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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 13, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stripes wednesday March 13, 1 the Rusk debate history in a Low key by join Hal Washington up per haps it was too Nice a Day Roget mad enough to shout. Perhaps Secretary of state Dean Rusk and his Senate critics no strangers to each Trionis and Only got those whose monday morning television dramas were preempted by Rusk s appear Ance before the Senate foreign relations committee to explain . Foreign policy it All May Between intelligent but strongly differing men got it. Sen. Wayne l. Morse d-ore.,one of the oldest critics of . Intervention in Vietnam came closest to showing anger. As discussed the 1964 Tonkin for Rusk he seemed to be under tight self control As he replied to charges of foreign policy blundering and worse he from the senators around the t in Long table. A smoker he did t sen. No sign of perspiration. He however ask for a Little time at the lunch break to cover from the initial hour stint under the tithe committee j. William Fuls gtd Mutual outrage. Or perhaps everyone simply expected his but those who came or tuned into hear serious intense debate Mustach waggled his Ilu Audi Ifica in u Cavil Munjig you a v an i Cir mov Noo a o i. 4 be u other have passed the Point of have seemed boringly Low key incident Morse s voice Rose his Light up once during the Long ark., set the no nonsense tone bristled and he morning session under hot of the session when in his own Finger at the lights and his Bald head showed opening attack on . Policy in Vietnam he was interrupted by applause and chopped it off with a rap of his Gavel. He Only had to use the Gavel twice during the Long morning. Many of the 500 Spectator who crammed into the caucus room of the old Senate Offit building probably expected an oratorical shoot out betwee Rusk and his critics. The room had seen that kind of show before the army Mccarthy hearings the rackets commit tee investigation. If so they were disappointed. The cast of this performance seemed determined not to produce a farce. It was the first time Rusk has publicly discussed the War with the committee in two years despite repeated invitations an demands that he appear to explain administration policy on the record. Last thursday Fulbright Morse and a dozen other senators discussing Vietnam on the Senate floor demanded that the administration consult the foreign relations commit tee before undertaking major escalation of the War so Many expected a blowup when Rusk sat Down before Battery of six live to cameras 25 film cameras and 150 newsmen and photographers stepping on each other to get within Range. Spectators were lined five deep around the Walls. The audience apparently was salted with opponents of the administration s policies. They started to applaud three times when Fulbright and Morse spoke but were quickly did not raise his voice and sat either with his hands folded or coolly taking notes while Fulbright and Morse when Morse glowering and shaking his Finger demanded the United nations he Given jurisdiction Over the War to Stop this killing Husk was not flustered. He quietly replied that it would Lead Only to an Eye gouging debate in the . That might prolong Tho the first session ended neither Rusk nor his opponent seemed to have said anything that they a Iid it to each other out in Tho open where the who have me t Gusher spouting 100 tons of water a minute an experimental hydrofoil gun Echo 1 fading fast boat leans into a High Speed turn near Seattle in final tests by the Boeing co. A Gas Turbine engine Powers the water Jet that gives a Speed of 46 . A everyman s satellite9 about to Hie by Joseph l. Myle Washington up everyman s satellite is about to time and manner of its dying cannot now be precisely foretold. But this much is certain Echo 1 is fading fast and millions perhaps billions of human beings will miss it when it is gone and will be aware fan emptiness in those parts of the sky it has been traversing for More than 7 years. The Best that space tracker scan say about the time of Echo s demise is that it Willcome around april 3, give or take a few the bes they can say about the manner of its dying is that it will perish in a Bright puff of flame or break into a myriad of White hot bits or flutter to the ground like an autumn Leaf or vaporize unobtrusively and simply great 100-foot balloon satellite or in Telson has by More people of More nations around the Globe tha Jiny other Man made thing according to Echo May be right. Shining As brilliantly at times As the plane Venus Echo 1 has been visible for years to watchers of the night sky almost everywhere whether they were Stone age aborigines in new Guinea or Joy scouts in new once plump Beauty of the skies is now old an wrinkled and is about to die. Echo 1 was launched by the National aeronautics and space administration Nasa aug. 12,1960. It weighed 132 pounds. Inflated in space at about 1,000miles above the Earth it became a sphere 10 stories High by far the largest satellite Ever launched up to then. It also was the s skin was an aluminium coated plastic Only half As Phickas the wrapper on a cigarette pack. The big balloon was the world s first passive communications satellite designed totes the feasibility of bouncing radio messages from on ground station to another a continent worked Fine. As the shiny sphere soared across the skies at 15,000 Miles an hour president Eisenhower used it to transmit a message to the world. This was the first of Many communications including an instrumental rendition of America the Beautiful relayed by in a recent statement said Echo 1 in 1960 was the Debutante of the year and that it captured the world s it also Hus been called America s greatest space Diplomat the Man in the Street satellite and everyman in his Echo relayed message Eisenhower said the giant balloon s facilities could reused freely by any nation for experiments in its own it turned out that Echo 1 was useful for More things than message bouncing. The .coast and geodetic Survey used the sat Eloon to improve Witsma making. Several widely separated stations photographed Echo 1 simultaneously and thus by triangulation were Able to establish better than before the Over water distances Between islands. Echo disclosed for example that the Bermuda islands Are 220 feet farther North and 105feet farther West than had been thought. Soviet space scientists reported they used Echo 1 for similar purposes to establish new anymore accurate coordinates be tween individual stations of Russia s satellite tracking net work. The French employed sightings of Echo 1 to join the triangulation systems of France and Algeria. More than a Sparrow s Weighton Echo s vast area was enough to influence its time to time the solar wind of particles from the Sun blew Echo out of its original path and then blew it Bac again. Under bombardment by space dust Echo s skin became wrinkled like a prune s. In recent months its orbit has been shrinking rapidly. Because nothing like Echo 1has Ever before plunged from space into the Earth s dense atmosphere no one an say what will happen when a object of its size is suddenly attacked by air friction. Ultimate Power to decide if their it Kuuku buy ii Iril Sun government is right or won it May Blaze briefly like an could judge. And if Hoy Cio exploding Star. Or it May Page of history pro ahoy � Sideslip to Earth like a Gigantic written in Parachute. Monday. The us room european edition col. James w. Campbell Usa it. Cou f. 8. Michael jr., Usan Mert Proctor Elmer d. Frank Henry 6. Epstein a. Deputy to a of product Chow. Force Bijj commander in chief . European command and p"it1.t Bdl it Nal Man unofficial newspaper of and for Tho . Armed commander in chief. Europea or Germany. Military Aderemi Tho Star and act rape Apo 09175. Intent Iii Imi a the Star and Stripe Pott Fach 1034, i Darm Tadt Germany. Tel g f Feik prefix xj155 2071 m Darmstadt air trip prefix 2376 741. Telex 011j"i, York office 641 Washington st., new York 10014, Tell area code i i. _.,l rium.i.5 ainu ii Juna Yin unite i warning to st., w York Pooh leu a a never tip from Tho beginning Echo 1 second claw paid at new York . The appearance of do ii � -10 in in � vfr-i1r r ent thai naw Pap a concerning commercial publication. Loei Jas been subjected to ext Iau i ,ent by 0,e department 0 df.�. Or any of it forces which doomed it to eventual death. The pressure of sunlight amounting to no ". Tho United states h an open society in which the i o know is cherished und guarded -4�resldtut l my h

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