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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 15, 1962, Darmstadt, Hesse15, 1961 the stars and stripes Page of liners ies in a Kraft Bureau of tax Sas the 1st presented a approximately $4,375 to Voel klingon in the lilies of nearly 300 lost their lives in a last month. Anne Marie Rosemarie Selz both i from and now attached to div he in met the Check Asto Hemmer at the town presence of local Polilli leaders. Will be in addition to of $1.200 which was i o at a Benefi t ice Between the Reafs team at we Bruecken Nan team from main. Victor l. Berg gave to the mayor. Too Oon after uie mine i Craf air div he Sug of its units in i and Germany Start a Relief for families of the mine air women officers de and civilian employees Aid an Craf spokes ffcec6 in recent years in a too. Had some mine Dis and we know what hey Button were sought trooping the news line exercise grand slam set for april 9-13 Meckenheim. Germany Spe Cial exercise grand slam will be conducted during the period april 9-13, it was announced Here by Gen Bruce Clarke commander of the Central army group Cental. Clarke described grand spam As a command Post Type exercise which will involve Only the head quarters elements of the ., French and German Force assigned to the Central army group. The general further stated that there would be no significant movements of troops during the exercise however it will involve considerable air activity. Elements of the 4lh Allied tactical air Force commanded by Gen Truman h. Land on will furnish air support for exercise grand slam. This exercise is one of the Normal routine training exercises conducted by the Central army group during the year. The Pur pose of the exorcise is to test the and procedures of the forces assigned to Cental Clarke stated. Stuttgart. G r m a n y i Spe Cial seventh army he has an invited guests of col John b. Laugerman depot commanding officer. S t a n g d a h l k a Germany special a new group radio study course has been started at the education Center Here. The 10-week course. Fundament als of radio will be taught by Alc Joe Bonn 902nd a Mobile train ing det every tuesday from 6 30 until 9 30 . In building 146. Stuttgart Germany special it Gen John Oukes Vii corps . Will speak to the 7th army chapter of the association of the United states army at the Patch Barracks Topper club at 5 30 ., april 2. Col Jack a Hemingway chapter president urges All members to be present to elect new officers for in Alt Krkie Sacii Germany special the 8th inf div a 18th inf has been chosen by the German newspaper Rhein Neckar Zeitung As a representative unit of the american forces. The newspaper plans an article on nato forces depicting Amer ican. German and French units announced it will participate in the German american f r i n d a h i the Central army up. Week activities to the maximum extent consistent with combat readiness requirements. The Friendship week has been set for april 29 through May 5. Featuring cultural and social activities sponsored by the clubs. German y special capt Albert Ger Lin. . Army general depot s maintenance division acted As an , Germany Spe Cial first it Gerald m. Avano Zian. Goth arty s Btry d. 4th missile in has been named the outstand ing graduate of the chemical. Bio logical and radiological course. The car course was Given at Vilseck and covered offensive de j pensive passive and Active tactics us Well As medical treatment. Mannheim Germany special Fried Dinnebier German Liaison director to Usa eur and the polish distinguished service decoration from it col mercy Tomaszewski 8252nd polish labor service weotiie1m, Germany special col Carl Giesecke 7th army sur Geon has visited the 34th medical in and the 45th medical go s 1st platoon Here. He saw the Headquarters and staff Section of the 34th and the Isth s air ambulance facilities at the Wertheim army air Field. Span Dahlem Germany special a new 55-foot flood Light has been installed on the flight line Here to Aid the 49th tactical fighter Wing maintenance personnel perform their duties at night. Two other floodlights have been placed in other arc As adjacent to the flight line. Bauchou Elk. Germany Spe Cial sp4 Arthur at. Johns a 1st Battle up. 16th inf has been named the 16thfs Soldier of the month for february. Johns is a graduate of the 8th inf div s no Academy and has the expert infantryman s Worms Germany is the military Community holy name is an a com now studying society Here will sponsor an Organ recital of Bach s works by the Rev. Raymond g. Helmick at the Worms Cathedral March 25 starting at 7 30p.m. \ father Flemick a Jesuit from Arlington mass., polished organist theology in Frankfurt. Kaisk Slauter g r m a n y special maj David Farr 19th Ord in executive officer has presented the 7th army safety award to 13 men of the 546th Ord . The soldiers have driven 6,000 Accident and delinquency free Miles each. Film asks Germany special m sgt Stanley Tessman has re enlisted in the 56th arty s Btry 2nd missile in 21 years after he enlisted in the unit the first time. The 44th coast arty regt his original unit is the ancestor of the present unit. Main him. Germany special a new German language Labora tory has been opened at Spinelli Barracks. John w. Murphy education advisor says there Are 80 tape recordings available for. Military personnel to use to study German. New dependents b y the Stan Stripe trim parents. A mtg and military Poal. Interpreter for Pierre Vidal. I he j col Theodore h. Andrews. 