European Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 22 1961, Page 8

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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 22, 1961, Darmstadt, HessePost i Thi stars and it hips suppl Gen Speidel presented a i Don of Merb. To Ity ill Lull Scott staff writer the United Kern by Dak us a us Ormun army1 gym him Coni Markir of Allied Uund in c to t r 1 Kurt it the off Milt it loft Nannt Timidi a in a thu Brut of Calm in a Hawf an the Len he tit for of a a tilt Ftp i in h i t no i f by in a. Kinwui Luu of onigut Lii the Wirf form a o of uut1tutr. Hutu a k tour link in i n hot in t it i stir Liu by Ltd army Mem Llanil Hainin i birr it nth ii Iii int uni t f it it Ull Hli l Ifft inv i in Iliff to Jit s a i Inu a Luin Nui til of tin in i ii Iii Idle Fin cml it Reilly Forca form Littfe n a hell my of uie i i in tit Oil ii uni thy Kiln qty Yov of Tjio of Pullo of ilk Niti Rhi d my mm8unnl. Into tit Olla Tinich find Matui to int Lijun it in Woldt fully Tell of Utt que limit fore find the i to fun of it Allyl a mall airy of Mill to Kif it Unow lit of Chi hot m and other Mumfor Muoma of t in Nuit Mil tid i inti to of Allelou stuff thinning Towd i alld Titus unlit Pmj Offord Titt Luri goof on to Tia tilt i it Una hit Eithol it work in till Menil. Work in armed for a a q Nat in Iron a find1il� own of him i Taranny and nato the Honor ii i us u i i itch to Wal n firm unit Wurst thut to with Olulo the i Tiv urd Tuc Mlucy lilt i dunh i a Ulni Irrin lit 111 Luil Taij i Iii litter Jis i of i Ullh us Nunt in ii Riidu in if to or to to \ Litile ill a Vlf in Uhic i Kujtim into it Tull Ridln Tomt he no Mort Woltin Mutell Iki Tunu i h with Ullic food a in " Moo Foo Itti Rvin in Juht a Torii at nth Murii Tuu Bill inc ii a Jimi Tittl Lull let mice Ali Muni li1 � i Oki truvy Jii i us Ift Multi ii my in nil i of gut in till i ii Lintl us Niit Nuuuli . Riu an an to an melt a cd twin i club a huh to the i am rphi4 Anil deeply that the president of the Tutu Hsii Dworet me wet Tiff a Fli t to think you Ojtech my for. Your Koa Wilm. Saw of for Tot when look of ally fact livid to unit to not Thul 7hi an Wpm i was Honor in my no Tiu with in i capacity in Cluck Ferde. Chi Torst a to on shape Andrii has limit Nulk Norm Ltd hit prompts at la Tel r in Kropp will la Tui it of Honor him Max u 20 Vohon its nato Jimmh Ahnor i in l to c ii in of tin a till Ulm tint Morolnhi-1 , it d Bluit hci/ini1 of hit lie uni Miil inn it Roi la to Ihn Nio to tie a Tail fur a Ruth i Nikii Aifoi Iii r unlit thu unit with n by of Mii i i Iii hint1 t n null in mini Luil n Len for . To Dili Kwh Toni re Otiler f of la in sets or nato Cut Tush Overy or attn a i dido will bout of l la u8akw unit he at Andi Titi i it Mony will Twain with it onion i Franl of the Kataf Ltd Istl Aldu by hut it trim air Krum n Lintul Fuji air Liony Mouth it Kiln huh Nurul let Ivoti air a oct in not of to tort t Ted by two Ali Ltd Totth Aiex otitis army pistol Man Tkv nah in Nal Ioil Tampa pin a Sec vhf Hun lilt in it Quittn Tuk the mltuvlntrt1 pm Honl t Iii t us Arney s ail Stu mini Uichi i unit id iton., pin u 1il Fitl a ,1 pot huh 111 tile in k a fro Nuriu a Kiv 5 of tils in jul to Rel i in Tai to Ell Clun twin ii l i Lintin Lio limit 103 Wuh four i title n a i St Norunn Al Tinne tit a not of text in nil thrust fire at my from hum u for a Atli a army slur Shoou try Imeln to n i Litun Kwitt i Tia Jiu Iii a Annily Stin Antonio tax Ciui Iuit d ural Attr a Cal Low Lri vol with from new yank thou a for Toji nut Lonn Natoma Ifoma num air Kurtt of hot til c " l his not tin. Win minion to nato Hoy find Oil k Monti it in it a from the Alp i it a i truest to to to t tto in in i i of in i nato 1051. Anil on few a flu win Murli-14 t Etc initial Dayton Ohio tit of u wind Tumot Toni d nil in do in 14 Llanos a � i i id. Other l of Tell Timm it my to Tiit of Hurnt to to i � t o r it of Only it Tim will t Roll k i Onui god for a much m Fly time. A a Lviv or gait edit ii ii Wal Muiir Bulkin to nato 1li Nir Over relm Rtula cull ? it to in a Rel Tahr us Ronan Hmoih to but a mice in in c Unichi under in lock Kurono in Tor Hitt mount Cunn Dehui Afif us a Rrt a t t \ -

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