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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 16, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse The attack on traffic accidents number 1 was entering a slight curve when he was blinded by headlights com ing in the opposite causing him to run off the Roadway on the right striking a the Driver of number 1 was not using his eyes properly because if he had looked to the right Edge of the Road Well beyond the oncoming vehicle be could have avoided the blinding effect of the glaring night driving what is your safety in what b meant by Over driving your headlights ans but driving at a Speed that makes it impossible to Stop within the distance that you can by Jat bidding six directly like a fair shot Blackwood ing would probably help the de fenders More than North had indicated 13 to 15 Points by his three heart bid added to South More than adequate opening Fig ured to be in the slam when came Down everything was under control except ttt6 dub suit there was a danger of two club the question v to find a line of which would minimize or eradicate the Chance of losing two club close examination showed there was no sure Way to make the if East had the King of clubs the contract would make easily by a Eedeng Low from Dum my towards the thus Elm Jim the foe dab the Ether that West had King if was the tit Kerome it was to Titis possibility Declarer addressed his attention by taking Bridge proper preliminary worked out the the opening Spade was won with the Ace and two rounds of Trumps were everybody the King of Spades was followed by a Spade Ruff in v both sides North 484 a5 4a9742 West East aj10s5j 4q76 a 6 2 10711 aj105 South 4ak2 vaj1075 4kj Sou tax West North East opening Jack of the a of Dia monds were thus completing the necessary preliminary Steps for the end Spades and diamonds had now been eliminated from both the North and South Dummy remained with a Trump and five clubs Declarer with three Trumps and three a club was led to the and a Tow club Back brought the ten from East Smith now had to decide whether to play the Queen and Hope East had the or whether to play Low and Hope West by now had the King if West had both the party was South correctly decided to play the Queen because both possibilities were covered with the Queen West won with the momentarily establishing a club but the loser vanished when West had to return a Spade or a the return was ruffed in Dum my As the club loser was Dis carded to make the Courtesy of Xing restores vhf stasis and set lpns invited team that Tresaa the tie i1 Apo ilk 11 to minor and the rain tried Dom ilk Tiia be to two at aau Oit i paced Tal whih Ftp att it a Jet Moet pcs Fey oaf Cerf and 1 Tao Aasc private How Lousy Yaw Fate i knowing what was t Sam three aae Tafta t of of to harm to Sawat a non la inv Tikon Yow spent m the Dent bother me to but that Guy Leotty to Keg it an 1 calmly rained voice and tit emd Doest itt my claw Bai to a Tiik Taota to tub Sun looked at a Rose and Owr and Tito technicolor scheme of like and intertwined its color Bright and breathed Lovs alive and real petals perfect Uke Beauty too delicate to i sought the flu Fommo life path of earths Nuto it had a Brilliant perched on a Petal this thing revived my mouldering pains Imper and it s Bloom borrowed time its color too will and will no Mark upon its of swayed with the bending heard it to know that you and Are in never to be air Spain once at evening tide when the wind died Avray at Sunset and Only the Small sounds of evening Werm left we Sal beneath the whispering the Pocono it of departing swallows into the Distant momentarily roused us from Wiir moment of evening our Lay one upon the other Ait innocent eyes gazed into innocent the Little Lime we thought wed borrow to few proved to be for time can newer at when All the world was searching for innocent found it on a Hill Dow to you Home Lote then leaving me sheltered in a cold cold Bow Long con endure such bitter loneliness f you went away with your carrying with you the fragrance of i need cannot withstand the hostile this longing that you have when Witt you end Iff Traath caressing times Spring rest lowly into Fertile standing there to Field so Trot no Eye could its Edge pitted in full summer glory i walked with heart and soul along the Sun Road to its very and in that a fathomed brilliance beyond or words to All Cowd set were revealed to Sven the answer to my haunted is Low eternal f for out of the radiance of gods it Etna Light came answer from the heart All Lotuff that strives and ski Fliss is will link forever it cannot from Ballad of a fuck Totne with avarice unfurled a Man attacked the Rivwa b wac Wulw to Aea Reh of of Gowen skua hallowed to ate a Alae he defied All human Lawa to prove the animate Worth my within heart of in time they found his Bones Bonrath a pile of and a toned upon Mound the two gom Ham hed 7f Imp la of for Freedom among the i for a Soldier dedicated to a common and f would have it full to defend the convictions of my tin Atlo Attoa loved ones Hene i left Baeri Iees from my Way of Ufa to insure the liberation of mans opposition to my cause threatens at about when mans rights Enas communism with inhuman acts tries to crush mans Freedom no conquering hero thatt i for to wac in not the Jar Peee to i but a of inf Ian of Mant witty of what Wattam he nth Law Morck 1957

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