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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Darmstadt, Hesse a Bem Lescord night Rau to 46 and his career Montreal new York Victory moved a for of Loe he 114 Toronto now the stars and stripes log 191 1, f czechs tie canadians 1-l world hockey -. A. From 1 Wrt Lausanne Czechoslovakia a Lens Talvon Chi inc before the world ice hockey championship begun turned its second up net three Days by battling heavily favored Canada to a 1-1 standoff Here thursday night. This tie played before a parked audience of 13,000 at the outdoor rink Here left the two teams deadlocked atop the group one stun Dongs and damaged Russia Hopes for the championship despite the soviet to 9-1 Victory Over ens Germany at gent Vii thu Raduy. contrast to their exciting 6-4 win Over the russians the czechs played cautiously tag Insl Tho troll smoke enters from Canada. The czech goal was scored by Miroslov Vlach who took pass from Vaclav Patucek and hit the Corner of the net with Only 15 seconds to ploy the first . Alter that the czech Prato Jay was strictly Iii Naii takes Lead Pensacola Golf Pensacola flu. F a Walker Man making his first Start o the year the pro tour barrelled Home Lute thursday with four under Par 68 to grub the opening round lend Ojen. The 31-Yc the $20, Pensa prot Eglin air Korte , fjn., held a two act Over Chr a buyer. Put to tid Jimmy Chirk just y winds Emini to Coria Lii Hii Holli he w i u of Yard Iron shot hip 317-Ynrd 13th Holt that 4roppr1 for Fin i Ukalo Elf ii. Hi1 a no Fly birdies five Foott r the fifth 1iol. N Fifoot r Chr Goth from foot a . The 1 he Fly it Lii Lith and m six f k it 0 1 to kith. Innmon. Phi Init i first Poa re fkr 40in round of if Yrtti. Rot to Tonly putts he shirt he Fri r Uri iss Witti his Iron a riots til 1 1� i he tournaments he ban entered. This yer. Lie won about $11,000 j year. Irk of his sub Pur round with i so Ihung of j Duz Zuni Atli a. To pulled 10 nand Noil rid up with Only 2g nil. He Hud five birdies and Hirw Imit Juht tie id will rut. To Chi Low cd and lies Atler Stiler Eltiy k second round Burgess seen major College scoring King new Yoke Gonz Nufi it Frank Burgess Una virtually clinched the major College brisket Ball scoring title and needs Only the completion o the tournaments to make it official. The i foot a Frh senior scored 17 porn Fri the final Gams of Hist of luge Oreor last week to finish defensive und the Canadian attack anything but effective. Even after the canadians evened matters after 16 mfnute.1 of the second period the chef is made few attempts to score being Content to play for the tie the smoke enters goal came Hugh my i Lyro s Short shot after Jack Macleod s pass had put the Clear. Gonic Soth Martin had Only 17 saves three the third period Wilto c z Celi net under Josef Nikolas turned aside 10 the final 20 minutes and 24 for the the. A Hii Jimmy 37.318 w-j�70 ir.-nj70 j7-w7i by Woltti Hod sue div. It. 3171 i jul of uld i to mint a it 71 one of inn a. To at Iasoni r i to eau pc i led nil hit no Imi up i. New few a Boston Tion a h Bow paces Detroit it Tintey cup Boston jul Ujj lad 22nd Gonlon the of Tirch Al to 3-a win Xvi t tin Brut Ltd Hurt to Lily Mishi Mui cup . Ill Chr Mir unil a the 1 \ Huj Crri Lutio l St of Niilyn Nufler Nii i fnhl"1 Turl to Tik lie for 4�-Ronfl Tulli Hijii and t firk. J tem Arnold Piil rom a the it fun Dinar Ion and the Allyl a Money a Leiis. Tiit Kin Fps j Xlyn 1 i sink Short Jii itis Vossler ind Hob a i up with hid jays a j7 their sett fur the fun it Fri Tail i i i Hrh ii hark of the Teri Fotois , is open a of Myr own. Feet flirt sofa \ ii s j1 the five to Iofi Wiiri . Roll with its i c a to tur Ilien Wilh even pair tis Mirin ten nov Iii Vilss i he him is. Pom Kiti remd. Tommy. Coj Hill Mut f it Kelly to d a Vilh or i Hull and 1 Imp Fin i Trimi i five it Tun Nufler line s Siut Pinili a to ii attn of the Lam to Doles and Fin with h7-?a 70. National i i i k y Fonlin one a a Allanc and Noim 111 p Midi ki1. 