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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 20, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse1962 the stars and stripes soviets can t do it Inch eve vow to out produce . By 70 discounted i ii i k i i t i � is. A soviet Premier Hev said a big of cow election Ift Titan will out pro u within eight Yean Tom bitten off More boasted that by. Have overtaken the la both Over All vol and agricultural l so production of out by 1980-th target Date for the communist Utopia in Russia we shall have left the present level of . Production far behind Khrushchev soviet Premier acknowledged All was not Bright on rus Sian farms that soviet workers must step up their output fivefold Over the decade and that some westerners May scoff at hit fore cast. Life will How who was right he told his constituents. We will not have to waft too Long for s Campaign claim was not new but neither did it go unnoticed Here. . Officials came up with these calculations . Production in 1961 totalled $521 billion. Russia s $240 . Economy can be expected to expand at a rate of 4% percent a year or better. Although the soviet expansion rate slowed to about 4 t or cent in 1961, it May Rise to a 6 per cent average foursome years to come. Who these projected growth rates the soviets would not Nar Row the Gap much in this 1970. Russian output would amount to about 48 per cent of America s compared with 44 per cent authorities predict the Western nations Cun make runaway of the economic race if they apply the free Enterprise sys tem wisely to their great re note the prospective Boom for Europe s common Market and1953-60 yearly economic growth rules averaging 7 per cent in a Pun and West Germany and 6 per cent in Italy. Venezuela Brazil an Mexico too have topped the so Viet expansion rate . Officials estimate that tn1960 the total production of the communist world including re China amounted to roughly $400 billion while the non communist countries output came to trillion. To l i it dog us there s to fight Catir another u making head e hot dog. Irs it s � fight Between the hot dog famed Uco. The taros. Along Tostado. I win Joan run in any popu they re not Only to temper. Is the stands which Are generally unsanitary. Ministry of h h 11 h is Down on the few p Ticu the capital. Score of. It Down. Of Manni Viii i mis in Alt so will be inv so and Vallve up to Sani tiry rules Tiona. Is a Zeynel in shaped roil mashed Frijoles. Your of shredded Chicken pork red sausage Avocado by one of a variety of a Jneal in itself it cells for query raised on volunteers in Viet Nam Washington a few of the estimated 4.000 or More . Military personnel in South Viet Nam May be volunteers for duty there. But the number is probably very Small. The Pentagon gave an oblique reply to the question of whether volunteers Are serving there. The army put it this Way the army has always sought volunteers for hardship areas i.e., those areas where a Man is not allowed to take his dependents. Some people might Well want to serve in the it urea and. If Quali fied the army Fri is they should c Given that a tortillas naked Withol a dozen ingredients. 1 eaten in a hurry before Roll Down your shirt Bitados Are generous site tortillas filled with about ingredients As a tort. Goods Are tossed by a Cook who probably t washed i hands since Day i yesterday by Tournut tourist has shunned fearing they by turn up stomach upset. It officials have decided ones Aren t Good for either. A or stands which far largest percentage of and Tostado Are fac Nup which will give the an Edge in the fight to the Long run after their Cooks Are cleaned Tat dog and its buddy the another popular in ill fight a losing Bathe Toad tortas. Ci1abiots, too it in t Only fast motor cars that collide these Day. Chariot get into the game too such As thee at the Bodeo of rodeos in Phoenix. Corky Randall Arrow was unhurt in the spill but a horse was injured. Same Chariot teams were in Ben Bur film. A photo Gromyko the abominable no Man Russ vetoes stud i7jv. History United nations . Up Russia s Beetle bowed foreign minister Andrei Gromyko used Tobe known around the United nations As the abominable no Gromyko was the Man who said yet on 25 of the 99 occasions a soviet veto has blocked action by the Security Council in the Early Days of the unite nations when it held its first meetings in London Gromyko Sveto propensities gave Rise to a classic . Story. At a night meeting Britain pro posed a Short re egg and offered to act As hosts for a Small Liba Tion say a scotch and the Council president noted Gen eral approval until he looked at Gromyko s scowling visage. Does the distinguished representative of the soviet Union object the president asked. Relaxing applied last Gromyko re Rida Winter season hums a Happy Dollar Melody Beach fund an sex turned away by a