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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 15, 1961, Darmstadt, HessePop 8 the stars and stripes to thank her for honesty paratroops on by Marti Gershien staff writer Baum older Germany is the 504th inf is looking for an attractive German blonde Between the Oges of 25-35 who is driving a late Mode Char Treuse Simca with a License plate having bin As Kab first three letters. The number is unknown. The paratroopers Don t know the lady s name. But i hair commander it col Sidney m. Marks v. Suits to thank her for being honest. Here i How it happened the 504th on tuesday was on route in n motorized column from Mainz to Here where they will undergo Tome additional Field training following their participation n exercise Pogo. Somewhere along the route pee Gary e. In Niple of co a 1st an Battle up 504th inf lost his Wallet. He was Riding in a 2? ton truck one of 270 vehicles that made up the column. The Young trooper s Wallet contained $14.35, his identification card his ration card and personal picture and papers. As the column proceeded along us route Marks happened to be hovering overhead aboard an h19 helicopter observing his moving troops. Wishing to land Marks ordered his Pilot capt Jack Allen to descend in a Small Clearing hear the town of St. Julian. While they were on the ground the Simca Pullet up. The lady stepped out a minded Marks the Wallet u hich she had found on the Road. Then she got Back in the Cor and left before he had a Chance to realize what was happening. So Marks proceeded on to in vim Holder where he arrived before the Young Soldier did. He handed the Wallet to co e first sergeant Raymond Doty. When Garapic arrived at Baum older 15 minutes later Doty handed him the Wallet which the Young trooper had t realized he had lost. We d like to find the Young lady so that we could properly express our appreciation Marks Aid. Well i la be darned Garnet a said. By Herb Scott stuff writer Heidelberg Germany is with initial testing 60 per cent completed in the proficiency pay program the has listed the order in which troops in some 90 untested and still unscheduled Moss will be evaluated during fiscal year 1962. The new Advance schedule which is now being distributed to Usab eur units in a circular 611 also establishes regular retesting Spring Pat Congress set for april 17 at Garmisch ads ram Stajn. Germany Sas the Spring not or or of april no cordon Smock president has announced.1 some 300 delegates from Pat units us for away As Iceland. A Lola and Addis Ababa will be attending Long with a special stateside guest Uncle speaker. Or. Howard Bowen of jul Lou of in Malm member of Hie executive Council of the National Congress of Parent to filut associations. Conference will be at i he cent nil Pat on hotel with business sessions at the Chsu car loan according to mrs. Pat the commander in shh j of French of Stuttgart in charge of the Royal Netherlands Navy completed a three Day cruise with the i a 6th Fieri in the m a. Vire l. J3rouw-r a rations of cd me1 units Jik put is of vice Falm George a. Anderson jr., the Fleet Brouwer. Aboard the Ujj Idi of mis in Riser Springfield. I u f f to flagship watched Missul and Anu aircraft demonstrations Cpl Nuh ment Hish Jim transfers and n in vol in Force Power do non stantion during his visit replenishment it provided by ctr fat of service Force Ift in pm workshops. Ships. A he Khlon Transfer " to lick Klei lion of Offit ers on april 20 foe loud with in iks by or. Of die program. In a monday activities will begin monday. April 17, fur the ulivo com Niitme with the Garmisch and Mur in Jas on the following by a mating resist ration for gent Rotl delegates from 1 . To 9 at the a Irmisch hot real Ion Conte billeting office. The Del fates fee will be $6, in chiding $2 for a is initial i for she Brin Juet and Tisa Carlock j ice harm Wilisch Ops the Cal Cydni Tor april ladies vill he billeted at the Pulton o v n c r a von and Sheridan Plant i leis. Keystone business session will toc sin to 9 , wednesday april 19, followed by the be note Iid dress. The be note Spanki a ruts not been Tesij Ijuin d us Jet. Mrs. French said. Ottier Imp re int but