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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 16, 1968, Darmstadt, Hesse1 Page 4 the stars and stripes a Day March 1 seeds of Mccarthy support Are sprouting new York a grassroots support for sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy sprouted in Man sections of the country thurs Day in the aftermath of his Strong showing in the new Hampshire democratic presidential primary. Even sen. Robert f. Kennedy s statement that he would make a reassessment of disown presidential plans has not stemmed the flow of Volunteer Sand contributions. While some particular Yyoung people expressed anger about the possibility of Kennedy entering the race others said they would go along with Kennedy although himself appeared Cool to the idea of Kennedy getting into the running against president Johnson saying i might Divide the peace move leaving Here for Washington and from there to join his Young volunteers in Wisconsin Mccarthy said i think ican get the actor Paul Newman indicated he and his wife actress Joanne Woodward May support Kennedy As they did Mccarthy. But said he questioned Kennedy s timing and s a shame Kennedy chose to take a free ride on Mccarthy s Back Newman said. He should have had the Cour age to take his stand in South Bend ind., James , chairman of hoosiers for a democratic alternative said he would be unable to gauge effects of a Kennedy Campaign until the weekend when the group holds its first convention in Indianapolis. Mccarthy will be among the speakers but Bogle said the group was not Mccarthy organization. I Don t know what the break Down of our organization would be Between Sens. Kennedy an Mccarthy said Bogle. But he added nobody in our organization is encouraging Kennedy to Maytag former Colo Rado democratic state chair Man and now chairman of democrats for an alternate Candi Date said he now feels his organization can Corral most of the Colorado delegation to the National convention. Kennedy enters the said we might i to do some reorganizing of 2giances. There would be a s among some of a Hundred Princeton students and resident Princeton nj., including coach Dick Colmant have begun a drive to build up support for Mccarthy. P us if the election were held , Mccarthy would win Princeton said Esther Ryan Allentown n.j., coordinator o the drive for 2,000 volunteers chemicals top Oil s fish kill London a chemical detergents used against Oil spilled from the Tanker Torre Canyon killed More Marine life than the Oil itself according Toa scientific report. The animals which died mainly shellfish could have destroyed the Oil in time had they not died from the deter gent poisoning the report said. It was based on a 10-Weekstudy by the Marine biological association of Britain s Marin biology. Laboratory in ply Mouth. It will be published in bookworm monday one year after the Tanker loaded with 117,000tons of crude Oil split on seven stones reef at England southwestern tip. Toxic solvents in the deter gents were blamed for killing millions of Shoreline limpets and other shellfish which have the digestive Power to con sume and destroy unwanted matter such As Oil. The 2.5 million Gallons of detergents were spread in an at tempt to prevent fouling of the vacation beaches of the eng Lish and Bristol . A e. Reith director of the Laboratory and editor of the report told a news conference thursday that some simpler Spe cies of life May have been dam aged beyond Hope of recovery. He called these the smaller More naked closer to the sur face forms Many of which area Basic diet of commercial fish. He said that Shoreline Marine life shows signs of returning to Normal although much of the Southwest coast is infested with seaweed that otherwise could have been removed by Shell fish. The report praised som methods the French govern government used to remove Oil from Brittany coastal Waters including the use of treate Chalk which apparently caused no damage to sea report s authors said that the ministry of technology and detergent manufacturers were believed developing chemicals for future emergency use which would not have the same lethal effects As those used last year. Captured weapons displayed Harold Johnson a foreign weapons specialist at the . Army foreign science and technology Center Aims a russian rpg-7 anti tank Gre Nade launcher behind a display of captured Viet Cong weapons at the Pentagon. Up Grad student draft to affect Frosh Washington a sus pension of draft deferments for most graduate students could keep thousands of Young Ameri cans from entering College next fall the scientific manpower and engineering manpower commission reported thursday. The admission prospects for next term freshmen Are based on a Survey of 122 universities which indicates they stand to lose about