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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 22, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and Stiles general says souped up zeus could Kiu satellite at 1,200 Miles pretty As a i Washington up a top army research officer says the army s Elko sub antimissile mis Sile con be modified to shoot Dow Earth satellite at altitudes As great u 1,200 Miles. Brig Gen David c. Lewis director of the army s office of special weapons said a minor change would give the zeus an Antis Tel Lyle Range of 208 mites and that a major modification would produce the 1.200-Mlte Range. He estimated that the major changes could be completed by 1967. Lewis appeared on n Purtel Dis Cui upon with representatives of the defense department and the other armed i vices before the National rocket club. Asked to describe the zeus anti satellite possibilities Lew it de scribed the subject an embark i ing because of the controversy Over whether the zeus should be put into production before full Wade test Are completed in 1962. Lewis also said that the army s 2ihour Advent communication Swu la Ltd which Are to be placed in Altitude of 22,300 Miles willbe difficult for an enemy to Jam but that the anti jamming capability will impair their Peart time. A said those satellite will Ussop bund Width for anti jamming purpose and will not to Able to transmit television premiums for example. For this Leaiton he Sld the army it anxious to promote the rear adm Thomas f. Connolly assistant chief of the Bureau at weapons for the facile missile Range and astronautics said the Navy s navigation satellites also will be almost Jam proof an that they will bring to the area traffic control patterns As those now applied to aircraft. A skipper at any time will Beable to determine his position with in accuracy Between 200 and 500yards by using in instrument Cost ing less than $10,000 to communicate with a satellite Connolly said. Maj Gen of j. Rislund or the air research a n d development enter said antimissile satellites also can be built. These would be satellites equipped to kill a missile immediately after Ita launching. However rat land said construction of satellites will follow the development of types that merely give warning when a missile is launched. 4 St. Loads Pottee resign in traffic tic feet probe St. Louis api three civilian clerks in the police tit Toffic violation Bureau resigned after being questioned during an investigation of it operation chalet of police Curtis Bros Iron said. Another clerk Joseph to Drmacic resigned after admitting he accept Uhi on $2,000 development of civilian satellite a. Production Model r Ulrop is prelude to final test Langley Field a a a project Mercury Deuce capsule was dropped 1,000 feet into Chat a puck Bay by a Marine helicopter to Whitt Miry in Tufi of tour Al nil tuttis in Anit air i s prep Inions to launch ilk ii so inn in Lipare. Thi1 t St was he first Onu to use of the same kind to transmit to and Alto carry Tele phone Calls at s Ronsit Rcpt a actor Arm Lolagi had of Nasa s lest group n i of by Brunch. Mid i ii of is had two Ohof olives lie Iti Iti Ulvy were study tilt1etfccl of recon t incl of the heat shield front of tin at Inspru i und to be Liow the Cap sule s underskirt stood up under Impact. The skill k i p s i a buoyant in the water aft a Landing. Iid in Thi recent Chinipa Muu shot from a of can Iverel it. Was and on Bond. Bros Iron declined to disclose a information As to Why the three men resigned. He said san Tomonis they made before quitting will returned Over to the circuit attorney s office. No charges were filed sign Lam the Trio Brostron said tiie invest Salon of the traffic Bureau s operation discontinuing and he did not know what us eventual extent would be. Knutine tin chief said that at this Point no personnel were involved in imy Rrt Guli Irttie. Drmacic s Noti Vilies wore revealed during a routine of the Bureau by the police Depner Tenient a and re Schirch section.-. Dry pick 43. Of was quoted or police As saying Betook Between sufi find $30 a Wiek Duritt tin six to eight Atli Loneil rein forcing tins l eid Between the Hui shield and pressure Plute. Getting a line on things a Workman cum a alld Fajr anti to or circular ruler1" to Check the or rom dump tar of a Partty wow bled Pola la a Bellfi in Uncher in Olaf. United Pruta in Runau Nihil photo i in went to work in the in 1050, import curbs irk japanese envoy Alva. Okla. Map atom plus by of american Industry to restrict japanese imports Are creating the major problem a Japa Riser american relations jul Pun s to this country says. Amhaus Isidor Koichiro Asaki sni Japan is deeply concerned Over u trend in tin United Stales toward protectionism. Me said it serves to weaken relation to Between the two countries. He spoke before some .100 of rotary club members in Western Oklahoma town. Pro Sou Ali propaganda proof Neil by Iva act new York Cap the a Tihomil association for the Advance rent of coloured Peiffle said it has its member units in 45 Stales to protest what it Calls in Oul a or Iii of pro South propaganda during civil War Centennia Celebration in a Spruit the a act wild the pro South feel i nes could strike a hard blow at our present Day movement wry Gnirk Kockum Feller z a a tighter of gov. Natl Rockefeller of new Vork. Tiok by ii in or Lviv Ork City. Class lectures from to begin in Midwest up class lectures delivered from an airborne dc6 will begin soon for students in 31 Midwest elementary and secondary schools it to. Announced. The Midwest program on air borne television lust Rue t Ion Mapati snid its experimental financed by the Ford foundation will be launched As soon As we can cd u i p o or pin tapes transmitters and 24 foot antennae Are being installed in two dogs at an Airport in Baltimore the planes will Fly within a 10 mile Circle around Mont Pelier ind. F and Wilt cum i Cassona As Farns 225 Mili s for schools equipped to receive them the Mapati acid Here they win Fly Back and Forth for three Hovirs a Day until May 25, transmitting one hour and 20-Mtn lectures in such subjects ush t Story chemistry and French. Mapati said the Spring demonstration will s e r v c As tune lip and testing period in preparation for ii full act totemic Yeier by Jinni ii in sept Ember. By sending to school television sets located in six states the flying educators will do the work it would take 14 television stations to do. U Apo Kosman added Mapati said 10 teachers were selected from 300 the video tapes 1 were derided upon by it policy planning Cor posed of 42 super int All Over the country John of Otvey Mapati. Sold costs $3,500 to $5,5 10 per mated that contributions i inc tuners will am tint a $100,000 and that school contribute about he snid the Demon trip were selected Beau 0preige und were int project. They Are Indiana Michigan 06 Wisconsin. Cop Hopes he is double h Louisville by. I Lico serve at Lawre kill tvo by Rob with l he seen the about $500 from a Ter employee who to a Bank s Kerr was the hold laundry charged with dirty new York a diaper service companies have been up by fixing prices and Tukins the lion s share of the Traylo in. Tolj new York City Turca. The state a Torney general says. Atty. Gen. Louis j. A Crow Ltd said the firms serve 70,000 customers in n e w. V o r k City and Westchester and on Long Island and do it Gross volume of More Luin $12 Millton a Jetmir in Theden ply populated urdu. Their acts Timve Cost customers More than $1 million a year Lefkowitz added. The companies have Beun ordered by a supreme court Justice o cease monopolistic practices and to pay a total of 545,000 in costs to the slate according to the actor Hwy general s office. Lefkowitz said he complaints from Peinl Tom that had 1 business by Price cutt when the Large cd the diaper bits Lea general tit they the rates until paying from 35 to per week than the fore

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