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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 19, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePago 24 the stars and stripes to Day March 19, 196j Europe s Gold buying fever shows decrease the owned from pan n Only one major Gold holding in an apparent Effort to Ore weekend meeting froze the Gold . Officials foresee Litti. That new speculative pressures nation. France is not a member stall this the seven nations held by non communist nations any trouble in Ensor mini a no Koiv to in ill in t h n v of the Seveiri nation Doo and thus arced not to sell to other coun about ?40 billion. He code of ethics from pan itt e pressure Are Likely to build up. The pointed to the fact that the Dol Lar had to be supported again by the Bank of France after dropping from its floor Price of4.9f 0 francs to 1.8920. In Zurich the free Market Price fluctuated Between $38 and $43 an ounce. On nation of seven natio poo not a party to the new agree ment. The French Gold Stock i around $5 billion and it was not immediately apparent whether Paris would dispose of any of this at the presumably higher Price that is expected to become established for individual buyers. I stall agree tries Gold to replace stocks Soklin the private Market. In addition to the unite states the Gold Pool nations Are the United kingdom Bel Gium Italy West Germany the Netherlands and Switzerland. The decision made at the weekend meeting froze the go held by non communist nations about $4 officials contended this was enough and new world Money can be provided through the agreement reached last septem Ber by the International Mone tary fund to create Money sometimes called paper Gold when and As needed. Calls for austerity i continued hmm Page l ment of a 10 per cent income tax such cuts Are made and they could slash $3 billion to $4billion of Federal spending in the next fiscal year Johnson acknowledged the result would Beto postpone Many needed a with the Dollar under new As Sault in International Money markets Johnson also Promise Dan intensified program to curb nonessential travel outside the hemisphere and to reduce Busi Ness spending and investment in Western Europe. He did not go into detail. He said the emergency Gold crisis talks in Washington produced a decision that we Areno longer going to be in the position of encouraging the Gold Gambler or the Gold Johnson made no mention by name at any Point of either sen. Robert Kennedy of new York Orsen. Eugene Mccarthy a Minn. But he did make a wry reference to Mccarthy saying i like both your senators. Like the Way they vote. And i like the Way they talk except sometimes in an election in discussing Vietnam John son pictured himself As seeking a Middle course Between a pull out and a wider War. However he indicated that Hewill Call for some increase in military pressure on the enemy declaring we re not doing enough to Winit the Way we re doing the chief executive also promised a continued diligent search for a negotiated peace saying he will seek it at the negotiating table and should that fail we will win the peace on the Battlefield by supporting our me who arc doing that Job there Johnson said that most of Alli ask your help and your patriotic support of our men who Are bearing the Burden of Attlein he said we seek not the Victory of Conquest but the Triumph of Justice. We will accompanying the president and mrs. Johnson to Minneapolis was chairman w. R. Poague,d-Tex., of the House agriculture the farm pro Grams Johnson said i know what the Farmer wants and i want you to have that Farmers want fair prices Protection against inflation parity Justice decency and Opportunity he added and you will have about 200 pickets most Yyoung persons stood outside the convention hotel As the presi Dent s limousine swept past. The pickets carried signs for Mccarthy d-Minn., who is challenging Johnson for re nomination. One sign read lbs Stop killing american Johnsons flew Back of Washington from Minneapolis where their Brief stay was marred by rain. Lbs May hike Force by 35, Washington a presi Dent Johnson is expected to in crease . Troop strength in Vietnam by at least one More division or about 35,000 More said the president has decided on a moderate