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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes Poge 23 in Ris in ship shaper ". -.-. A take of on voice Mol 1,100-mlle teat night of Tike Start to Taune Henf Alp of cry Futon Inland. Leeond am Maul firing of us advanced pol Rii infer new Model will have an operational Ranee of l7sfl with be no ire of us Pola Ruot now de Twe nut fear cab Mario. Associated Frew photo a t to a l � a 11 1 in seeking Kange or Allied views Rome a a Croll Herri Man Friday went into a new round of talk with italian leaders Indi Cating the roving . Ambassador was seeking a wide Range of View from this country. Although the spotlight was on Han Iman s efforts to get italian help for the hard pressed Dollar there was considerable emphasis on political questions. Italian officials said Herr Leah Premier Amintore Fanfoni and other Rome ministers had Dia nato relations the Situa Tion in Africa disarmament an the United nations. The italian government persistently has maintained that there should be More consultation be tween nato members Large and Smalt italians have rejected French ideas of a big Power directorate and have hoped the new Kennedy administration would Boc them up on the question of whether chiefs of government should attend the nato Council meeting in Oslo in May the italian government largely has an open mid. Presumably it will follow the los l is one o f the Powers Paf tic plating in the Geneva disarmament talks. It a been a Strong supporter of the United states i these discussions. Star witness9 testimony brings lawyers9 Battle fort Pierce Fla a the Chillingworth murder trial has developed into a Battle betwee opposing attorneys Over the Cross examination of Floyd Holzapfel Star witness against Joseph a Peel ., accused Mastermind of the killings. Defense attorney Carllon Welc tried to dig into the past of Holzapfel who has confessed that he drowned circuit judge c. A and his wife mar Jorle in the Atlantic Ocean reclaims it was on Peel s orders. Welch sought to bring out other criminal activities of Holzapfel in an Effort to discredit the witness. State attorney Phil o Couriel blocked virtually every question by Welch during . His grounds for objections were trying is citizen Riv a of a hip for his services cuban army a a major it october 2 . Airmen held in . Given dds 7 years by of Dunham England two airmen now Cervin a British prison term were sentenced to seven years hard labor and dishonourable discharge at a Genera court mar tial Here. A/1c Ronald c. Blog car. 25, of Chat a a and a/2c Charle teeters 20, of Unrein neb., also were ordered to forfeit ail pay and allowances and reduced in rank to airmen Basic they were sentenced in two of larceny desertion an unlawful entry with the intent to commit larceny. The arts took place it soul Iho pc where they were formerly stationed with the 420th air fee Wiir pleaded guilty to the charges who re included you Cuido to Good it Tonino in the dec to Tukot a Chican Foch i net won lfta�4 it Sottili we m i pm a Vert in a by d1�w hot he 4st 1rta� Tah cotra1i i i it Bac Tala iwo Mvi i 0k in caul �c10 Wurfl Pla i7m Rrt my Aarti thurnal Jim by Al to 1141 Hydl Fum Haat 2 a str a aed 6parp� two Wei 2290 of re a frit in in air Pihrt pm 2m Man 22m Fluta loot Raa Ola Oao Juii few Titi lib Mcaa who Man Onn will 2 00 my trawl 11iis a Anent an i we Joss hot Lii and Sajt rtt 2im 200 Kiwi us of Tetrau at i of Foll Dan tin a Twa bal canola att cow h i a a mar i Rana enily 3jw no 8hw ill Isril in sunday Lio uni final in n 0 a a Muat Elrater Ion it rut Jik Marker of wan 2 30 i it a in Wal lilt team pm Ihn t attn rec 33j z1h cd Rel to Bur Pamo Datcu to 1400 town Hail Raja what Annam i i too Cal mini 2vm wan Ltd Viader Fabat i74s Sultini in Wurth Ca Allna 1100 hint Toi tact jul Rwanda Ann feb. 9. Woods-bs1 Richomd e., Fly. 12th engr Lin min he Huttl If. Fib. 13. Aucott pm Kuh withal c for a. A Van Jenn h. Fitt. N ihclton6p4 crud. C., a Btry the Mil in itt arty. Wit. c. Of. Of Csc. 14. Schlat Ait a set Elsiell. La Avn co. � dil i Hluck a., Fttie. H. Pitmon a Halgh l., Bolh enter co. A dmh1�f, Patricia a. Feb. Ii. Aten8� Edward a. A he Kit co. Thul of. Ton. if a. Or. Re. Is Reese sit 101 Dree a., go a cd. Flu Tut 01. A Diu Ihler. Ellen j., feb. Lit . Army Hosp Heidelberg