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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 13, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseContinued from Page 11 front of democratic movements Wasa red hot advocate of popular elections. In 1913, by a constitutional amendment direct election of senators became the Law child labor Bryan constantly campaigned against the exploiters of children in factories and sweat proposed constitutional amendment would have Given Congress the right to prohibit employment of persons under 18 years of age in certain industries but the amendment was never ratified. The fair labor standards act passed in 15 38, accomplished the same purpose and is still on the books. International associations Bryan was a pacifist. Throughout his life he fought for peace by negotiation rather than arms. In fact he had re signed his Post As Secretary of state i president Woodrow Wilson s Cabinet rather than Send a stiff note to German after the Lusitania sinking. At the end of the War he Fough valiantly for the Entrance of America into the league of nations. Today United nations was founded on principles which had a solid basis in Bryan philosophy. Prohibition an ardent prohibitionist Bryan lived to see the 18th amendment to the Constitution adopted and what he fancied was the funeral of John Barleycorn. He did not live to seethe resultant crime and corruption of the prohibition Era nor the inglorious end of the Noble Experiment in 1933. Bryan s final tilt with the wind Mills of Public opinion brought him the emotional adoration of what h. L. Mencken used to Call America s Bible the nation s greatest Champion of fundamentalism literal belief Inthewoods of the Bible he appeared As the chief counsel in the prosecution of Tennessee teacher for teaching Dar win s theory of evolution in a Public school contrary to the peace and dig nity of the state As Well As it statutes. Technically Bryan won this last great Battle of his life against one of Ameri Champion of common Man outside his newspaper. Ca s greatest defense lawyers Clarenc Darrow a professed agnostic. The teacher John Thomas Scopes was found guilty by a jury that needed Only eight minutes to reach a judgment. Hews fined $100. It is perhaps fortunate for Bryan that he did not live to see or hear the abuse insult and ridicule that poured i upon him after the trial. He was called an ignorant dolt whose stupidity was matched Only by his hypocrisy. He was accused of blocking the Advance of science and of setting education Back a generation. He died exhausted by strenuous Workin the heat of Tennessee and some said Southern Fried food five Days after the trial ended. Today s critics have softened their appraisals of the was no hypocrite. He was in his own staunch mind a defender of the Faith. Furthermore when All the account were cast up he was first last and All the time the great Champion of the common Man. Dear Ann Landers at what age should a daughter be Al Lowed to go into a doctor s examination room without her Mother?1 am 14 years old and mature for Rny age. My Mother has always been too protective and too domineering. We have had a big argument Over this and she made me feel like fool. The doctor told my Mother in my presence that twas not necessary for her to stay with me during the examination but she raised such a fuss that he finally let he have her Way. Please reply in the paper for the Benefit of other girls who May have this daughter dear daughter any child who is old enough to walk is old enough to go into a physician examining room without Mother. Most doctors have a nurse to assist them so you would in All probability not have been alone. It s unfortunate that the doctor did not overrule your Mother instead of allowing Herl overrule him and you. Dear Ann Landers will you please print something in your column about people who spend half their waking hours in dreamland Page 14 my husband who is 60 hashed three marriages none of them any Good including this one. The problem is that he fancies himself As a Dashin Lothario and i am sick of it. For the past year he has car ried on a red hot mail order Romance with a girl who i barely out of her teens. I found a letter he had written to Herbut not mailed. He said he was willing to leave his wife an family if she would run off with him. When i confronted him with the letter he laughed and said i Don t mean any of this silly stuff i m just hav i be never been Able to prov that he has actually done any thing out of line but if he i imagining All this does t he need psychiatric help Toronto dear t he sounds a Little weird but it May be a combination of male menopause Ardelain foolishness. If All he does write goofy letters and you have no evidence that he is running around forget it. Parton his fun might be leaving the junk around so you can see it. When you react less he May behave better. Dear Ann Landers what i matter with people who Stop you on the Street grab you Ina restaurant or on a bus Back you into a Corner and show you two dozen snapshots of their children i am a Fot Herand my kids happen to be very attractive but i would dream of Button holing a Friend and shoving a fistful of Pic Tures in his face. The other Day i was Rushing to a dental appointment and a woman who used to live Nearus yelled at me from across the Street wait a minute it had started to rain and i was already five minutes late but of course i was shocked. She rushed toward me waving Bunch of snapshots in her hand and pulled me under an knew you would want t see what the children look like now. We moved away almost three years ago she was so mad 1 could hardly see straight yet i had to smile and say Oharen t they ador Able i Felt like a hypocrite and a fool. Can you think of something fairly honest yet Rio insulting i d appreciate some help wet and late dear w and l you could try Goldwyn s famous line which he used on a competitor after he watched his film you be got yourself a picture there copyright 1968, Publ Hen Hall Syndicate the stars a cd stripes Frankfurt Agency offers the following easter Tours Krael and the holy land easter in Jerusalem meals sightseeing and transfers. Istanbul hotels All grand Andalusia Circle tour by plane and bus combined from april 12-21 for $245. Highlights Are Madrid tos Granada Seville Caceres and Barcelona. Sunny Italy Circle tour by bus from april 11-21 fnr$137.50. You will see Innsbruck Venice Rome easter High a at St. Peter s Basilica and audience with the Pope Caorin Aples Florence Milan Lugano and Zurich. Included in the Price Are transportation hotels All meals except three lunches sightseeing and transfers and services of an experienced guide departure Points Are firm Sens Baum older . 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Sembach military 7571, Hahn military 7129, or Span Dahlem military 6207. Goren on Bridge North South vulnerable North deals. North 4kaj76 0 j52 a k 10 8 4 West east4q109 4k842 vk832 pass 2 it pass 4 v pass pass pass opening Lead ten of 4 North was not inclined to abandon All Hopes for game Tho he lacked a fit for his partner s suit and South had merely bid and rebid heart sat minimum Levels. With 17 High card Points North chose to make one More try by bid Ding two no Trump even those had no stopper in diamonds. South required Only mild encouragement to carry on and when his partner announce additional values he jumped directly to four opened the ten of Spades and the Ace was played from Dummy. The Ace and Kiny of clubs were cashed so that South might dispose of his losing Spade. The Ace of hearts was played and a Small Diamond was led. East followed with the three and Declarer put in the Queen from his hand which held the trick. At this Point South made the key play of the Deal he led the five of hearts from his hand despite the fact that he had a perfect sequence in the suit in the form of the a Lyl the five of hearts succeeded in dislodging East s Queen and the Queen of clubs came ruffed with the nine of hearts and West discarded a Spade. The Jack of hearts drove out the King and when South re gained the Lead he still retained the ten of hearts to draw Vest s last Trump the eight. When the King of diamonds fell under tiie Ace North s Jack became established for Declarer s 10th Trie. If South had led the Jack of hearts instead of the five when he was in his hand East s Clu return would have promoted an extra Trump trick for ins pal Ner. If South ruffs Low Wes Over ruffs with the eight. South Trumps with the one hearts West takes a disc Wand now he has two natural heart reasoned that if Jie hearts were divided Tolj kit did t matter card led for both remaining t u Mpwo uld fall on the next round the suit. His play Lunev might protect himself from u risk of an Over Ruff if of Jema double ton Honor in h 111111" and i was right. Copyright to 68, the Chicault u wednesday March 13, 1968

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