in crease in . Military Man Power in response to an Appelby Gen. William c. Westmore land american commander i Vietnam to raise the 525,000 Man ceiling previously was reported to have requested up to 206,000more men after the massive communist tet offensive which began at the end of january. The Johnson administration has claimed the Viet Cong Force suffered a major military set Back in the resulting fighting. But . Officials acknowledge that the Viet Cong offensive threw . And Allied operations off balance and pinned Down major combat forces to defensive positions in South Vietnam s big Ger cities and towns. Johnson s purpose in sending closing . Stock Market prices Admiral Ai c a n Allisch am air am can a m Cyan am m Fly am Mot Ampex am photo am t & t am Tob Anaconda Armour Avo Baxt lab Beth steel Boeing bus my Brunswick Burr our he Cater trac cel neat Cento in Che 4 o my mfr co c a i. I Colin pal c 111 l a t com an i Corn i i to o a c h t. M i Tju pull ail East Kod f a i r c. 1111 f ii Clit in Fui it i Lur cell Uyn too . Mar. 1b mar. 15 19 13i4 23 a 2v/4 3is 31 a 26 2 to 4 11 2v 17 49 _ 3v 4 44 34 43 36 29 74=4 67 u a i77-b 3d 56 49 4 18 s 11 4 2h 4 17 4 50 31 h 4-l h 34 4 42 a 36 29 74 66 u ,. 171 38 5-h-i 47 4j mar. 18 mar. 15 3/ 29 he 60 Iid to 6 a 29 49 32 33 52- fact Gen ads Gen Mot Gen Tel Gen tire Gillette Goodrich Goodyear it air Gulf Oil Honeywell ism int Harv int Nick int paper int to Jone & l Kennicott Liny Tern Litton ind lock arc Lor 11 lard Mac Donn Martin m Mem Minn my m Mont Mot i Ola no am a Nul till us n w a11 i Outt mar Han am Parke do Perm cent be i i Phi or Phil pet Polar Oid proct & g Cha a 6976 39 25 48 60 2b 69 101 4 590 4 3 1 a 11. 27 47. 42 1b 10 644247 52 4i 4 its. 43 31 i w 4 20-4 24 4 60 a 3/ j b j i s a 19 j 69 4 74 4 471 j 583 4 47". � 28 69 101 6h9 314 111 2 27 4 47 4 4714 42 98 4 64 43 47 b 50i� 43 u 18 h 7b 40 b6 4 j 26 b 1 12 in b 33 32 4n to 2 20 d 24 b 6 u 84 40 mar. In mar. 15 Raythelon re Publ St Revlon Rexall Rey met Rey Tob Rich Mer Ronson Roy out Safeway Scherig Sam co Scott Pap Shenhwa seai8 r so Pac Sperry r St o cat St o ind St o no set Lebaker Swift Texaco Tex g sul Tex in to Norkol Twa try up 20th cent in cart in Pau Ltd air Ltd fruit us Hub us steel warn lamp weit in j i Winn Oil Wool with Xerox you to Riu Tri 81 40 2 77 h 43. 77, 2i h 44 27% 57 j 43 23a 21 60 4 a ii 46 4 59 521. 2674 120 a 92 in i 37 a 8 j 29 4 i 4 3h 42 u 47 46 39 42 32 a 61 4 29 a 22 j 2ll a 32. 791 40 4 27 40 i 42 77 42 33 30 21/1 More troops it is understood is to give . And Allied forces greater capacity to carry on offensive operations. Even so Large numbers of troops will re main tied Down to defensive duties in the cities and in South Vietnam s Northern province opposite Large North vietnamese and Viet Cong forces near Khe Sanh and Hue. Although Johnson is reported not to have reached a firm commitment on numbers 35,000 men a. Division plus supporting units was the. Total being mentioned by Washington sources. They boost was Likely to be spread out Over several months. Gusty winds sweep most of Europe Frankfurt is Gusty surface winds Over most of the european continent and the United kingdom kept girl watchers Busy monday but caused no disruption of transportation schedules and Little damage. Air weather service at Rhein main air base reported gusts of from 45 to 50 Miles an hour i England Scandinavia Northern France and Germany with gusts of about 30 . In Italy. The winds decreased monday night with gusts of slightly less Force expected aircraft were for the most part staying to the ground but airline schedules were unaffected. Occasional rain showers were expected at lower elevations throughout the area with mixed Snow and rain Possick above the 2,000-foot Mark. . Asks Sweden for hoax data Washington up Testate department said monday that the United states was Send ing a note to Sweden seeking More information about a hoax incident in which an american journalist and a . Consular official were lured to a meeting with american army deserters. The department also said .ambassador to Sweden William Heath would have further extensive consultation before re turning to Sweden at a time no specified. Department press officer Robert j. Mccloskey was asked about reports from Stockholm