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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 12, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePago 24 the stars and stripes tuesday March 12, a Rusk Kes offer to discuss halt to continued from pages it intended to reflect any change in the . Position. Rusk Hai. Been understood by some hearers to offer a bombing halt without going into any of the usual qualifications or saying whether any of them had been dropped. He said no such thing the spokesman said. Rusk had a Sharp Exchange with sen. J. W. Fulbright dark. The committee chairman who told the Secretary he is More than Ever convinced that our present policies in Vietnam have had and will have effects abroad and at Home that Are nothing Short of Rusk mentioned the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which has been a principal vehicle for at tacks on the administration by critical senators saying we hoped that Tonkin would serve As a deterrent but unfortunately it did not have that deterrent promptly criticized the administration s Contention that . Responses to the Gulf of Tonkin incident were clue to provocations by communist provocations to say the least were extremely slight Fulbright said adding that they could Well determine that we were determined to attack another Point Fulbright told Rusk there arc striking discrepancies Between events of the War and the administration s description of them. He said what he called discrepancies have caused a crisis in this country Over the also told Rusk i do not accept your version Why there has been intrusion by communist forces into thai land. Rusk had cited the in crease of communist guerrillas trained in North Vietnam moving into Thailand As one of the Rea sons for the . Stand in South East noted that we have undertaken not the task of a world policeman but certain aspects of said he thinks there is More agreement than generally believed in the United states on the terms for a reasonable set cat holies free to join Vatican drops Mason ban Vatican City up the the Church s code of Canon Vatican has virtually scrapped Anold Church Law a communicating catholics who join the order of free masons Vatican sources said sources said catholics Are now free to join the masons inthe United states Britain and most other countries of the world. But the european grand Orient Lodge form of masonry established primarily in Italy and France is still considered anti Catholic or atheistic they said. Freemasonry which dates Back to medieval times describes itself As a nonpolitical nonsectarian movement dedicated to the Ideal of Universal brotherhood. There Are More than five Mil lion masons in the world most of them in English speaking lands. The United states alone account for nearly four million members. Pope Clement Xii condemned the order in 1783 As atheistic and anti Catholic and his action has been affirmed by seven other Popes in 16 different pronounce a move to re evaluate the Catholic Church s position on freemasonry began during the second Vatican ecumenical Council which ended in 1965.Vatican sources said there has been no official revocation of the excommunication Law but the Vatican s congregation for the doctrine of the Faith has let it be known catholics joining free Mason orders Are no longer automatically the Church s new attitude has Law drawn up in 1918 and presently being reformed provided for automatic excommunication of catholics who enrol in the masonic sect or in secret Socie ties conspiring against the Church or the legitimate author sources said this word ing would be changed to modify the Church position on masonry when the new code of Canon Law is completed. In december 1965, Pope Paul i took a first step toward changing Church rules on masonry by giving confessors the right to lift excommunication from catholics who joined the masons and later withdrew. Until then Only the Vatican could lift Suche communications. Outcast becomes a Marine hero continued Page to stands Only five foot five tried to declare himself a conscientious objector in training Camp an later at various Points on his route to Vietnam. He was always same thing next assign been in effect forbear they said. More than a however told the wait until your his assignment was with an infantry battalion at Khe Sanh the besieged Marine base 15 Miles South of the demilitarized zone. He was treated with Contemp by his fellow infantrymen said an officer who was instrumental in getting Spicer transferred