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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 21, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Fri in stars and of was British bid nato act in Cypris Jondon a Britain an wednesday it was ready to accept a North Atlantic treaty organization nato offer to Eoa Date in the Cyprus Cata tial Secretary Alan Len Mcboyd Tom the House com Fotoes that the nato offer is to conciliate among Greece Auto Kayd mid that with the development Britain is Mak ing Fruh Appeal to archbishop exiled Leader of the Boka Union with Greece move Call a hah to the Vio Lence Campaign on Cyprus the Secretary Maine it cear that this was the governments Only answer to Yeokas offer to Call a truce in Exchange for archbishop release from the Seychelles to the Indian Leniton bold mid that if the archbishop makes a Clear state ment calling for in end to Vio the government will be ready to bring to an end his de Tention in the Greece has demanded self deter Mina Tion for Britain Mediterranean Island claiming that predominantly greek Popula Tion should tie Given the right to govern the Turk ish minority to accept any solution that would not give them a voice in the Ienn Oboyd said Britain was ready to let nato try to Settle Britain differences with Greece and but emphasized that the Vuk was not handing Over the future of Cyprus to an outside Bulgarin sets German Unity ground rules Bonn a soviet Premier Nikolai Bulgarin set Forth in a new note to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer wednesday some of the ground rules under which soviet Russia would agree to reunified Tion of this much of what was contained in Bulga Nins note was disclosed by soviet ambassador Andrei sir who discussed the message at a press luncheon a few hours be fore he conferred with Adenauer Smirnov said the note amounted to a further development in the of ideas Between the two countries on prerequisites for German third Exchange it was the third Exchange of messages Between Bulgarin and Adenauer within six the West German government refused to say whether brought a note to this to in accordance with Normal Diplo Matic Smirnov said that the note dealt not Only with reunification but also with the question of establishing a Trade agreement Between the two of developing Mutual Friendly he said the soviet Union would find it acceptable for West Ger Many to maintain a military Force of this is on fifth of the number of troops that Adenauer has prom ised will be available to the North Atlantic treaty organization by Smirnov said talks Are under Way about the possibility of soviet Deputy Premier Anastas l Mikoy serving As head of the soviet delegation to a big Trade fair at Hanover next cheesecake ban Sparks film suit Santa the producers of movie starring actress Vera Miles have gone to court seeking permission to use cheesecake pictures of her to publicize the the permission now is denied them by director Alfred who has miss Miles under producers Melville Shavelson and Jack they said Hitchcock restriction against photographing miss in any revealing or in any thing except Black or Gray pm perils the promotion Campaign for their Beau attorney Paul who filed the suit on behalf of the that in fixing such restrictions Hitchcock is trying to duplicate the buildup he gave actress Grace bartered London the stately wedding March has seeded with Britain Young Rush Dag to the altar in a Las minute bid to beat the who marry before the financial year ends on March 31 can claim income tax Relief for the entire year As married which Means refund ranging up to Ike watches refuelling at sea president Eisenhower watches the refuelling of a destroyer from the Cruiser which carried the president to Bermuda for his meeting with British prime minister Harold nor Siad says cuts by Ink acceptable continued from Page 1 forces have atomic weapons ready for use in but he added significantly we depend for our nato de sense to a Large extent on the effective Ute of atomic the weapons must be so located As to make them immediately effective it anything else would be he he say whether the weapons were stored a million Miles or a Hun dred Yards from Norstad to Here on a today visit to West it is his first since his appointment Asna to earlier he paid he called extremely profitable visits to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and other Ger Man government Norstad was asked whether the crisis in the Middle East 1iaa caused nato to make any plans for Deal ing with affairs in that the general replied that nato has no direct responsibility in the Middle but that it is vitally interested in the preservation of peace everywhere in the nato to particularly interested a he because Hama tries Luck makes it a full House a sos family Drew a full Dorothy the Mother of 6yearold twin gave birth to boys and n Nassau Hospital told of the multiple the John a 35 year old exclaimed to some members of the Alliance have vital interests in the mid dle As for the future of he said i think were going to win this he added that a Hundred years he historians will record that the Unity of the is nations in nato was the great Force in Arsenal to preserve tax agent Glass