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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 22, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The stars and St ifs 17 to is seeking real wives for its spiels new York youre a beat Down workout Hank of to is looking for youd be a Dandy for Commer the Man to get in ouch with is Henry of new York an agent who casts humans in those midget to sagas devoted to the Virtues of soap or what have Brown tells to is in a bad Way for people who look like you and me we had a Heck of a for finding a real girl with Long said we needed her for a Tir Echain com the idea of the arms was that she appear to be straining too much when she put those chains now some of the casting do rectors at the agencies Are getting real they want people who look and believe this tendency is beginning to spread about the Only commercials left for the High fashion girls Are said hit it of Rhett Butler role left him Gable confides by Harold but not h private ask Hollywood most famous stars to name their own favorite screen and youll not always get an answer coinciding with the Public i know pm supposed to Rhett to that Clark Gable replied when queried on that but actually it int i never wanted to Arnke gone with the never Felt i could live up to the Char i was forced into that but i do have two favorite they came in it game happened one night and test a picture called Boom i did with Spencer fighting All Over the was a lot of who is just finishing band of with Yvonne de for is very enthusiastic about the one hell tackle its teachers pet in which he plays a Newspaperman of the old a uncompromising editor j who is constantly campaigning on Reform its my first comedy in a whale of a Long he and i also get to Wear modern clothes for the first in a Down or More Doris Day is my heroine she plays a journalism and til give you one guest who her pet Clark admits he pays no Atten Tion to television except for sports events As for it Ever becom ing a a thousand re not Don of oat to a theater to the movies his in this respect was indicated when he answered a question which of the Young male stars of today do is the most Ponder ing a Long moment he finally declaimed modestly Why Thoom they want to in not too familiar with i giant and i thought Tab Hanter was that we Staefe by 1 mean Ash that Rock was they throw crossword by Eugene Beffer horizontal River in Wales leather moccasins formal dance Meadow Lily Assam silkworm 15 Small Ruf 18 payt of again gentle dwells siamese Money famous violin ancient 27 store up mans Friend 82 species of Lyric poem 84 eternity 85 Moat immoderate 89 it became a state in 1890 famous name in the theater president of Yale University 419211937 foot form 47 plates of suits of Armor Newt 52 Tan navigator 53 sea by Way of 55 commune slight Elevation consummation vertical town in Germany Ocean Mountain Peak in Maine Young Salmon answer to hhhc3 Kess last of now old fashioned by Kins tax 3 6 a Loving 7 a marched befall dry 10 narrow Streak 11 Falls behind 17 19 Shosho Tan Indian wild hog feminine name Fidelity obelisk 28 recover ballot sufficient Book of 89 City in Poland 38 Peculiar 40 in Cloaca imitated 43 nostril momentary glance being prefix three clan propeller 51 Young child Hollywood up Hedy the last of the imported exotic thinks Shes settled Down to be an old Ash toned housewife in Hedy came to Hollywood to make one of her rare Public appearances in a sketch with Jack Benny on cbs1 Shower of her name brings Back memories of that breathtaking creature with Long Black hair who floated Down a stairway in the Hedy of 1957 does not appear to fit in to that screen but does she fit into the role of a Houston housewife As Howard Lee id like to be the woman in she said with a laugh Jim a in just an old fashioned House wife who has to do these to things not to get into a now the children Are in school and id love to work otherwise its a monotonous i cant be what people expect me to be and build run bring up be a tool and have everybody lean on she sighed Texas is very humid and and in from the the people in Houston have been very Ive directed three plays in a Little theater group miss who now has dark red is difficult to inter View because her conversation tabletops from one subject to the this makes her delightfully charming in a european but it makes an interview sound like two radios playing at recently she returned to work in doodles by Rogeb prick body Lamarr lift is hectic Hollywood after a Long absence to portray Joan of arc in the Story of an ail Star epic at Warner but ask her about that and she i made a picture on my the love of three and i just finished editing it and i think we did this in Rome two my Back broke when my car overturned and the been in constant i have peace of mind but life u Are my husband and i separated Are we i am in Hollywood and he is not Here so we Are not apparently a in Austria its difficult to live without but my Are in Austria my second Home is in California and to have made this change to Texas under most awkward Cir i never thought i would act for a it was to be just for fun when i began at some Day i want to get a House and a boat and live on a Lake near judge plays Cactus cupid to film clan by Alink most Las vegas up the one my the Glamour Queens unanimously seek out in this ambit Community is a Middle aged judge to whom they say the str i judge prank Mcnamee i known As the judge of v and also divorces As a eur Ltd among the Casino and he has married Zsa Janis Paige Ruth he granted a divorce Dan Darleys first and later married to Gwen he gave divorces to mar Harry Fernando lamas and one of Mickey Rooney his record customer is Betty he married her once and divorced her Rita and Otey when Rita Hayworth and Dick Haymes married at the Sands h was Mcnamee who asked if they would that Here Mony the judge Marks As the most interesting he has there were 82 and All reporters and photographers except the studious looking judge in the Middle of the ceremony ritas Little said Are you getting Mummy r i tried to go on As if nothing had Hap of Toca started ii Reno was getting most of nevadas divorce business until the Day pea Gable arrived to divorce Clark in she didst approve of the Mcnamee moved out of his Home and turned it Over to to his the newspapers Gate moves into judges that was Las vegas first big divorce and it put the town on the the judge people from All Over the world for divorces South America and every out our Way by Williams outside world As seen by Lone ranges several months when i Dis covered there was a juvenile delinquency problem in my neigh boyhood i realized How serious to was when several youngsters ded me up and hijacked my shopping cart in a deserted aisle of a local supermarket i decided to do something about h and take the Law into my own so i rented a fast bicycle and Rode around town looking for and i found it one Day when i spotted a group of teenagers removing the Hub tips from a 1957 i pedalled up to them in a Cloud of but when i Hiyo they made a getaway before i could make a info Stu while i was replacing the Hub Caps a cop came along and arrested me for Petty i guess maybe 1 have been wearing a Black a Heap Long cnou5h Cemka Uoch

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