Sim is wit be the nomination of of flyers no let , The Iid dress t y Llowen Ami artist s preview of Dyno soar Troyer pm Lorn and then to Toni arrange Tor in Ropwr to Vuk w hair fire Power demonstration. Or our a wound up Bis stay will he . Fth Uitz n hindi of on the Roost Veit to Naples Junly. Visit r Atli pm in kaisers Lautkin. G e i m n y sch in four of Kri s of Ali. Lux Cambouri Tumy Kwh in two id i half Days with the Mill pm in Al leu n r. Fulton snip Horper. Eng. Obser i Hajj Supply and Isercire opera Ltd and mrs. Hii Irlvy Fugazzi Lions in Llu Pirvu. Chat Unolt a France. Stei if Jircik tin of us Depento Clit ,-and or. Mil Sun. Head of Usak tin.1 to a Offu costs i be lit 31 a.m., a Iii 21. Named to the Ion Board by k. Fur inn Irasid fit a no Prin out ii of Simois. Sire cot in and Mitt Bod it coi Chirk is k. Oil acct of Munich m set a. In Frost of this to the Flat to artist is Conception of the Yiu soar boost Glide sch lilo As it will to carried into space by Tho Titan h intercontinental my hello ii a Booster. Developed by the Martin co., it has been approved by Ali air Force. . Ammo said Able to destroy any tank London ured a new kind of i ii Seless for Britain s k6-mm Sun ill destroy any known inn he sunday Telegraph re ported. Thor newspaper described the new big Type uni Unitson As the Rea son Iho British in in gun had Kirknewton gelling 1st housing units school Al John Dkl kick Kink Newton Scotland this air Force Security service in fit to Ting us first and an elementary school. It col t. J. Grass commander of the 6952nd radio so Mobile performed the ceremonial ground in enking for the first 53 tvo Story family units. There will to one family to n unit in the s7kmxio surplus commodity fund project waled one mile from the base near the Vit site of Kirknewton. Overlook the Kir l i of foil. To e 35-Ncre picturesque the Brick Homes will have two to four bedrooms Euch and will run two to four in attached rows. The first of the buildings is scheduled for Coni Pelion in september is is the eighth Grade school which will accommodate 140 to 150 students. Pupils no want tepid local schools. Been adopted by the american and West German armies. It said Brit ish Namu Nilion developments appear to be ahead of the United states and possibly Russin according to the Telegraph de sense correspondent the new am munition uses a separate Shell and and leaves no residue after firing. -. Not Only is careless of munition Light but it eliminates the need for Cense Coue Cliris and ejecting gear Lri sule the tank. This leaves More place for a heavier recoil Necha n us which Means h Grier muzzle velocity and Armour penetration the newspaper sold. The ammunition uses a new secret warhead too and produces Prael Leal in no smoke or Flash. Relent cycles for pro pay through mately tested program 1959. An slated for May these lat last corporate a to determine the i the first test phase of the in february score of 70 mos verification. A the new Pentagon May 19c2 for primary mos Eva Usiri upper enlisted Gra tests of All ranks ratings. This is the first than five months a of mos test has the Field a Usa Retman said. As in the circular will a prior to each of the sessions during the listing the specific test s will enable soldiers at level to prepare for the fiscal year 1962?_ test schedule witha for initial evaluation Iti an asterisk 1mv on 012 013 014 ii Ait 04h Oft a 103 Tim Tel to 187 119 a i 7d 177 to 211 2si 257 z7t 273 271 309 351 j41 355 40140 42 4m 4jj 4s 47 677 8-� 74j 782 7j 765 7ji 014 Bis �22 ass 913 Litty h2 Sims jb7 "d74 february Oil q2 k3 074 a 034 f 3s 036 037 038 043 0- 9 092 054 i 059 Hj-1 54 Tea 173 179 a 324 226 22r 244 24 s5j 274 Iii 33t 34 343 34 403 Mil 414 424 444 523 j47 -553 jj5 itt i4 124 633 5t 743 744 76 7�4 ii 907 blk 914 917 Al 952 in i 079 3j hit May i&62 057 075 104 111 i 147 151 115 202 20s 24 247 2�l 2m 205 3j 332 us 3sj 4 h 3 43ft -i4 443. 513 518 521 122 524 my Al 152 633 ei4 2 6s3 ab7 703 7lf 7is 723 742 7 774 la 811 904 900 bit m2 a 372 so ob7 4s- 1 m so Fil nato scientists study of arse he a Pibbs Italy a group of nato silent meetings this week forces Southern europ ii

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