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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 13, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 8 the stars and stripes wednesday. March 13, plane9 Good idea Navy s f111b still hotly debated in Congress by Donald ii. May Washington up the time could be 1975, or it could be sooner with a Large . Navy task Force including aircraft carriers cruisers and destroyers steaming far out at hundreds of Miles away a Large flight of enemy bombers streaks toward the . Fleet a supersonic speeds. Long before the planes Are spotted visually each of the bombers launches a number of missiles which could be nuclear or conventionally tipped each targeted at individual the language of the Penta gon planning offices where the War games Are played out this i called the highest level of threat which Fleet units might face from the air in the 1970s.for More than 10 years the Navy the defense department and Congress have been thinking about How to meet , with the decade of the 1970 s almost Here . Planning for Fleet air defense is in a stat of uncertainty confusion and bit Ter Multi Billioni Dollar immediate subject of argument is the f111b, Navy version of the fabled tfx fighter bomber interceptor which former de sense Secretary Robert s. Mcnamara pushed through seven Stormy years of development. On the surface the arguments whether the so called Mcnamara plane was a Good idea whether it works whether it costs too much. Senator Johnl. Mcclellan a Democrat has urged that the Navy version be scrapped. Senator Harry Byrd also a Democrat has said Ishall vote against any additional funds for the f111b." the deeper argument by Mem Bers of Congress and presumably by the new defense Secre tary Clark m. Clifford is How the Navy plans to meet a threat it has Long anticipated and against which the f111b was primarily designed. The principal Mission of thef111b, As it was conceived was to Deal with the highest degree threat involving supersonic bom Bers armed with Long Range mis Siles. It was designed to take of from a Carrier deck Fly 150 Miles from the Fleet and loiter there at fuel saving speeds for three and a half hours. Or i would Fly 750 Miles out and loiter one and a half would carry s i x Phoenix missiles to intercept either enemy bombers or the missiles they had fired. As part of the Phoenix system it would carry radar an computers Able to track 18 targets at once decide automatically which six were most important and launch Phoenix missiles at Phoenix system would be electronically coordinated so that several Al lbs aloft at the sometime would each pick different targets. Early this month Navy Secre tary Paul w. Ignatius disclosed publicly for the first time i testimony before Congress that preliminary investigation showed the f111b and Phoenix combination might also be used against ship to ship development problems of the f111b have been the subject of thousands of pages of con Gressional testimony and Are still hotly debated. The plane weighs More than three Sites named As Washington is the first operational squadrons of the air Force s newest and largest Jet transport the c5 Galaxy will be based at Charleston ,s.c., Travis fab calif., and Dover fab del., starting next year according to an announce ment by the defense depart ment. The three bases Are All major military Airlift command Termi nals. The Charleston Squadron Willform during the . 1969 period Travis from jan.-march1970 and the Dover Squadron is due to be completed by dec. 1970. The Pentagon also said the first increment of the c5 Jet transport will be assigned for Crew train ing to the military Airlift com Mand transitional training unit aaltus fab okla., starting in june 1969. The first transport is expected to Fly in june. Although its primary purposes to move military equipment the c5 is big enough to carry700 fully equipped combat troops or As Many As 1,000 Economy class passengers. T my germans cite Gen. Bamberg Germany special the German bavarian shooting club has presented its highest award the Golden medal of Merit to Vii corps com Mander it. Gen. Frank , for his support of the annual German Ameri can Friendship shoot. It was the first time that the award presented to Mildren at hit Bamfor officers club was Given to a non German. Civilian an military officials were on hand to Honor the Genera for his part in building the shoot into the Large Ger Man american function that it is Friendship shoot was begun undo r Germun Ainer Ifan sponsorship in 1956. 