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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 19, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseIra . Could Stop 3rd atom Power �. " i ,. European edition Navy air Force i. Fortu crop. North afr Fea end Fth Thuu Cait 333 d monday March 19, i twite drily. 10 evils 1962 editor s note Secretary defense Robert 8. Mcnamara has rarely granted interviews on defense matters. In an interview in Washington with a Mcnamara a s Bern Price reports strategists have Long argued Over whether the Possession of an in tact nuclear Arsenal by a third Power would deny the two major nations the Opportunity to concentrate resources and rebuild except on that third Power s terms. Could the United states absorb nuclear strike deliver a counter blow and tall have enough strength left to counter third Power blackmail yes said discussing the rapid increase inthe nation s non nuclear a capabilities Mcnamara said Tiit by increasing the army to 16 com Bat ready divisions augmenting the strength of the three division Marine corps and adding assorted brigades and regiments there has been an effective 45 per cent in crease to conventional months ago the army had 14 divisions 11 of them were classed As told the conventional War strength of the United states now adds up to about 21, possibly 231 combat ready this Force meet crises on two fronts without forcing this nation into partial mobilization such As it went through at the time of the last Barlyn ufos Cre to a think so said Mcnamara. Many have Heldy that civil de fens is an integral part of the nation s deterrent posture that is if the soviets feel they cannot deliver a crushing first blow they win be deterred from attacking. Mcnamara disagrees. He believe that the russians would not be too concerned with How Many americans they could kill but How Many russians the americans could kill in a counterstrike. This counterstrike Force he believes. Isth True deterrent. For other views of the Mancall greatest Secretary of de sense see background Story Ott Page a. Be fire signed for Algeria Taylor in Paris Lington Genix Taylor left for Europe to Survey military prob special representative of department when it the trip about 10 Days Taylor would go to Paris Berlin and London to Dutary matters of common said the purpose of the orientation adding was not going to in a specific situation with o submitting specific rec he did when he visited South Viet Nam. Was scheduled to be in and tuesday Bonn Wiesbaden Friday t Frankfurt March 36 March 27-28 and Lon 3840. Aide lashes forking classes ult Industry administer Ernesto Che i hollowed up Premier Ridel attack on some of hib Vett Fth rim with sterno Cuba s working classes. Aid the government need because Only 30of Cuba s workers Are the minimum technical necessary to increase to production. Panda pals Oracle Yar Worth s Eye blackened in traffic Accident give the 14 month old what Well tent girl a striking resemblance to her toy Panda Chattanooga Hospital pal. Associated Prea photo de Gaulle asks France to support peace pact Paris a the French government has announced hostilities in Algeria will end at noon monday but it remained to be seen if real peace would come to that blood drenched land. Taking to the air in a nationwide television and radio broadcast presi Dent Charles de Gaulle voiced satisfaction that his fou years of efforts to end the 7vi-year War had finally Suc railed on All frenchmen to give unqualified approval to tie re use fire agreement so that de spite the lust obstacles the Pence Accord could be carried through. Obviously he was referring to the rebellious secret army organization led by former Gen a soul Gaulle said the signing of the cease fire and the Steps taken so that the algerian people could choose their own future corresponded with three truths which Are Clear As these he said Are it is in France s National in Terest As Well us in the realities coat on Page by cot. 4 Oas will fight to the end Algiers. Algeria Kupij the French Algeria secret army organization Oas greeted conclusion of the cease fire talks Sun Day night by declaring a intention to continue the fight against the moslem algerians. A communique circulated clandestinely in Algiers said the Oas had formed itself into a National Council of French resist Ance in Algeria Corpa. It said the new organization would fight the moslem National liberation front fun until it is completely the announcement said the resistance movement was formed by the High committee of the asunder the direction of sex Gen Kabul Salan described As com Mander in chief of land sea and air forces. The announcement came As an Oas commando group carried out the most spectacular arms grab since the organization appeared a year up to the regional mul weather a to u mrily i i. Lh1u Chinn. Rertf4 cent he t.�. A4n it at Cut to at Tam m a bar ten of n fran Fri m to and a 41 my m 4 4 a Mih r 41 4 i inti it a 21 m m Elai m k 4 19 who m h 4i i or a. Air wifi Usif 8rvlc tary weapons depot in Oran the commandos stole 83 50-caliber machine guns 209 bazookas 3.000 rifles and several Tommy guns. The commandos loaded the equipment into big trailer trucks and drove off before police or soldiers could intervene. The Oas announcement con firmed widespread fears that the Oas would try to keep Algeria in a ferment of terrorism in the month ahead. In recent weeks daily thefts of army and police equipment and fund boosting Bank robberies have made the intention fun meanwhile made no such spectacular announcement Here to Mark the end of the moslem in the cities were believed under the control of hundreds of fun agents whose Job cont. On Page 84. Col it French foil Hijack try on prisoners plane Paris a French former Captain held As a suspected Mem Ber of the outlawed secret army organization Oas tried to seize an Airliner Over Central France but was shot and wounded by police police sources said. Thirty two suspected Oas men were taken from the Beausom Hospital detention Center in Paris saturday and placed in a plane at orly Airport to be flown to Orange. They were then to continue by Road to a detention Camp in Southern France. During the flight one of the prisoners suddenly produced a hand grenade. He was identified As a Paris works contractor and former army Captain named Robert Hemerdinger. About so. Brandishing the Gre Nade he told the Steward Tell the Captain of the aircraft to change direction. Otherwise i will blow up the frightened Steward went to Tell the one of the policemen escort ing the prisoners had seen the incident. He pulled his gun and shot the Captain before the grenade could be set plane continued Ita flight. At Orange the wounded Man was taken to a Hospital and placed under close guard. There was to word on his condition. Inspection of the plane later showed two Bullet holes in the fuselage. 31 injured in Spokane mystery blast Spokane Wash. A a mysterious explosion heard for 20 Miles demolished a North Sid business Block and rocked this City of nearly 200,000. At least 31 Persona were injured in the saturday night blast. There were no known dead. It was like London during the Butz said fire chief w. A. Dun Ham sunday us Helm Ted workers dug through debris where a cafe pizza parlor supermarket used furniture store and vacant build ing had stood. It Stilt seams impossible that no one died in that Mesa Dunham said. Of course we really won t be sure until we be got the debris the 31 requiring treatment for injuries eight were hospitalized but Only one was listed in serious condition. She was Eileen Moa eng 17, a waitress who staggered from the s & h cafe with her body and face bloody and clothing in shreds. Cause of the blast remained undetermined. It touched off a fir which burned in the wreckage for Haven t even been Able to pinpoint the heart of the explosion and can t even guess at the cause until the basements Are cleared which May take another Dun Ham said. Both the chief and officials of the Washington water Power co. Tiv local Utility said evidence uncovered so far indicated Nota natural Gas explosion. Dunham said the Impact area a too great the Utility which sent a 100,Man Crew to the scene said test holes failed to show there had been any. Gas. Leak. A demolition and explosives expert was fat two Here Iron Seattle and another a Foont on Page ool v Static air Force base a afm Fyk Scot own Ter a Yew w my to Mit naut picked for to next o3. Earth orbit nude � from hip Wuu garage. Mark the oldest Moh of Astro naut m. Scott 0�rpener, pral Ned his ankle

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