one half the Post graduate students who normally instruct first year undergraduate students. The prediction that Many applicants will be denied College admission this year was voice Dat a news conference by the sex essential for higher life chlorophyll compound made in lab Sunnyvale Calif. Up in a Laboratory duplicating conditions on Earth 3.5 billion year Sago scientists have made the Basic component of chlorophyll an essential element for All higher life on fired a continuous elec tric arc through a simulated atmosphere of ammonia me Thane and water to create new combinations of molecules. Drs. Gordon w. Hodgson an Cyril Zonnar Peruma of Ames research Laboratory said the resulting material included a Small amount of porphyrin a the organic ring molecules which make up the major part of chlorophyll. T h e said the chlorophyll could have been created spontaneously Onearth. Chlorophyll which converts he Radiant Energy of sunlight into chemical Energy for use by living organisms is Essen Siul to plants and Man another animals depend eventually created by Green plants using researchers at Ames a National aeronautics and space administration Laboratory said porphyrin were the last of the major categories of life s build ing blocks to be experiments were based on the theory of the chemical evolution of life. The theory is that beginning about 4.5 billion years ago the ammonia methane and water of Earth s primitive atmosphere were continuously activated by Energy from lightning heat and the Sun s ultraviolet rays. Overa billion years or More the agitated molecules formed firs the building blocks of life and then simple living Chain Carbon based molecules appeared first and reproduced themselves on the accumulated materials in primitive oceans. This Supply was quickly used up and life threat ened with extinction. But chlorophyll molecule allowed survival As organisms used them to convert the continuous flood of sunlight into chemical Energy which was used to make new materials. The Ames scientists believe these Early organisms utilized the porphyrin previously accumulated in the primitive oceans to make the first chlorophyll a theory their Experiment showed was , a senior research assistant at Ames on leave from the research Council of Alberta Canada and Ponnam Peruma chief of the chemical evolution Branch at Ames used an electric arc to Simu late lightning in u chamber with an ammonia methane awl water Small amount of the result ing material was identified a consisting of porphyrin Biz. Ecu Tive director of the scientific manpower commission Betty Vetter and Gustave o. Arlt president of the Council of graduate schools. They said the colleges expected about 1.6 million freshmen this fall about 10 per cent More than last year. But they said this increase could be washed out and the total reduced by a further 10 per cent by the draft liability of some 320,000 current graduate students and 1967bachelor degree winners. The National Security Council on feb. 15 advised it. Gen. Lewis b. Hershey the draft director to end deferment of graduate students other than those on the second or later years of advanced studies. Exempted from the ruling Are advanced students in Medicine dentistry veterinary Medicine and osteopathy. The Survey of the Impact of the new draft rulings on graduate schools indicated total enrolment next fall will drop 50per cent for first year students and that the drop for male Stu dents will be 70 per cent. The hardest hit categories the Survey indicated will be physics and engineering wit first year classes Down 64 and 62 per cent. Law schools Are expected to suffer about that same decrease. The Survey estimated that be tween 50 and 60 per cent of 1967 Bachelor degree graduates who would ordinarily have entered full time Post graduate studies will be draft liable and that about 62 per cent of Curre first year graduate students will be . Vetter said the scientific manpower commission advocates spreading inductions to an age groups us the Law now per mits. European edition col. Jam Cut w. Campbell Usa it. Col. F. 8, Michael jr., a of Mert Proctor. Elmer d. Frank Henry 8. Epstein. Caputy editor in Chw Marabl nil Tali null an unofficial newspaper of and for the u.8. Armed Force comrnand9r.n.chlef, . European command and printed Day Germany. Military a Dree the Star and us Law Apo 09176. Late to 0 the Star and 8trlpe, poit Fach 1034, Ai a Armandt Germany. Tel in prefix 0816 00711 m Dart Udo prefix 2376 7-11. Telex w19-3b. " York office 041 Wash Luton bt., now York 10014, Tell area code2 .4. Second claw Poat aae paid at new York . The appearance of u y., a menu in this newspaper concerning commercial publication Doe not in mud nor ement by the department of a Fenne or any Fita c o in p

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