hotel ily sleeping in a lingerie Suid cots in the catering of signs that Florida May Bea Banner Winter season. Vacancy is fans from theorist thebom. Florida employment service a shortage of waitresses car firms in Miami have Kilts and attendance Anat horse and dog tracks Are Way tip Over last year. The sex governor was Leroy col Lins who showed up a few hour slate to claim his reservation at a Miami Bench hotel and had to Goto downtown Man uni to find one a fancy hotel pressed its Lin Gerie shop into service when a family was unable to get a flight out of Miami after checking out of the hotel. Another hotel accommodated customers by setting up cots in its sales and catering offices. The delegation of the soviet Union will not Al Shinsky waa first although Gromyko s . Fame rests largely on the fact that he staged Russia s first walkout twas Cherub faced Andrei Al Shunsky who first used the veto in the Leb anon Syria troop Case in London feb. 16, 1946. That was less than four months after the United nations was established on the principle of big Power Unity Russia has not cast quite All , vetoes. There Are 106 vetoes on the . Records. Four were cast by France swoon the Suez situation one against Franco Spain and one on the indonesian question. Two were registered by Britain both on the Suez situation. China vetoed once to Block the admission of outer Mongolia in 1955. Of Russia s 99 vetoes 51 we reused to Block the admission of countries the Kremlin saw no Benefit in having in the Organiza Tion at the . Russia s veto held up at one time or another the admission of 17 countries to the United nations. Italy Japan and Vietnam hive the dubious distinction of five soviet vetoes on their applications Ireland Jordan por Tugal. Ceylon and South Korea each have been vetoed four times Austria Finland Libya Laos and Cambodia have been vetoed three times Ench by Russia Nepal Talco and Spain Mauritania and Kuwait once apiece. By now thanks to membership log rolling deals that brought in soviet satellites Albania Bulgaria Hungary outer Mongolia and to All the vetoed applicants Are members except Korea Viet Nam and Kuwait. But the soviet Haa ranged Overman Fields. Three times it obstructed a accommodation for spam s Franco government. Six times it stood to the Way Ofa settlement of the Balkan prob Lem. It has prevented adoption of proposals on conventional armaments atomic weapons arms censuses investigation of communist charges of germ warfare in the korean War. . Intervention in Hungary the near East an Kuwait the soviet veto has been used four times on differing aspects of the Congo situation. It prevented the election of Canada Slester b. Pearson and the re elec Tion of Norway s Trygve lie . Secretary general asked How Many Volunteer tar re Are the army said no Fig ures Are the vast majority of the gis an officers in the United states Mili tary assistance command Vietnam Are there because they Wen picked for special skills and give orders to a this is no differ ent from orders some of them had received for other overseas assign ments where dependents Are no permitted. While All who get orders go Thi does not mean that each Man Goe with enthusiasm. There obviously Are objections though they oust not be made to commanding offi cers. Serge very bitter the wife of Sec George b is who was among troops bound for Viet Nam aboard the charter plan missing in the Western Pacific. Says her husband was very very bitter when a received order about three or four weeks ago to proceed to South Viet Nam. A sup ply specialist. Bliss had Complete a tour of duty in Turkey 19 month ago. But says mrs. Bliss when the new orders came the sergeant decided that if it had to be Don it had to be the defense department a been cautious in giving detail about any of the buildup of in Viet Nam the Otto Chauy quoted figure on the number . Military personnel there 1 it below the generally accepted total of More than 4.000v much of the increase to the presently estimate total has come Tine last fall. Australian scientists return with sea monster9 remains Hobart Tasmania five scientists returned Here unexpectedly from a Beach in West Tasmania where they investigated and attempted to excavate a mys tortious sea j. H. Coloby the Leader of the party said we Are not prepared to comment at this stage the party flew to the desolate Beach area by helicopter. Specimen s of the monster s flesh were brought Back in a Sling carried beneath the helicopter because of said the party would re port on its finding to sen. , the minister in charge of the Cromwell scientific and Industrial research organization in Canberra Gorton said the fact that the party returned from the each two Daya earlier mad it appear whatever they found was not so extraordinary after All. If it had been i think they Wouldhave stayed

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