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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseMarch 18, 1961 the stars and stripes Page 5 in reverse Hussion has Creepy stare i isrow a when Nelya or Row soviet Friy to make things like ticks or wine glasses will out touching them the w pravda. Published a Yip City s communist party or Leaniza Tion gave this account Arnelya married and in her forties claims she uses min Lover matter to make a one Pound i water Pitcher slide across liable or to Stop a pendulum then restart in one Experiment she concentrated on a Compass. Fir Stithe Needle spun wildly then the Compass and its wrist on the table. In another Experiment under scientific supervision she apparently caused a Small alumni num tube to shift position under a Glass time matches and an Apple jumped off a table at is it focus Mocus Russia for hocus pocus ? yet said writer lev Kolodny. He said he watched Nelya in action and could find no hidden threads magnets or other quoted soviet scientists As saying they Don t know How Nelya does it but they re sure there s some logical s nothing supernatural said one. When a person thinks he radiates Energy. The charac Ter of physical chemical reaction Sis stronger in some another said it had something i horizontal. 1. The Sun 4. Pronoun 7. Heathen 12. Tahitian god 13. Fruit drink 14. Egg shaped 15. A Swine 16. Wandered aimlessly 18. Japanese Cash 19. Greek Island 20. Cereal Grain 22. Norse god 23. Persian poet 27. Compete 29. Alabama City 31. Force 34. Biological units 35. Worshipped 37. Had been 38. Need39. Palm Leaf Var 41. Therefore a 45. Conserve of grapes 47. Worthies scrap 48. Finished 52. Large Cistern 53. Strange 54. Work unit 55. Nether lands commune56. Flrma5t. Cereal grass58. Varying weight India vertical,1. Stupor 2. Africa Antelope 8. Science ofreasoning1 4. Poor actors 5. Conceive6. Sordid 7. Schools of Halea 8. Saluta Tion 9. Pike Lakefish 10. Consumed answer to saturday s Puzzle. O v e r g 1 l a e l l s average time of a Olutola ii minutes 11. Man s nickname 17. A Standard 21. Turn inside out 23. Fat 24. Wire measure 25. Entire amount 26. Thing in Law 28. Anger 30. A Wood sorrel 31. Animal s foot 32. Harem room 33. Attained 36. Pigeon 37. Washy Washy 40. Newer 42. Wanders 43. Relative standing 44. Aquatic mammal 45. Arm Bone 46. Rim 48. Feline 49. Spanish Bravo 50. Russian community51. Through z 3 5b so is 45 40 57 41 55 5o 43 44 to do with electrostatic activities connected with the brain but he said Nelya would have Tobe studied further to find out what it science occasionally gives serious consideration to theories that sound like science fiction. In some cases preliminary claims such As one several years ago about voices from outer space Are retracted and not mentioned again. Corporation profits set . Record Washington a profits of american corporations zoomed to a record $85.4 billion at an annual rate in the fourth Quarter of last year the com Merce department reported Sun Day. The quarterly gain of $5.4billion was the largest in almost three fourth Quarter surge boosted profits before taxes forthe year to $80.8 billion below the record of $83.8 billion set in1966 but slightly higher than the administration had projected for1967. The department said the fourth Quarter Advance entered in manufacturing although earn Ings in the last six months of the year were depressed by strikes especially in the Auto Mobile and Copper tax take in estimating the amount of corporate taxes the Treasury department figured on a 1967level of corporate profits of $80.1 billion. The slightly higher total will mean a Little higher tax take for the 1968, the Treasury figures a corporate profit rate of $87billion. Indications Are that profits will continue to Rise in the current before taxes declined for three straight quarters be fore reversing the trend in the third Quarter of last year. The$5.4 billion surge in the fourth Quarter was the highest since the first Quarter of 1965 when profits Rose $6.6 billion following settlement of an automobile taxes for the fourth Quarter of last year ran at a annual rate of $35.1 billion while profits after taxes were at a annual rate of $50.3 billion. Real Bonanza lome Greene Star of the television Western Bonanza and his wife Nancy Are All smiles As their first baby two month old Gillian Donia meets the press in Hollywood. Up Magazine reports lbs opposed Vietnam intervention in 54 Long Island paper struck by printers new York up Printer sat the Long Island Star journal which has a daily circulation of97,000, struck saturday for higher pay. The publisher said he would suspend publication until a settlement is printers at the Star journal which employs 370 per sons have been working without a contract since last March 30. New York up Henhouse minority Leader Lyndon b. Johnson vigorously opposed plan for . Intervention in Vietnam near the end of the first Indochina War in 1954, Parade Magazine said copyrighted article in the Magazine said it was Johnson who was the most vocal critic of a top secret state depart ment project operation v u 1 Ture under which the unite states would carry out air strikes to Aid the French and prevent the fall of Dieni Enshu to the communists. Secret meeting the project was discussed Ata secret Washington meeting april 3, 1954, Parade said. Thad been formulated by the late Secretary of state John Foster Dulles who was reported to have Felt a French loss of Vietnam might Lead to the loss of All of Southeast Asia. Parade said operation Vul Ture called for some 97 . B29 bombers to carry out raid son 35,000 Viet Minh troops sur rounding article said the plan was unveiled to Johnson and s i other prominent lawmakers Sens. Richard Russell Earl Cle Mente Eugene Millikan and Wil Liam Knowland and reps. Joseph Martin John w. Mccormack and j. Percy the meeting Parade said Johnson questioned Dulles As to whether any other Allied nations would join the . Intervention in Vietnam. The Magazine said Johnson noted that the unite states paid for More than 90 per cent of the korean War an suffered most casualties among the . the first air strike around Dieni Enshu were to fail John son was quoted As having asked what would be the . Position would not . Ground troops have to be committed to a South East asian land War the Parade Story said Dulles admitted he had not consulted any of the allies about the pro posed intervention. Johnson and the others then rejected opera Tion vulture on the grounds the . Was not about to go it alone in Vietnam. 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