trim their flying training programs because of the danger of collision with second Allied tactical air said Friday unusually warm weather had made the Birds so Active that the number of collisions with aircraft has increased pet cent compared with previous squadrons were advised to Post Pone flying until the Birds had settled Down because of the High construction of modern collisions with Birds can thousands of dollars of 2d Nataf set a a scots m u of pc a it brr a a 8 half in Tarri l Plowmanm stat Aib a Winters so tuft Iff Marea t Coheh Waw on rim harm lit u Ca c tank in Bif tort or come Btu blk a Mousom Fra Eit Ca Hagali Wico men it u Barbara or final cart Ca a Balaam jew Asa a Lank Smith a 7c Bill la a a i Smith sat a Carat a Harar carted Stiitt a to tent cart Slata Mank sit of Aarau Marij Ash a Oom Hek Benr a tic Afa a Kaawa 14 Ivey Jato butt a we bar it u m Arhat aka Tai Flat col Smohl so a Skelton ski Rte anal Matt car a Tama March Foster sat rift arts Ca tort a 6anr Marca Holley m a Rayam Horn sat Kokut t2t a waa Arl Mana Aoa let ism Man a Tam Smith my u i Fiaai m a i Tat s Mavava m Kemp a wy4wim Sam m4 a my t Hanav Ifft to Vic Haw m a Babaj Hanai my to Tai a a Bavata Bat Masai 4na car a Sawma Amy Bod at Braats Sal Balaam a Maria Papas sat a of Cima Imp Kart c a tank 2 by a rat a 1c i at1 a Matt c m Atana l aaa Baa a compulsory song abolished by polish army Warsaw a the polish army has abolished compulsory likewise the compulsory song before a night of noncom Pul Sory the changes were announced As part of the of j the polish compulsory sleep presumably continues in o t h e r i communist woe armies like i were modelled in every detail after the red the compulsory sleep session came during the daily 90mmute lunch to compensate Lor loss of these lunch hour the nightly ration of noncom Pul Sory sleep has been extended from seven hours to required walk the compulsory song was instituted to brighten the compulsory walk taken each evening just be fore no compulsory poles Are Good singers As Well As Good and compulsory singing a sort of Heppe Dup version of Gregorian chant sweetened the air of Many Garrison saluting has been reorganized according to new instructions it is no longer necessary for soldiers to stand and Salute when an offi cer enters a cafe or Railroad com now the officer is acknowledged by straightening up and turning the head toward the whereas the officers just Bow their head in my a m u i4m so Ca a v sat a Marea Toffee a x a Barrett sat x m 4 Robbins u t win Tesroe sat a fix Fismer i7h at a Iha Paal h 4 Itta in Termec Aryl t were set Sot air twi outboard Marian pfc Felt Royal h and West indies Ercan Lead to Olufine Faifar volume Paul and cling prices incl let Vam f Cia aaa t c t rails Waif Iivari 4 4 a 4s h to atm or pm Gaa w i 2aatfa 1 Charm y thursday new York of Suhk Day in him 74 m 14 Stock Market closing prices by t Freaa your Guiot to Good a stoning in Tim in for aft we yank Auto in collision kills German pedestrian Germany special army authorities Here reported that a 63yearold German Pedes Inan was killed and her husband seriously injured when an Ameri can Auto which collided with a German car rolled into their Frieda Braeu Lein was killed in and her husband sin the Nurnberg City Hospi Tal with a fractured ankle and pos sible Skull the Driver of the German a 24yearold suffered minor a told ser assigned to he 3d army Cav is in the Nurnberg army Hospital with a possible Skull Frac of Sty Swirt 4 4 a Moi actor try fact Wiki a by Man Central a oho

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