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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 13, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Ini Siatis and stows army counsel in Mccorthy Joe slated for new to session by William Ewald perking at pre paring for another session on to with the medium he pretty Heady stuff for an of it was k Boston who was catapulted to Fame three Yean ago in the role of special i counsel to the army during the army Mccarthy for Lone must week his face was seen on to almost As often As Arthur god i Welch since that Welch has appeared four times on in a study of his boyhood and three times in a series devoted to the his next appearance on the a ctr show will be March when he and choreographer Agnes Demille will split the Legal artistic com ment on a Ballet about Lizzie Bor you ask me Why i do to Welch with wry in doing this next show on Omni bus chiefly because of a dinner conversation i had with Agnes de we got to talking about it and it interested but Why i do to at i is something let me put it this an old Man and Ive been a lawyer All my and the Law is delightful people but now Here i am late in life offered the Opportunity of doing something quite different Here i am coming into Contact with All kinds of people no Ordinary person could Ever Hope to wonderful Welch he it he said a Little a Little added to an Lori mans life after he has been u to dining in cafeterias for Welch is a television Wate Hii i Boss during a Normal i watch about seven hours a he i like and i like sport foot i like too on the i enjoy Weeing plans for Jack webbs fax to quiz v proves Cash is secondary Eugene Slof furl 1z 13 49 25 44 36 3l to ii 47 horizontal a wrinkle joke he kicked the bucket Medley 13 entire amount tools Star of the happiest millionaire assistant Secretary to a noon seaport in Scotland a vice president tree vigilant former thing Law false hair uncooked reported on tax form worship fluff country roads affirm Uon of Union army Veta direction to the Post office Merit by Tabor 49 quarrel scheme 51 colors 52 Oriental Coin French Christmas vertical Swine guides highest note be sick 4 Nancy Hanks to Abe Lincoln singing Crosby lofty Mountain moving gently anything that attracts was indebted Taaca Sqq Psi answer to yesterdays a am h23 Suehy Hii aau Mas he Quad in h01c3 qg3 315 cjhh3 Mam m by Kif 313 fruit of the Blackthorn Anglo Saxon slave Orient 17 Hill of Sand mend Hose on the sheltered Side occident popular name for military Academy horse sheep movie Star Shelley collects patiently melodies Wing like influential naturalist imitated kill withered Cap and enemy fuss female of the Ruff split Julie Art Row turned and Bobby Ter and cuddle in Hollywood an they announce their engagement to marry sometime thu formerly married to Jack credits her Fiance with encouraging her to begin her new career As a press photo Star defends descending notch for Oscar nomination h Hollywood up by Aline Mosby Robert stack strongly defended his position in a heated Oscar time Bat the should he and other stars have entered the supporting actor race this unique situation began last year when Jack billed As a Star of mister stepped Down to a supporting nomination won the Academy four players who were consid ered stars in their pictures this year moved Down a notch to win supporting nominations stack and Dorothy Malone of written on the Don Murray of bus doodles by Roger Price mask Fob Martian Bank Rob blk Ive got Good news for you Sci Nee fiction fans whole wondering what happened to your favorite Captain space capt is Here on Earth As a Good will ambassador and sales representative for a new breakfast Cereal called Green there made up on Mars by the and besides containing whole wheat promethium there also toasted by Beta rays and shot out of Cyclotron unlike old fashioned cereals hat crackle and Green flakes Emit a Low frequency hum when you pour Cream or milk Over their thousands of Vitamin enriched so hurry Tell your grocer to order Green flakes n the Handy Lead and remember the slogan of the Green Hakes product is untouched by Martian Stop and Mickey Rooney in the bold and the supporting actors who regularly play smaller roles complain they have been pushed out of their rightful but the hand some stack insists a Star has a right to run As a supporting Nomi Nee if his role in the picture is it would make me look silly and presumptuous if i would com Pete with Kirk Douglas and others who truly starred in their Pic says in written on the Doro thy and i were secondary Char Rock Hudson and Lauren Bacall were the of the studio has the final say about which category actors Are put into for the Academy when people asked me if 1 wanted to shoot for the big i replied that i had no illusions about who played the Lead in the Hudson Billing in a picture Means Noth Nova Days they Start 40 actors in one movie when actually most Are supporting players with secon Dary by Crof Ciaja new York ins one of the biggest single Cash prizes won on a to quit is the taken to Date by the Erik on de car Bergens do Tow Trust tour wife but the show Hast Ikirt fades proving Money line races frugally along in the ratings with that Thrifty o top the wonderfully weird camera tricks evolved by Ernie and John Hoppe called will part of the Ray bolster so after its Mammoth Audrey mayerling Ker plunked into 19th place oru arbs roller coaster it Awn Suhwa Lute one of Funnie Jit Hill Thompson of the old Fibber Megee and Molly will be aboard Kate Smiths show March for vacationing Jackie Abc tvs Hawkeye Anthe last of the starting next is Beinie called re olgers and Hammerstein have written six new and Hick a Masors has composed three new instrumental for lbs tvs March 31 tvs 1 love you because youre already is getting the disc jockey Leonard fight Story Telephone time March 17 will have a Story about Champ Benny Leonard staging a phony fight to save the sanity of a Young Boxer it want but its a poignant tale Barrymore did Jekyll and Hyde in the Fredric March and Spencer Tracy in the talkies and now its Douglas Mont Gomery on no tvs matinee theater the latter is per forming a remarkable Job of Ging out Many an old an endless trove of entertainment treasures from the Public do from Shakespeare to Dick sea hearing York up the sea a first play by Jess Gregg which was under option to the theater Guild for a couple of has been taken Over by a never producing firm made up of Lemuel widow of the late and Max up fran Broadway musical they plan a production Early next out our Way by Williams to Pathe Ouick la re fuck ii Bathie i in a will out i Mot to fill item of the so cow1 t Jet i Abb met

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