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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 21, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseTreasury Boss Fowler is familiar sight on Way of and from Capitol As Well As in congressional committee hearing rooms pleading a cause. By the associated press Henry h. Fowler Secretary of the Treasury says he is ready to leave his Post the minute he can get a honorable discharge. But until that Hap pens and he indicates it won t be soon Fowler continues to be the busiest advocate of administration causes before Congress. There were rumours that Fowler would be next to quit president Johnson s Cabinet Long before Robert s. Mcnamara resigned from defense Long be fore John Garner quit health education and welfare and Long before Alexander b. Trowbridge left Are rumours now. They gain currency from the state of Fowler s health he has Gall bladder trouble from his personal finances Henas had to borrow Money and from the administration s difficulty in getting tax proposals approved by Congress. Bowler does t hesitate to discuss his status. "1 was drafted and remain drafted in said in an interview. The president asked me to do it take the lob. Therein Ute i can got an honorable discharge 111 but he would t be pinned Down As Tomen that might be the Cabinet Post has been a Finan Cial hardship to him. He left u lucrative we Prui ice More than $100,000 a year for foe Treasury which pays $35,000. E Asad to borrow Money from two Banks since taking office on april 1,1900. Fowler who will be 00 in september was hospitalized last june. The diagnosis i s gallstones. Lien Tiu doctor finished the Diat no \ lie said 1 ought to have it out As Iii us 1 could Fowler said. Just u the Telephone rang and my office of me Egypt and Israel were at each n n i l tentatively arranged to Post up . M i have not had the Nee ussary five weeks that it takes to re irate. I went on a diet and lost 18 pounds and i m Back at the fighting , March 21, 1968 weight i was when i left College. Should have the operation but 1 Don t have the weight loss accelerated reports that lie would resign for health friends say he s never looked better. Fowler s Normal working Day be gins at 8 30 . And often continues until 1 30 ."he make More trips to Capitol Hill than a Senate Page said one seems there s hardly a Day when he s not on the Gilill plugging for that tax referred to president Johnson s proposal for a 10 per cent surtax on in come taxes one of several proposals that Fowler is urging Congress to has detractors in Washington and in the business was supposed to have rapport with Congress when he first took the Job " said a member of the Senate finance committee. When Lyndon John son s rapport with Congress died so did Fowler Best 1 can say about said a member of the House ways and Means committee is that he s a Fine gentle of the chairman of ways and Means rep. Wilbur Mills d-ark., said of Fowler the Man is sound an Able person recognized abroad As one of the Ables secretaries of the Treasury. 1 recommended him As Secretary and 1 would thave done that if 1 did t hav Complete Confidence in the Man. Nothum has happened since to make me change my mind.". A former associate character. L fms err As a Loyal liar putting it this in the president and 1 Owler will i it into an argument Over policy. Fowler will fight hard for ins Side and lose. Vet hell go right out Ami push the president s Point As vigorously As if it were his own.". Said Mills that in t criticism. That s a requirement. After All thu president is charged with Iun Clious of government and he has to make the decisions. If a person working for him can t cooperate i m convinced the president can no longer continue with the there has been criticism that Fowler has taken a rear seat in White House economic planning to the coun cil of economic advisers and even to the defense of the president s primary fail ures has been to override Fowler s judgment in matters of fiscal policies and economic affairs said a former Treasury official. As a result the presi Dent created problems for himself in uie rep. John w. Byrnes a wis. A Mem Ber of the ways and Means committee hotly told Fowler at a hearing on the surtax in january it seems to me that you take the attitude that it is easier to get a tax increase than it is to accept the burdens of cutting Back expenditures. Let me surest to you that 1 think the experience of last year when Congress refuse to pass the tax surcharge ought to demonstrate that that is not a sound con replied Well let me say that the shrill voice that you hear plead ing for a tax increase. Has been equally shrill Uptown in advocating the expenditure Side of this has faced increasing criticism that the administration has shied from calling the surcharge a War tax. Foulks hotly denies the charge an produces excerpts from speeches that show he has linked the surcharge Wil the War since Early i9t 7. Fowler was under Secretary to Isug Las Dillon in he administrations of Johnf. Kennedy and Johnson he Pla de a crucial role in the shaping and enact ment of the i til and 19t 4 re a Niue acts both of which reduced Senate debate on the 1964 to a one Long meeting with senators in t Tema Jority leaders office had run the u e h lunch and Well into the afternoon when in walked Dillon fresh from a meal at his associate of Fowler recalled there were some animal Cracker by Fowler s Elbow. They were having a strategy conference and Dillon was idly eating " the crackers. Fowler watched with growing irritation. Suddenly in the midst of agitated discussion on a major Point came Fowler s outraged it Doug you be eaten All the animal Fowler lawyer with a Trace of soft Virginia accent is a graduate of the Yale Law entered government in 1934 on the Legal staff of the Tennessee Valley authority. By 1939 he was assistant general counsel of to a and subsequently was chief counsel of a Senate subcommittee on education and labor. From 1941 to1944 he was an assistant general counsel of the office of production management and afterwards of the War production Board. He spent five years in private practice then returned to government from to 1953 with successive Possas administrator of the National production authority director of the office of defense mobilization and a member of the National Security Council. He resumed private practice until his appoint ment As under Secretary of the treas Ury in 19 51. He went Back to his Law practice in 1964. Only to return the next Vear As Secretary. The stars and stripes i Nukk . Fowler was so Anonymous that when a i voter new program u anted a Treasury official and was sent Fowler the producer commented they uttered me some Fello named Henry fouler who Ever he is the Only Serelar of the treas Ury who has an i but a Kimg of How politicians live with then1 const Quiency in this Case the banking Community said a former is the kind of who makes the plane land sately. Planes land safely Al the time. Where s the news about Luif " Page 11

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