born to the Alta of Thaud so Warren Sis in enter co a Dauth tar. a. Feb. 27. Dixq8i 4 to Irv Wiki end co. Maui Huff. To i o. Fit. Is. Kolton two Howard of Viacom. I Antyn a. Re 24. Dui Loftt lift Perry u. 3rd mt8, 45lh arks. A 4auglil. Maui to t., Tab. 29. Char lit l., i til up i i a tops an irony of. Fib. Ii b08bicnol8 sit Hanvald 0 cd a 78lti enter in. Ton. Frank a. Of to 21. Gov in bal John l., Isth 3 co a Deu thnh. Fic Orfia a. Of a. 22, wclaugtrlfn6ft toy a 7slh enor on a Tan. Mayor. Feb 24. Cilueht6gt a Jill a 1bib am. 2nd Mil in. A my John a. Fill. 75. Anorccsp4 mv.r l., loth Tram it try a Tan Minim a. Feb. 23. That Welch was trying to bring out matters unrelated and immaterial to the chill Sigworth Cense. At on Point. Circuit judged c. Smith Welch to limit yourself Tomate rial mat t Holzapfel grinned Neil Shook his head at some of Welch s queries. Stop asking me two or three questions in one he said. Welch was blocked by objection when he tried to get Holzappel to talk about a prison term he served for named robbery of a theater in testimony during a grand jury gambling investigation in Palm Bench in ift55, the year of the chill Neworth killings. Why he went to Rio tie Janei Roto live for a veral months. It was on Holzapfel s return that he Asur rested in the Chillingworth Case Holzna Peel has testified that hand Peel were partners in Gamb Hng and Protection rackets while Tel a its a City judge of West in Len Beach and that Holzapfel kneed Chlu Ingworth on Peel Sorc prs because he was about to Puj Kosc the rickets. Veteran envoy Reinhardt gets Italy Post Washington a presiden Kennedy Friday chose career Diplo mat g. Frederick Reinhardt no envoy to the United Arab Republic to be . Ambassador to Italy. Reinhardt 49, has been in the foreign service 25 years. Last month the White housemaid Rel Shordt would stay on its ambassador to the . Andyemen.". a asked Why or Kennedy changed his mind White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger said his Only information was that the switch was made after study of the Situa Tion. Reinhardt or eang fluent italian. Reinhardt was born in Berkeley,calif., in 1911, he went to school a Switzerland and attended the University of California and Cornell University. He entered govern ment service in 1335 and was appointed a foreign service officer in 1937,-.- a during the a he was a Politi Cal advisor to various military Tea is in the european theater including Gen Dwight ,. . Stock Exchange prices by United Pross International thud Cluni Ahu chs Alcoa Alum. Ltd. Aroer Airt ant or can Amir Cyan am a Maloit Amer Srmst Amer t & t Amer Tab Arnuco Stool Allied tit u.-Ulrrn-h 0�1t Ohio car Detlif Chr Yilth climb Seiv con. Million curl Wright due Gnu air oath Mou Pant Eail trn All evil kud.. Ford pm by Nijiu Frt nor 74 34v, 21 i in h3 i s4 /4 16 3s, 13 37v. A 191 thur clot 16 74 a l7visay, 113% 75 in i h Mac wv4 433cy, so i 36 37 4ny, Joa 27v. 761 gun eur Irlo in hot Ort Fri Kuan 38 greyhound Gull Oil Inland Sittl int bin much int lure i no Niclo a Tut Putty in Lett Junti a in att 6s7 67 10 44% loll lord Martin Merck Manunta Maul Ward Nat Buel it h v cent if a North Amer an. 51v Olin math % Onnet ill Plait it ,4 pan Amer air Ith Penn . 4u s thur Sctott 37% 3314 35% my 1zznv 88a /. 102 Pouw Philip Hor poll lot it Ria rehab a pm drug try isaid Mil Hitold Tab Hoy a dutch to to Pap m nah 63 41 10 tur Sean pm hell san Talt runt St Oil Cam is Oil ind 8 Oil fund i.7d 0.23 hd6 am Hom Loq feb 9.04 9.93 111 Kab 20.10 Lattan fund m,�2 Luj. 13 canal general 17,51 canal lao fund 12.20 1170 fund 10.11 10.9. Ceni Manmath inv ii.6j Felt win finl ia. Drayfus fund 2.i3 t2. 7 Yentun a Kaw Nril dal. 13.5 ii 41 it Nihowa Fil Foj n tli.90 1h.2? Al l1ity fund � w financial 11.69 t2.7l Faun Dari Mutual 10,00 of f Funtila Montbl item Tori 21.72 22,31 Urath and Iii. Shar i Di ,1 Hall ten Ftp. H-c7 117 j1u him Lilloo cd. Hda 2.6s 2.94 income fit i h m.h3 ids 1 2. So .Ftb id 17 i4.b7 i6.c8 7.4s 0.91 2.ib to. 17 11.05 .3j 13.17 3.24 3.s1 16.81 18,01 . i1.5j 13.47 14.40 ib.27 4.63 s.07 h.6t 12.67 10.01 10.117 2lfia 22.2b z.s3 in Vitari 3.i� 0.24 12.03 thu bid asked 10.10 Kayi Tona 84 22.12 74.13 Kyitoh a 12.82 key Tana 82 .l? 15.50 93 w4 Bio asked 11.97 in it. . At Ara re

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