1he Wing Footit to the Middle Eiji i i nursed it of i i i fam two i Holft and wound Ujj with to utile i l ttys c tin Thoj lie the pulled Iki Iti it feet Moskine one Fontin he Iti i run i i Hii or Jiu hed has tin inc Tugi i fill i he Dole a t la Ujj i a Wilth i right Friot put. Fie i inn a i the fifth and Hen ran off five hindi i make the turn one nver Par. Tin i m h w �. Only thrct1 tenths of a Point a hand of Tom Chilton of inn Ossot ,. Us Eom tiny to the. Mcaa still i f is. Lio Navel Ilov Hus a Illihi cd inc r of Over inking Bur kiss. The Connle All Anu Rini. Olio will a Pele Hincka tour Ney Ivill Hrit i score about 50 Points per to Anu to Courtl Stilli s Ili ird Imi dds tin1 tuition s tuft s to is Vilh a .7 hot Fri. However Lias a Troix r t it sight to i Luy. Tin Only 35 Liioi Imants to to coi Tii tic Lluli Nijor Roll be Pony a to is Roxy 2, Poi iils three s tons. Ohio slate s lorry , also playing it hi1 Mcaa has two lilies within to Yieh. Lucas is u Var tune tie with matt1 Thiu Nond of Hariw Ulnic of Futi for Why a of i i fold a Midway Chr Mish a 3fmwit shot with be Bruin flu crowd of ,fil9 Hoo d but Law Olicki him Jhm ton Juonis wife by Kim i Start Lett tin fir a Psi nod the it the wings Hwd take Koi is fifth work Tulp shot la first it bume Chick Tel up his a one fool a Bryon Henderson quits As Cage Pilot at Bayl " or Menefee successor i entry a Lii Al Tittl of Oregon hero Hill is item i Dajc pc i a Tirry Fri d of lilo state i Hrew w i t both wins Sefi Injo Lou Liev net inn it ii Wax a lev it pm Al a Ethail for 1h .v-,.n Ai conch is he s res h m. I Giitl a if i. Weinle Rojt s ass it ii l for m sort Intis and Fot Mer Naili Katir it North the i state no be will s u r d Jill . I or uni v.-. Vil v ih.s-, m or Sid civil of ten Ann-rir.- Huski to ill t la or Tot is Mililli. Sil by Ita Montmi my Judd t nil m7ji r it 117 i Jet 131 Iso 171 1-fh 771 tt.1 3 first four minute s. Veteran world player Ven to Alexandrov Konston Nln Loktev and Ivun Tregubov each scored two souls for the russians with others coming off the Sticks of Nikolai s e t k o a Syu Cheslav stir shiny and Alexander Almetor it was stars nov s sixth Gont of the tournament tying him with Macleod toe the goal leadership. Alexandrov and Svetkov have five goats apiece. thursday s other group Onn a fisc West Germany held Finland to a 3-3 draw enabling the West germans to tie East Germany for i sixth place and drop the Idle americans into the basement the americans Mut beat Fin land sunday the lost game of the tournament or wind up last but whether they finish sixth seventh or eighth it will be the Low est any . Hockey team hns Ever placed the world tourney. Convay Wlna to other action thursday nor Way jumped to the top of the croup two standings with a 7-2 Victory Over Austria and Britain tied for second with a 3-2 win Over Poland. France won its fourth traught group three contest by beating Yugoslavia 3-2, but Romania also 4-0, a the favorite when the two teams took the ice Friday with the it be at stake. The standings u group one w l t 4 0 4 9 Rundin a Niante wait grm by Ltd to i 3 1 i s t 4 01 0 4 t up to Rinju by 20-foot ho1 of the it period. lems won 2cx Imes la Dunk f h is iut invest conference Ron Tesis. of Jap a for jux ii Oil he Inverson s a Tiyler h films won or shared four conference Chiujo titles. His 19ih Olumi plums a no to Hincka Al Nils the Only South we it conf Ruth a Unni t v r to that far. Menrod a 08-50 rot Ord. 10 Mekons. St Imiru r cml quits i a plot Burkh end Jark Mccin fran her Sii ii to Lont capt i Job us hand oot will coach and nth Otle lir Clor it Iii Hinc Cao Kiyum College any Tonto lev nth flu. F. Cil Aifa Ruhu i East or Manv i a to a Rainy 3. Finland 3 Only Kmit Komiti two v w u t or i o Ort Nln j 0 f it nov 2 01hwu/nrlinj 12 i of Tenil i 30 Atli Rii 0 4 0 or 6a 9 23 30 14 24 it is 15 28 b 34 it 43 of Baib i j 9 10 15 id ii 14 33 oru Lri j. Pitt Anil 7 Norway to a Luru 2only Iam Rob ill Ciko up. W three be aet the Nithe undid to Ulm South afro to 0 0 0 0a p of 8a 1 so 3 b sit � 34 k 2 3 0 3 31 41 t1mrw a t a Ltd frn a Vui Nln 2 Ontic Tun i a Davit

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