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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 21, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseAfter Many disappointments a note of Harmony. Right now i m thinking about what picture i la do next she says. You Hope All the rest will be As Good us the last one. So you no longer accept a part because somebody else tells Youit will be Good for you. You have to depend on your own instincts your own judgments. It s a tremendous self responsibility. "1 have enough objectivity to know that the next pictures can t All be As Good As games and the graduate still i worry. I Don t want to make a mistake As so Many do in being pushed into the wrong vehicle. But then who does have a perfect record with material producers directors actors any one i have made up my mind however that my first concern in taking a movie assignment will be who s after settling that question will i read the screenplay. If i Don t know the director s work i la ask to have his last three or four pictures screened for the screen s newest Golden girl daughter of naval it. Dudley Ross and Katharine Ross whose name she inherited travelled with her parents As a child to naval stations in Wisconsin Texas Florida and Virginia. After san Francisco finally became the family s most permanent Home Katharine came Back to Hollywood in1964 via Herbert Blau and Jules Irving s famous san Francisco workshop. He discovery process began when a Sam Benedict to troupe filmed a segment from a nobody to Katharine Ross by Harold Heffernan Nana staff writer at this time last year she was nobody As fans have a habit of tagging the faceless of movie land. In 12 months she s rocketed into that select group of Young stars of whom producers and writers excitedly say of a script this is a typical Katharine Ross that s what you Call arriving on the Hollywood scene. After years of disappointment an broken promises everything s coming up roses for Katharine whose 1967 performances in games and the Grad uate make her almost a shoo in Foran Academy award nomination As Best supporting actress. But Katharine herself says there still Are thorns among them. On location and she was assigned to a Small part. I got $250 for the Job and thought nothing would come of it she recalled. Then when the show went on the air i began getting Calls from agents and studios in Hollywood. I used to Fly to los Angeles every morning to test Oread for a role and Fly Back Home the same night. I d Rush from the Airport tothe theater just in time to make the curtain no Chance even to get my makeup on the tiresome Mara thoning came Toan end when she decided to accept uni Versal s offer of a contract. As for being the new female Ideal of american male moviegoers As one enthusiast tagged her she laughs and Hopes that nobody will Ever Call her a movie goddess. I d die dear Ann Landers my wife and 1 tried unsuccessfully for six years to have a family. She became so depressed about her inability to have a child that our physician strongly recommended adoption and agreed to help months the physician told us of an out of Wedlock baby he was due to deliver and he asked if we wanted it. We jumped at the Chance. The baby is now three months old healthy Beautiful arid has changed our lives completely. Last week my wife began to complain of nausea in the morn ins and dizzy spells at night. Yesterday she went to the doctor. She is nearly three months pregnant. 1 was de lighted with the news but she is a nervous wreck. She insists she cannot manage two babies so close together and we must give up either the adopted baby or the Newborn infant. She can t decide which but she says it s to tie one or the Oiher. What do you say ijoublk1 dad dear dad Many w o in e n manage with two an even three babies less than a year apart. If you i Ive your wife the Chc Iii a eminent Slit needs she 14 will make it through this difficult period with flying colors. 1 Promise you a year from today she would t take a million dollars for either of the babies and please Tell her i said so. Dear Ann Landers there Are four children in our family the oldest 17, the youngest 8. have different ideas when it comes to what to watch on husband is a sports nut. I like the documentaries an the Good news programs. Our 17-year-old says the Beltway to put an end to the nightly arguments is to let the major Ity Rule As this is the most democratic Way. Naturally this would assure Victory for his Choice As he and my husband and the 15-year-old boy would vote for the sports event. What do you say battling Bertha dear Bert i endorse Sydney Hook s f a m o u s words the Majori y Rule s not reasonable in a family of Small children a prison or an institution of the sunday sit Down with the to listings and at a family Confer ence decide on the week s View ing no one will he completely satisfied of course but each will get his first Choice at som Point during the week and the family will have a reasonably balanced to diet. Dear Ann Landers a certain woman in this office i will Call her Mary do Good is forever coming around asking for a Dollar to buy Flowers