7th schools exchanges clubs sous pref t of my army support come chief of staff places on bases of no 1. Kol find . The sous Prevot of 2 wings in France no. 4 j Forbach during the inspection visit service a warts. Received a to foreign labor Jit Budt a Soellinger. Us at Metz Ger of the depot Here. I i he received the German com Army hip Neu Brucke born to the wife of Patterson cot John c., a 9lh Gen a a a. William c., feb. 21. Blanc set Georte e., 8th . � Ion. Jehu it. Feb. Is Hukkanen Pic Adolph a. C Btry. Sch Mil in 6t arty a daughter. Cat no l. Feb. Is. Gerberso4 Jan a. B . Ill by. 2fith in. Bib on a Ion. Ton a. Fab. Ii Melton sol Putnum a. Ca b. 7 the support in. A daughter Mph aeon i. Fen. 20. Kaleiwahea sit Joweph of. Ca 2nd mob. S8th Armor a Ion. Rimell e., feb. 2v. Cough Iii it Sammy. A lit by. 26th inf. Daughter. Lynda u. Feb. 22. Glover pie Sennit a. B Btry. Sch How 6n. G re arty a daughter. Annm. Feb. 22. \ Hendrix spa William a. 251 it us Asa cirt Pri Hoitin be. � a. Mark t. Feb. 23. A daughter. Sherry 0. Feb. 27. Kyllo so Jerk 0. A. Cod Mai Taf. A Ion. Steven a. Fen. 20. Johnson is a Larry a. B Btry. Lit How in. 2nd arty a daughter. By Nehka. Feb. 2. Levitt m sit Faafetai. Co Let by 2w int. A ton. Frank a. Feb. In. Reynolds sit William a. 2t33r so Dot Bir Kontely. A data Star. So a., Hank �. Kenneth f., we oct. 9th Gen had. I Ion. Kenneth of. Jr., Vartab i. Rep bomb set Ken Wilh a. Btry a thai Haw in. Goth arty a a Biliter. Bre4a a. Marc Bovarsky David a Btry. Sib Mil Mil. Stat arty. I a aug hair. Bonniej. To Soctt 1. Hudson a sit a. Btry. Lit him in. 2nd arty a ton Wolff a. March 3. Keene a sit Charlo a. Hac. Tit of Biti inf. A daughter. Sutan a. Maren 1. Flowerssp4 Charlus a b. Isth by Eliy. Btry 7th How a. Tit cast of Iblis Metal Montgomery sat Harold a. Co 0, 44h arty Birtir Duim a to maj an a us u Cost of l/10th that of Gold. S Orrt Frt n Gold by ins much heavier -1 Carev rank to to hold. by Citte Schrodt Frankfurt Laboratory. Cut denture plate army photo by i volume requires h a Treuter amount i of Metal by weight in the dental j appliance. Cobalt chromium is i stronger and can be formed less Bulky than Gold. J the initial cast of the patient s 2ltl. �.".,Mouth is made from a flexible liquid compound which is set in the patient s Mouth. The liquid flows freely into every curvature of the patient s Teeth and gum Structure. Once hardened the elastic like compound is removed from the Mouth. Artificial Stone is poured into the Mold to make on exact replica of the patient s Mouth. After the cases of the patient s Mouth Are completed the dentist forwards them to the Laboratory together with his prescription for the appliance he desires. The Laboratory officers Survey the casts and the design is drawn on the casts. This together with a draw ing of the design furnish instructions to the technicians on How to proceed. Work done at the must be flawless. The slightest error in construction of denture or Bridge work would be quite uncomfortable to the patient said Lister. Periodically the Laboratory offi cers Cheek the work being done throughout the lab to insure accuracy and Quality. To double Check the completed dental appliance for any slight error in construction the appliance is returned to the dentist on his original cast. Met win in and due Herf Wight And correction Heidelberg special the Story la wednesday s stars and stripes on the reorganization of the 4th signal up erroneously identified the group As a battalion. Frankle a. Fee 25. Taylor a sit William j., a 26th int. A Itti tighter. Barbarak. Fro. 25. Jones sit Lanny h. Is . Iii int. A Tan. Lanny a., feb. 21. Poplin Pic 0., it Btry. Itt to in. I a. Feb. 27. Rat394 William a. K4tli Ord a. A ton. William Or. Feb. 2, Wilson ill it Janet r., a 2ttl i March 4. Mckibben sit a. Co a. Lit a 26th in. A a. Mark of. March 4. Robe Fig Pic Rnear a. Co a. Lit by. To i int. A Ion. Kenneth c., March 1. A her cart James to. He. Man 6en Hucia a ton Damian p., Maren Vernatter is to Burl or. Co b. Itt by. I sch inf. A Maui Attr Sumait. March l i9arrasic Rod Rita i. Of. Ca Ltd or in. A in. Rodrix Lenatt jr., March t. Handl6ysh of a. A Shh emr bit daughter. Lenaa hand i. 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