to one of Khe Sanh s Many medical units. He was naive and the toughness marines show outwardly was foreign to what no one realized Saidur. It Edward Feldman was that he was thoroughly unselfish and would t hesitate to put him . Stock Market prices self in danger when necessary. He wanted to become an ambulance this is one of Khe Sanh s More dangerous jobs. Then came the Day when the Little round faced Marine ran out of Luck. Or. It James o Finne Gan head of the medical unit said he helped get one litter on a chopper and started Back tothe sandbagged area of relative safety. But other Stretcher bearers were having trouble loading their litters and Spicer despite a Cal from one doctor to get the hell in Here turned Back to the chopper to help. Spicer arrived about the same time a North vietnamese mortar Shell burst among the wounded men and litter bearers wounding and rebounding about 30 men. Spicer was hit in the heart face and legs. He was saved Only by a delicate heart operation. Clinically dead Spicer was clinically dead Field doctors said but when he was hit he was just 100 Yards from Khe Sanh s main Aid Sta adm Al Alcan Allisch am Airl am can am Cyan am m Fly am Mot Ampex am photo am to am Tob Anaconda Armour Avo Baxt Lah Beth steel Boeing crib my Brunswick Burroughs Camp up Cater trat celanese Cento in Chucho Chry Bleci coca cola Colfs Hal co i i Bat com Ami Corn i Dow Chein Dupont a act air East Koel fair Cam f ire tone fort fac up f Ruf Hjul Gen Dyn Gen blew mar. 11 20 23? i 35, 4 26 Job 49 /4 23 /2 50 4 3ua 44 34ja 44 r a 3634 2934 753a 6834 138 175 284 a 474s 62a 564 130 4 41 /4 47 mar. 8 18 23 /4 34 /4 26% 49 233a 13 /2 27/a 503a 3134 42 a 42% 36 29% 374 76 152 /4 3h4 33 ji351-1, w do 68 /4 138 16fs /2 2s34 39 54 54 1/4 12 a 41 .4 42?a 18 /4 in a 74 /2 13234 54 4a a 60 33/� Gen ads Gen Mot Gen Tel Gen tire Gillette Goodrich Goodyear it a a Gulf Oil Honeywell ism int Harv int Nick int paper int to Jones & l Kennicott Lino Tern Litton ind lock air Lorillard Mac Donn maj Navoy Martin m Merck mom Minn my Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Nai disc no am a Northrop new Airl out Mai pan am Parke do Penn cent Pep Pfizer Phill pet Polaroid pict & g mar. 11 70 -4 764439% 25 59 a 483s 29 /2 713i 101 /4 593 33"4 10144 27va 4834 mar. 8 70 7534 39 /2 24 /4 4614 58% 48ft. 291/2 71 /4 93 a 6791/2 4 1 /2 99 67% 42% 49 a 49 434 a 184 7t b 42 4 83 ,431-4 2v 111 46 34 34 70 \ 29 /2 21. 4 24 4 a 55 a 104 /4 26 /2 47 /2 40 /4 91% 66a 42% 48 /2 47 /4 40 a 1844 76 4 40 a 5734 6548 18544 42 i 25 102 47 /2 34 /2 33 a 6 to 2b% 20? a 23 /8 644a 39 /4 58 a 54?b 17&34 84% Ria Raythelon re Publ St Revlon Rexall Rey met Rey Tob Rich Mer Ronson Roy out Safeway Schering Sam up Scott Pap Seabra Sears r so Pac Sperry r St o cat St o ind St o no Studebaker Swift Texaco Tex q sul Tex ins thl Okol Twa Tfir up 20lh cent in carb in Pac Ltd air Ltd fruit us rub us Titell warn limb West in Weitael Winn Dix Wool with Xerox Ynot by Zenith mar. 11 84 40? 4 70 28 a 42 43 /8 77 22 a 47 mar. 8 46 /2 7940 / 274 / 827 /2 41 /4 42 /4 77 /2 22% 464 26 a 574 4 4244 2444 22 a 59?a 28 /4 47 a 59?a 53 /2 68% 52 a 27% 75 a 117 Joz 16 a 39. -4 81 a 2ti d 43u 38 2 45 -4 48 a 4544 39 a 42 32 a 64 /42a 2j 263 i 324 681/, 41 24 2h4 59 /4 2814 45% 59 /4 52 /4 ti8 /4 50% 27 /4 754 114rs 88 -4 we 38i 78 20 4 42 a new rioting Breaks out in Warsaw continued from Page 1 Sisters overturned benches and Cardinal Wyszynski the polish roman Catholic primate cancelled a Sermon at St. Ann s Church near the University be cause of the violence directly outside the Church Cardinal Long an oppo nent to government policies would not speak to avoid wors ening the the rioting was the worst since 1957, when protests Over the Clos ing of a Liberal student Magazine erupted into three Days of Dis column of several thousand persons marched on the head quarters of the polish communist party chanting democracy and As party members and workers watched from the windows of their Gray forbidding building helmeted riot police and youths clashed Gas cylinders soared on wobbly orbits through the air and were often tossed Back at the police. Rocks Sticks bottles and bricks were sent flying towards the police ring around the build ing. Packed streetcars and buses element of the War adding a Stone Block has been a script no s from Les Fulbright Long a leading of the Johnson adm Nistra lion s conduct of Uio War that we Are All for our fight men in Vietnam but we Lisanc As to whether they ought to a fighting there