for the of fice manager s Mother or a Shower gift for the cashier daughter or a wedding gift for the girl in accounting or a retirement gift or a funeral Wreath or heaven knows , the list is endless and i am sick of it. Is there a gracious Way Roget out of this sort of thing what does a person say especially when others Are giving even though reluctantly bled White dear White there is nothing mandatory shout kicking in for office collections. In fact i once heard it described us similar to by Iii nibbled to death by a if you r e s e n being asked for in o n e y so often simply be truthful and say Sony but i m rot interested in this project. It s not the principle of the thing it s the copy Iyih 1 Aba Hubli Hei k fyn jul ale the stars and stripes laugh baby laugh with Nipper. I found the con letters funnier than the wee pals comic strip. I like the answer or. Turner gave to one of the read ers ". That we Are first americans and nationality and Rac Oare after All secondary or at least it should amen. Yeoman Donald r. Blun Madrid Spain editor s note following Are excerpts from letters received by wee pals cartoonist Morrie Turner after the article appeared in the feb. 27 Muga Jne Section of stripes. Let s replace Burn baby Burn with laugh baby,laugh." As Long As we can laugh at one another we will he Able to live in Harmony. Safe Captain Pitburg Germany. I have read some of the letters to you on How much the dislike the strip because of the race involved. Being 19 i Don t consider myself mature but if older people of All races could live together like Oliver and Nipper this place would be a better world to live in. Navy Reader. Now regardless of what some critics have said about you comic strip it is by far one of the Best up and coming cartoons. I must confess that until the photograph of you appeared along with some pro and con letters Many of us Here in Germany did t know you were a . Many of my caucasian Friend Sand even a few of my soul Brothers were surprised. Soul brother Munich. It s my favorite comic i would like to have All of you wee pals for my Nursery Walls. Housewife and Mother Lenole Park England. I think you Are doing a Fine Job and Hope you have Goodluck with wee pals in the future. Friend of wee pals. I want you to know i am very proud of your comic strip. You can t please All of the people All of the time but you can be sure that intelligent people can understand what you Are saying. Dig you Lucr Sherg. I think your cartoon is doing a lot towards the racial discrimination in the world today. Your cartoon is funny but it leaves a certain feeling that makes a Man think after he Loo sat the joking part of it. Specialist 4ileilbronn, Germany i have been Reading your wee pals almost daily in the Sta Sand stripes. I Hope it will continue grow Richer in value and be even More entertaining. Specialist 4, Heidelberg. I believe wee pals has a humorous and intelligent Outlook on life in general. It shows How the races can be in Harmony without discrimination. Most people fail to see the Point of vie you re trying to bring across but i believe it will become one of America s leading cartoons ,. My sergeant Glessen Germany i like the strip in which Nipper got All the ice Cream Cones Candy and cookies. To me this cartoon is trying to say that the is getting All of the things today that he should have gotten Long time ago. Air Force sergeant Heidelberg. Being integrated is of no importance to me. I be always wondered what ail this fuss is about anyhow. Being an army family our boys experienced Many of the discoveries of Nipper and his cohorts. Also at it. Bragg n.c., in 1958 i saw a child 6 or 8 years old racing about the front Yard waving a Confederate Flag so it does happen army wife Munich. I am 11 years old and really like your pee wee pals. I read some terrible things about your pee wee pals. I reject to All of them. I think they teach a moral some of them. Connie Vilcen a Italy. My people have been in America since 1795so 1 have my own Small stake in the survival of our country. It will survive if All of us Black White Brown yellow. Will put aside pre conceived prejudices or ideas that we May have inherited handwork together for the things we believe in or the ideals Winch helped to found our country. Civil service employee Ramstein air base we live in a Little town called Hillesheim. So we look Forward to the paper in the morning. I read the comics. Beho veme wee pals makes my Day begin with a smile. Nipper really turns me on for the Day. We Hap in to be and have fou children. Our kids love your strip too. Army family. Most of the comments i hear Are Good. Stuff sergeant 3rd anal Imp hand. First of All 1 must say Pride plus appreciation glows a Silmi when 1 think of the one Day to he historic stand you be taken a a Nero cartoonist. Not simply because you Are a , Nui because 1 am. But mainly because your cartoons carry a in i a True warm very definite message private Rii l i a Sfintu ii Germany. 1 believe that this series is a fresh approach to an no problem. Ann Hail i thur Idoy March 21, 1968

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