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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 20, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes 21 ins 111 re Champion St. I . Aft lost oiled place by flu Consolation lineup Fin with the Moit re if any . College 30 same one loss. Teek Brief Lead i on John dote quarters i a by Gary Cortay Denver tied the i rebound went ahead at hot by Trent to the end of the m at the close of it Wax Quea the Champion the tournament in one to pome itch off a Nymn. Following Tho Arrast a source close to Gogim s office a fold that the investigation which Lisa been Itol rtt on since last foil May soon spread from troist to coast engulf Host of players from is .20 schools. This win make the 1951 scan dals look like peanuts before they 8et it Roukh the source Stald David s. Work fun executive assistant District attorney confirmed that n wide spread to on Imd it May involve More Thun just the three players snatched up thursday. Other schools nil other jul Lycra arc tin subject of Tho inquiry he said.".-". Tho 1051 scandal which rocked the collegiate sport and shocked margin set � fwd for the tide champions won ii a Poch Loni on the allow it Marty Howe and by tally Minnesota k Mike mined the Wai player. J Elorde retains ring Crown by de visioning Lopes in 15 Manila api world Junior lightweight Cha Filon Flut i Elorde the Philippines fighting in Well paced flurries punched out a unanimous is round decision Here sunday nit Fht Over running Joey Lopes of Wool Sacramento Calif in a i Hie bout witnessed by about 35,000 fans. There were no knockdowns both fighters belched. Kwh pounds the limit in the newly revived division. Referee Felipp Hernandez scored it 75-fi7 for Elorde on Tho five Point Sikli Iti u inc Manila in no both boxers finished the Lony haul strongly. Elordi Suidt a sonic of his most so id right crosses his punch in thl t it two rounds there was no in a of Art Ion in any round hut Lopes was. Faster to Raftu h. M 1 pounded a Tortu to tlu.1 body and than leaped in and in the Early run Luis. Kluh plorde., unanimous Redict wins Safe trophy in of Ersfeld feature i. A Vail Xcvi he stuff h fat Tomfeld Cruny Wittur mb09 Clint of the i frying cprrtji4i a at the dub int rid Ai i Cunius in profit of Una pm Torr Driver Liu it a Mac. Suit tin of a a t Liu Jjo i is at mod flt a Bow 7tt,t. Tusini a litre in hit Lap went to Turt Lurio Wuh tier Wolf Seldal ass Intorf in 11 i Tiuis Klitch. Ralty t hum Nin Wilt or Stuit Kurt a Vafi n a or Fri a 22tist. Huby Wiso won his a scr if inc any on a i Iii soit cd inn a far Ryt Catu d his a in 1jrjj Al of inv a in til i i Thorf of first won the much Putz in Trothy put up by Tsakh and the Hsc fit la nit a i i of 1s1 Yiirs a now record for i we a Clink in Foj Franny look part in. Tho 181 wire split up into 17 different Alcor me to Cynkin Riipi icily and to win tour thy wore touring or Lauriti limit is. All rues w Eru for 10 tic Only two Doii Blo winners of the by w re Tiby in his Liny bomb Tiit reportedly had 62 Honsvi Fitwi a and seiih1, the latter won Ali. La Mali Iahn to 0 Wjk s. To adar. Atturi Rould 4alt� lit. Al . 3-ml�ol bin. Ludl. Lallky tom41 y thu Rimini lib Haw. Munich vol Vul ?7 ?$.� 3 is a Drav. U h n . Ill l 3-Ltnh . vult4j 4 touring i. Pm. A mkt is Lowil a itch. Unmet Alia i Jurj. ? Job . Clo flip a Dot Ai u 14.3, ,1 Bai Flemr d orb n Tunu Jilin Toutt tag out no a la id of i eur 1.4jjh.j Man War u he in Iii of s.82?i7. Sam Fleury or myth jjohn7j ?0. Ha0 a � it Tophy local sports Roundup Kim Zisfein kids grab tourney honors Ham skin i Tif la t k twin Junior Linh is ham1. In if Widt. Fik t5, in tin1 i so attn t i y infill the Kuniki i Simiu Torii had tres won the Crim italian hot Ctm j 7 Tel inuit Mph Over Cut Ssan. pair in thu in is Nicki t writ Tatj flt Wiit h Affelt i Ili Mburu. I Iii Siskin voted the most Valun lir plan scr for the. Nor an res sign pair for clans d farm los Angl is i Uthe Jos a nudes Sariri is have Kik Ioctl iwo Oiin who wit in1 party if tin l to the a Tali a Villa. N.c., Rhib in Tho class u w no Ond Ymir in n Row topped the Kuril with 1h Points. Johnny Kilts led tins a Bill place a r m s i a i t. T with to to follies. I a irn rns in tin Totire a it arc s and Frankfurt. They re dlr Henril Simpson v in culif., 17, g five 2 in jul it find 170 pounian an Latonn -uoudre.iiu, Montreal. 20, 5-10 and 170. In Naistadt to Ruu Niy tin Oil rut Junir info Init inn Mil l unit kit and. In fact dirt bribe in unnamed University of Connecticut pm flyer foe $1,500 to but ave Points in a Kama on March 1 which con Nix to Cul lost to Colof Etc. 83-71 it Hamil ton a it. Huck n was charged with offer ing bribes of $1,000 each that were received to Seton v Ali Myers Henry Hank Gunter and 1,1 Art Hacks to control the scoff in a game Seton unit lost to Dayton 112-rr. To Millson Square Iton feb. 9. Unlike the 1951 scan dues to which the fixers worked with play ers on teams favored to win hat a. On and wig atm bought to fix a Byj frs on underdog Tams in gambling the Point sprout the Mitre in by. Which one team expected to bit in other is la. Most important Al Mohl thu is. Be Fon ii Klimt Hook nets Deton Nunt. How Ninny Points on favorite should win and Thiv accept both on. Both the favorite and under Dojk. The sir Cess or failure of their operation depends on the ability of n team to beat the Point spread. A bribed or fixed Puyer usually the a tar of the team consequently control he score for the s without actually losing a the a me for his team. Chief assistant District attorney Alfred j. Seoul who is in charge of the probe said he expect a to by fran Prenon tank evidence to a grind jury in the near Futurell a dded that the investigation into grime fix Tajc started some time Wehe snid District at a Hok in instructed me to look in o rumours that basketball j amps haul been fixed and would continue. To be fixed during the. As then is ligation continued and its out tent became apparent la aatto men were ass Lunod until min -21 detectives and four District. Ettor cyst Are on Tho Cense. Sutti would not say whether of Civ or i of Trot couches also a ctr scheduled for interrogation by hot stuff but he commented that l he probe was an extensive . Bettor realizes $25,136 for $2 Wager Lincoln. . A of to nit tit Fli a b

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