As to who tithe cause to which we hav committed them is Worth the lives and their terrible Sacri these Are not trivial Dis agreements and it would be a Dis service to the country to pretend they were insignificant Fulbright said. The chairman said the administration has described the War As one to prove that communist wars of National liberation can not succeed. We Are not proving that Fulbright said and questioned what indeed Are we proving in Vietnam except that even with an army of half a million men and expenditures approaching $30 billion a year we cannot win a civil War for a re Gime which is incapable of inspiring the patriotism of its own people so dubious the chairman also asked even if we can afford the Money can we afford the sacrifice of american lives in so dubious a cause in response to questions Fromsen. John Sparkman d-ala., no 2 Man on the committee and Backer of administration policies Rusk said what is involved i South Vietnam is not just South Vietnam itself Southeast Asia Rusk agreed with figures presented by sen. Mike Mansfield d-mont., that showed a steady in crease in North vietnamese in filtration to the South despite . Bombing. But to insisted it the bombing has made a very important difference to the ease with which they could do sen. Wayne Morse d-ore., the Onsy member of the commit tee who opposed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution in l of 4, said he a there doctors fought this life with open heart 43% 47 /4 46 384i 40% 6344 30 /4 22 2414 Tion. Save surgery in a badly lighted underground Bunker. In the medical Bunker or. It John Magilligan began to work on Spicer. He died real fast said a Gilligan. His heart stopped. Solid his nevertheless he Cut open Spicer s Chest. Magilligan had helped in similar operation at a rear hos Pital in november. He suspected that the piece of shrapnel had penetrated Spicer s heart. Magilligan opened the Mem Brane surrounding the heart and let it Drain dropping pressure on the heart. As he begun giving massive transfusions of new blood Finne Gan moved to the Stretcher which served As an operating table reached into the opening of Spicer s Chest and began massaging the heart. The heart began to beat Spicer was finally evacuated a medic said no Man who knew of his action was less proud to cull him a were brought to a halt by the action. The acrid Blue smoke from the tear Gas filled the jammed intersection where the building is located. The scene resembled a screamed insults at police clubbing youths with rub Ber truncheons. Other passersby rubbed eyes made red from the tear police finally managed to disperse the shouting crowd. This was the third outbreak of violence in Warsaw since student demonstrations began last Friday at the downtown Campus of War saw University. On saturday police and youths clashed again near the polytechnic University. As on saturday the harsh police measures appeared to have been set off by Rock throwing youths. Informed s o u r c e s said that monday at a noon meeting at Warsaw University about 3,000 students along with a number of professors passed a Resolution demanding Freedom for students who were arrested after Friday s Resolution informants said also carried an Appeal to other polish universities to support the Warsaw cause. The Resolution was said also to demand that the state controlled press publish the students account and explanation for their protest actions. Known All along that the unite states provoked the incidents which led to the committee contains Sev eral of the Senate s most vocal War critics including full Nam. Rights. Continued measure which was strangled in the Senate by a filibuster. Vision Ren Al danish King is g9 Copenhagen a Den Mark s King Fml Erik in Mon the Bill s m a j o r provi would. Gradually prohibit i scam in nation in the Salt " housing. By Jan. 1, would affect All Multi us dwellings except own i of pied buildings with four Oij or units and Al houses sold through Oruku. Establish Federal Cir penalties for Mitt Rafeii a Force or threats with the Ulm vote serve on Jinie accommodations schools or enu us i finally protected make it a of Cross a state line incite a riot or to men or policemen in suppressing a i 1"1 11 by e l attend i u i Suun is us t. In Orand use firearm. T i and incendiary de a l s extend to american the protections of rights. Passed a the Senate last Yucai Tion Lias been by stalled Day celebrated his 69th birthday. House judiciary Tom

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