7th army no school graduates class of 102 bad Stoelz Germany Spe Cial spec. 4 Mitchell j. Thibodeaux of he and he co 26th signal in topped 102 graduates of class 68-15 at the seventh army no Academy to become distinguished graduate of this years fourth class. It. Gen. John a. Heintges Usa eur and seventh army Deputy commander in chief and guest speaker at the ceremonies presented Thibodeaux with the commander in chief Usa Eurand seventh army award and the Gen. George s. Patton award for excellence an engrave swagger stick. There was one other double award Winner spec. 5 Christo Pher s. Bogart Suasa Field station Asmara was an Honor graduate and a Winner of the Gen. Douglas Macarthur award for distinguished leadership. He received an engraved cigarette lighter and an electric Shaver. Other Honor graduates were spec. 5 James e. Stanfield Btry 1st Tab 26th arty and sgt. James w. Stephens he Andhi co Lith air defense signal in. Each received an engraved lighter. The three other distinguished leadership award winners were spec. 4 Charles a. Stewart co b,4th in 18th inf Berlin brigade staff sgt. Henry ii. Romero Btry 2nd in 27th arty and sgt. Carrol e. Monger howitzer Btry 1st so 14th army Ca regt. They received electric winning the final inspection conducted by Academy com mandant it. Col. L i n t o n c. Beasley sgt. Louis f. Ashley he and he co 2nd in 13th inf was designated Winner of Thegen. Bruce c. Clark award. He received an engraved cigarette lighter bearing the no Academy insignia. Heintges whose association with the . Army has ranged from being the regimental paper boy to commanding an army credited the noncommissioned officer corps As being the prime Factor in his assuming the Mili tary As a career and for assist ing him when he was a 2nd advised the graduates to assist their commanders As Muchas they Are Able and he also charged them with doing their est to maintain a readiness pos Ture within their unit thus contributing to the Over All readiness status of the army in Europe. Congratulations spec. 4 Mitchell j. Thibodeaux right receives awards and handshake from it. Gen. John a. Heintges Usa eur and seventh army Deputy coi Miander Iii chief during graduation ceremonies of class 68-15 of the no Academy. Thibodeuax was distinguished graduate. Army photo Awal the Navy wanted. The Nav wishes its engines had mor. Thrust its flight control system affecting Carrier approaches still has problems. It has become of. Vious that it is not the dogfight Tyne plane which some Navy officials wished they were getting. But its prime manufacture general dynamics claims the f111b is essentially the plane the Navy ordered that its weight and size Are importantly deter mined by its principal Mission and that its engines sacrificed thrust for loiter time. In 1966, when the of lib problems were already very apparent the Navy undertook a extensive study of Carrier air Craft needs in the 1970 s. It War gamed All conceivable types of threats and responses and came up with these general conclusions the f11b came out theoretically better against higher de Grees of threat As soviet supersonic lesser threats a lighter More Maneu Merable air Craft had advantages. Such an aircraft presently in use is thef4. But the Navy Long has been contemplating a 1970 s follow unto the f4, which it Calls the fax. This study headed by rear adm. Elmo r. Zumwalt jr., led to a general conclusion that the Navy would employ two Basic types of Carrier aircraft the f111b for the High threats and the f4, and late the fax for do fighting. This was the Way the situation appeared until last october when Grumman aircraft which assembles the f111b As a sub contractor to general dynamics suddenly changed the , which had Long been working on a fax design proposed that the Navy dump the f111b. Gru Nuin would build an entirely new plane using initially the f111b engine Sand electronics systems and an Airframe based on the plane Grumman said would perform both functions spelled out in the Navy s 1966 . Thomas Moorer chief of naval operations then issued orders which said in effect that the Navy would keep pending its official request to Congress for 30 Al lbs in the fiscal 1969 budget at a Cost of $ in 0 meanwhile it would study Grumman s proposal and similar ones submitted by three other aircraft then within the naj there have been those who Sag Rumman s proposal looks ver Good. Others have argued trait Only looks Good because it is a paper plane that like the f111b, it will As it is developed get heavier and More to some report Tje Grumman proposal would ear Only four Phoenix missiles � Stead of the Al lab s six an would have less loiter tune. Army honors 2nd weather Wing Heidelberg special the army has rewarded an air Force weather unit for its direct support for the past two years in a Cere Mony at usage us and seventh army Headquarters 7th weather so of Safe s 2nd weather Wing forecasting Agency for usar Euk and seventh army was cited for sustained Superior performance of duty for the two year period ending last dec. 31. The award was presented Tocol. Lewis a. Pitt Squadron commander and Usa eur staff weather officer by maj. Gen. R. W. Whitney Usa eur and seventh army Deputy chief of staff for unit made a vital continuing contribution to daily operations and to specific require ments including c o m m a n a army corps and unit exercises thy citation stated. The significance of the opera Tion with the demanding require ment for accuracy because of the safety aspect As Well As the dependence of commanders on the forecasts in their operational planning is that the com Mand would have been severely handicapped without the High Quality of the support 24 hours u Day the Squadron earned the admiration and respect 01 All users. And firmly established liability accuracy and the citation added. Also attending the c were Brig. Tuu. Chares u Trell assistant Sakk seventh army Deputy i"11 staff operations col Thorn Arbogast commander p weather win and it t of. Hoden Deputy stun officer

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