that William Russell of army times and Merle e. Arp were jostled by several Young person who lured them to the meeting. Mccloskey. Said the department had no information that the two were injured or roughed up but said the . Embassy in Stock Holm was sending a note to the swedish foreign ministry setting Forth the facts As known by the United states and requesting any additional incident came at a time of growing state department concern about anti-. Manifestations in Sweden which Accord ing to Mccloskey is a Haven for about 30 . Military said Russell received a Telephone Call from caller who said two american deserters wished to return an wanted help in doing so. Mcclosky said Russell and Arp went to an address and tha Tarp carried certificates of Iden Tity which would have facilitate return of the deserters. Mccloskey said it is our judg ment that the meeting was evidently arranged As a hoax by unidentified Mccloskey said Arp was Ful filling his Normal duties in response to what he considered to be an honest request for aid.. Officials said Russell recently had assisted one or More other american deserters to return to their units. Asked whether Russell h a Dany connection with the . Government Mccloskey s a i 1,"no." As to whether the . N o t contained any complaints to the swedish government Mccloske said i would not consider it a in s t o c k h o 1 a meanwhile swedish police investigated tin incident. Country Gold to sold on the private markets reserves. Meta from France does t buy and sell Geld on the open Market am. Officials look for not that policy. No change smaller countries might Hotem Ted to seek u Quick profit 5 the open Market Price of go went High enough but official feel the new code will work initial reaction to the Newgold policy was generally both from republicans and democrats on Capitol Hilt but private economists said it does t change the need for the United states to end its Dollar Drain and . Officials agree to help stabilize the foreign Exchange markets in Light of the new Gold policy the Federal re serve announced an increase units Swap network of $2.275 Bil lion to a total of s9.355 provides a line of credit among 14 governments and theban for ments to currencies change markets. The Treasury department said it will Stop Selling Gold at $35 an ounce to Domestic users such As dentists and users must now buy directly from . Producers or inthe foreign Market at the Market a statement at the conclusion of a two Day emergency meeting of the seven Gold Pool nations the representatives said the existing Stock of monetary Gold is sufficient to carry or. The world s business and they no longer feel it necessary to buy Gold from the statement was read William Mechesney Martin or. Of the Federal re serve Board who said it represents the thinking of the seven International Settle resist pressures on in the foreign sex nations and two International organizations the International monetary Fuik and the ban for International settlements in declined to answer any questions. 7th Nihim of killing spree Mies Ironwood Mich. Ith the seventh victim f an apparently motive less spree by a quiet respect woodsman _ i a1,. I. I n 1111/and part time Here sunday inthe shooting night had left six i tsoris and three wounded one o wounded died sunday the accused so charged with in to Eric in a Calm n fir hoax a ,. Who was wounded " Man s Rifle . A shooting an struggle in a night died Sunda f me i ii mils of i Iii is Vas i Dower who n i h woos Canterbury museum loot rec Wei Canth juy 10 n k i a and us detectives Early Mon Day recovered All the valuable Silver stolen from an army museum saturday after raids on a number of houses in the area. The recovered Silver included some 70 medals and a number of cups tureens Coffee jests and teapots. The Silver itself stole from the regiment museum depot at of Queen Showe liar Racks was Worth Little. Hut it sentimental value to the army was considerable. It was Canterbury s second major Silver robbery in two Dayi. The ves broke into historic Canterbury Cathedral Early saturday morning and iik000 Worth of an police Are Stithe stolen item several chalice Stury italian Cro local detective International Inu pol squads in the

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