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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 18, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Page 3 by issues warning Saigon Leader seeking less Reliance on allies Saigon up Vic president Nguyen Cao by said saturday he wanted to put300,000 More South vietnamese in uniform because Complete re Liance on american allies could Force the country under the slavery of he said Loyal civilians should be said 1968 was critical for the War Effort and that he believed the last months of the year would decide South Viet Nam s Fate. We cannot rely entirely honour allies by said in a speech at a graduation ceremony for 462civil servants who had just completed two weeks of military training. Tall into slavery that will not bring Freedom to us. If we just sit Back an rely entirely on them we May escape communist slavery but we May fall into the slavery of the communists come they will massacre you and your fam Ilies by told the government employees. So if you should die die with a gun in your hand and die As a free Man not As a cow Ard not As a by mentioned existing plans to increase the size of the 680,000 Man army of the Republic of Vietnam Arvn by 65,000 men carrying Banner Over the Field read each civil servant is a combat ant. Each office building is a , a general in the air Force referred to the tet offensive an said this is going to be a decisive year and i think the last months of 1968 will decide the Fate of turning to political matters by said he had no disagreements with president Nguyen Van Thieu. The so called Thieu by splits a myth by said. We May differ with each other in temper Ament but we have always been said the foreign press was distorting these difference Sand said some american correspondents cannot accept the truth that a yellow Annalese the dominant ethnic group among the vietnamese can be so High minded higher than them selves. Theirs Are foul pens which cause us nothing but . Win reduce size of civilian agencies by Barry Kramer this year. Not enough bares marriage too pop Singer Sandie Shaw who likes to sins in her Bare feet has revealed her marriage to Londo fashion designer Geoff Banks. A photo Singer secretly wed l i think this is not enough Kysa id. A plan to further increase our armed forces is being implemented. I think we should increase our forces by 100,000,200,000 or even 300,000 More men and if possible Arm the Able bodied people in the country. I am sure the communists will never be Able to stage a Sec Ond wave of attacks in the cities if each of us has a Rifle and is determined to fight against them to shoot at them if they dare show of the 462 civil graduates of the Basic training course required of All civil servants in the aftermath of the communist offensive on the cities were puppet on string girl ties the knot London a Singer Sandi Eshaw 21, revealed saturday that she had been secretly married for the past 10 Days. The Lis some pop Star said she 1 was married to Geoff Banks a 25-year-Oldsigner. London fashion de circulation office phone numbers Germany in Civ 7m38s Ilia on Civ 45341, my 760 Frankfurt Civ 00108-2047, Mil Offenbach 753 la Torii Civ 5117, Mil Vogel Weh 7050 Mannheim Civ &7u02 Mil he Cuau Civ 6105sw3. Mil 73ix Fluor Lii if Civ 77w47, Mil 1513 8tutu,, Civ k5 5. Mil 7230 Kkt Sun Civ 4 o77y Mil 2&5d3greece a icons in miss in Civ 3auii4, ext 12t subscribe now government housing Only the Singer whose version of puppet on a string won last year s eur vision song contest reported she was also wearing her wedding ring on a string around her said her husband bought it for her while she was in clinic for an abdominal operation last month and it did t fit Sandie who once wore knee breeches to curtsy before Queen Elizabeth was dressed in More Normal Street clothes for the ceremony at the Greenwich registry office. An official said she and Banks behaved just like any other Young couple except that Newsweek again banned by Saigon Saigon a this week Issue of Newsweek Magazine has been banned from Newsstands bythe South vietnamese govern ment the Magazine s Saigon Bureau said said the government gave no reason for the ban on he March 6 Issue but presumably it was for the Magazine Story on what it termed the missed opportunities corruption and Lack of will of the South vietnamese adm Nistra the marriage was held so secretly that the witnesses were two surprised janitors called in fro the corridors. This was the first time i Veman aged to get a bit of privacy since i started in the singing business Sandie said. I Only told my Mother and father this apartment Saigon a the unite states will substantially reduce the size of its 3,000-Memberforce of americans working for civilian agencies in South Viet Nam it was Learned saturday. The action is in line with presi Dent Johnson s efforts to Stem the flow of dollars announcement on the staff cuts is expected . Agency for International development largest of the civilian agencies with 2,400 american employees is consid ering recommendations to Cut 250 employees a 10 per cent reduction. A . Embassy spokesman said ambassador Ellsworth Bunker has ordered All . Agencies in South Vietnam to take a hard look at the size of their american staffs with an Eye toward making staff reductions would be made despite increased de mands on american civilian agencies caused by the enemy military offensive and the disruptions it brought in programs. When president Johnson recently ordered . Civilian agencies around the world to re Duce their american staffs by 10 per cent he exempted South informed sources said Johnson asked ambassador Bunker to reduce civilian staffs to the extent Bunker thought the development Agency Bunker has ordered a reappraisal of the staffs of the embassy and the Central intelligence Agency and among civil Ian employees of the defense de morning. I the development Agency s i Ector Here Donald Macdonald said he has made no decision on whether or not to go along withe recommendation to eliminate 250 jobs in his think i will be Able to Dot he said but he noted that he enemy offensive has caused widespread reappraisal of most of the Agency s programs programs will be shelved and others strengthened he said. But i m not going to Cut women out if it develops that new requirements outweigh the Nee to Cut Macdonald said. No firm recommendation shave yet been made for reductions in personnel of other civil Ian agencies a . Mission spokesman said. Castro closes bars. Clubs in Havana Havana a prime minis Ter Fidel Castro who announced plans Friday to end Cuba s National lottery extended his morality drive saturday night by closing Down All bars and night clubs in Havana. Castro said in a speech Friday night those who want to drink a Beer let them drink it in their Home. We can t let drunkenness be in the same speech he said that ending the lottery is being considered because it at tracts corruption and creates illusions of gaining earlier in the week accused bar owners of exploiting the people and providing meeting places for subversives. Infiltrate top posts reds in npd9 Berlin mayor says Berlin a West Berli lord mayor Klaus Shuetz said in an interview sunday that East German communist agents repeatedly have infiltrated the rightist National democratic party Ned Shuetz commenting on the communist ban against Neo nazis travelling to West Berlin said that Public statements fro East Berlin in recent months betray an intimate knowledge of the situation in the Cir cles of these rightist Radi Cal splinter last years have shown that the East German stat Security service repeatedly has infiltrated its agents into the organizations of the Ned through to the top positions. This backing for its Campaign to applied in Berlin for a certain change the status of West Ber time to the Deputy City chair Man Shuetz said. The Mavor referred to the Case Germany Shuetz said apparently had not been Able to t. ��.�. Of Rolf Richard Voigt 32, who j it Moscow to support the Cam has been jailed in West Berlin since april 1966, on suspicion of informing the East g e r m a n secret service about student meetings. After his arrest Voigt was charged and convicted of asexual offence and forgery in i related cases and sentenced to18 months imprisonment. A Clouet. Also indicated that he believed the East g e r m a n s banned travel across East Ger Many by Ned members and others occupied in Neo nazi pain. Instead the Campaign against the Federal Republic West Ger Many was sharpened. To this p r o c Ess belongs the cleverly thought out interference Maneu ver which couples free Access to Berlin with the no the three Western allies have labelled the ban a threat to fre Access to West Berlin and have said they would hold the soviet Union responsible for assuring activities in order to lure soviet 1 free Access

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