eyed Over spectacular ruse Denver apr my said forgotten the timid Man at internal Revenue service would you help me the willing agent filled out the entire return with the help of fre quent information from the tax with the form the agent pointed to a dotted line and said sign the tax payer smiled pulled a pair of glasses from his pocket and Adams tosses Champagne party in cent 1 arrested the doctor far murder to Hla alleged victim was old Edith Alice Morrell after the third Day of evidence taking the the betting Marble corridors of old Bailey was 31 Adams Watt go it few who a lot to chief defense Geof Frey famous for he merciless Cross examinations and his ability to pull off courtroom Lawrence rocked the court when he wrung an Al Tont tearful confession from prosecution wit Ness that she had violated the Stern of Justice put Rick Devlin not to discuss the Adams the witness was one of four trained nurses who attended accusing nurse Annie Mason Ellis with talking Over the Evi Dence with two other nurses who Are Lawrence demanded to know if this was stammered the raises Volee of course its True said raising his you discussed evidence with a witness who gave what is now known to be the wrong agreed the Gray haired nurse theres been a Little there certainly said re the nurse had been called As a prosecution witness to help at Torne general sir Reginald Man Singh Ambutter build up evidence of drugging against six years ago after 2li hours of hammering at the badly shaken Law rence said Morrell died six years that a Long time you pledge your memory to would you replied the Lawrence smiled in the defense attorney forced the nurse to read every notation she made in a record Book of Medicine Given to by the time he finished with the nurse he was referring to notations of morphine and heroin As routine Long career the attorney general interrupted to ask the nurse if in her Long nursing career she Ever heard of morphine and heroin being routine she drove Home the Yoa have been nursing he did you Ever hear of any doctor prescribing mixtures or heroin and morphine to a a the nurse and continued the actor Morrell received them every live a Spring again continue from Page 1 tulips reportedly popped open like strings of White in the Black Forest cuckoos sounded off without troubling to ask the in City swans practice swimming in figure eights and Park benches Drew couples like Lodestone Birds flew faster so did camera shutters began clicking like Geiger counters closing in on vast new a this because of the Vernal which Webster says is the time when the Sun crosses the Equator and Day and night Are the same everywhere everybody welcomed it but at least one German the Darmstadter tempered its giddiness with a Dollop of common experience has taught us that Winter is not willing to give up said the More May be read about it in Goethe of Gerspa Fiergang you read about were going out to look for Wilson bars reductions in arms budget steel awl the Rise of trs at factors leading boosts lit military lie mid he has no present idea of cutting manpower in any earn Bat he any Cut would mean a reduce not it manpower and in funds to Tain military wimm said a would submit to House appropriations by april i estimate of the effect armed forces at such a rut a Bivion reduction in Tufti contemplated military budget Hall been suggested of Chab Maii Clarence Cannon of uhf cd House appropriations commit and by George at the military atoms Wilson Bald he aug recommend to the that military pay Structure he said he wants to prevent technical military person Nel from leaving the service for civilian Over its will trim flights Washington the Force has ordered i i commands curtail spending on flight operations the next three months be cause it is running Over its it said that at the current of spending in operations maintenance the air Force exceed the Button aut in the fiscal 1967 budget air Force officiate Cave previously that Money fim Tationa were restricting their flight opera for the year beginning july 1 the air farce expects to spend f41 billion for operations and main ten a w65 million increase Over the allowance for this year and considerably less than the service Cairo awaits Hammarskjold from puff if Krishna after which the latter conferred with president Gamal Abdel Nasser also summoned his Cabinet for rare presumably to Brief it on the stand Egypt will take regarding the canal and Gaza in talks with Muni Oil canal pins Hopes on in Washington a the v4l reserved judgment wednesday an canal proposal but mid it expects satisfactory interim arrangement to be worked out by United nations store Tarof general Dag Hammarskjold in Cairo state department officer Lincoln White Ynve the a Poai ton in Washington first formal a six Point proposal for tunning the canal Bohlen Feita Frankfurt in route to Moscow Frankfurt a charter ambassador to the soviet arrived Here wednes Day from London on his Way Hack to be planned to stay Hes with John before continuing to Moscow at and of the wort Point a Motoji West to Filje a at the military Haa been missing since authorities tha else laced that the Cadet last was Day afternoon in his

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