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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Darmstadt, HessePage. 18 the stars and stripes 1 Rita too to proposal . Lawn Tennis a san. Approves Resolution to stage open Wimbledon London Britain thur by took the lend in a new Campaign to throw the world principal Tennis to open to the butt us i in Tennu Anwo Rialon Pat nod u Echo Luton declaring flatly that the Wimbledon tournament the Ohleh Light of the world Amateur Tenn i Calendar should to come tin open Tournai no next year it Witt and the re Lull on to the International Tenn ii. Fed Rolion in time or in meet Lynx in Stockholm next july an la spokesman Al the United Stales was believed to l c preparing u similar Revfi Luton. Observers saw the la move is a at heave i hat could Brenk Down the regl Hanm e to open in which t Iet a n of Jack a Clori us would of the Winston Salem upsets Tenn. A i 92-82 Winston Salem . Aal no. A in Kurt Sinh Ikic Thill to i in pm nation nth it jpcl0d bidder for a place in the National invitation tournament wat beat a 92-82, Linht by win Iii St m College in the Dot tract 20 final playoff for tin na1a Long not clo Hill Uron a ,18 Jolott for Ritu in in in it flu l. What i aa1 out of t for us to bid naia mlt-oo11 k in Itu la a for Yin a i. Now 34 tout a to Enlil tin Joist Juki of thin a tilt for a i let in the nit at mud ii Hijii a of Irdon. The new Vink Branch of the in ton fat a of i it Nti Tor Itlen and i of coloured Ivi mip a ii what 11 Calif tin i Uit " riven thu Scuro a anti in non Hiltl Whin tin nit would Ruitu or i incl Tullon Norton re unum f f hot tic Liun Conan Luff pm lbt nit had maid Tenn be Aai was not invite 4 Becaum no mall collage team invited for or Viou Tournai no had lived up to Oklahoma St. Rips sooner Roitman. Okla. Api okla Sla combined free throw with a 7 i my nuts delay ramp tit Maxday no kit to drft�1 a Tahoma Bo-47, and re nah at least a third place tie in the Hie Al get confers in a a i it tall race. Oklahoma out it of Jahonna St Tao Lei from ivc Fletr while they wore in la Tell delay a or Dullni the final to .15 minutes och Ithoma state did to get a Field goal and Nia Iba on of Couch hot Kkt my led Oklahoma state with in Point Oklahoma state ended the Etca on with a 14-11 error a. Chamberlain Racks ui679 i i or Tir i m h 1 1 d o n Toum Mon. Tin Cdr ton Roj ruts Curtmn fits by it narrow last a or i Akin lil l Kornhi Tonnon Ufal Rhian Thurni Tay part Tull the ill it Loit of twin Lar Tinli i two toting i t i n i be made an o h " tour from 1 rent Wilt Chymbor Lintn Al a. Within four Point of the notional Tuke Tunu scoring record by jamming in 87 Point he Philadelphia warriors a rented the Oft in Nti � 6nf who Amatt Attr or open Iii Lii nut in to Nam. A it cm4jx of Norway will not Jun my n Jih ish to ton a to open thu Wimbledon and of her Iota run to tonne tent ii ii m Iii Ini till Tor pro � Liili Kiln cd nor Weltin of ii Lyhl unit thurs Tony no it nil t u a Nau Hunt to he a link. Los cal1 owning Tronu id Cruft Kalon a m a Toff pm in a audit t y till us Iwin Tennis an Koch to to 15 for to to or Oil Junior who parked their team to winning Wjk a Oitim lopped Tho idiom to United press intermit tonal Ami it Coll Ike All America basketball Lens named Friday. When in l Mph std. Bel if to i he my Huvil Lesini n your Usfo Mcl i Lilly. Wtown pack Ned j Millon k for the Bird him lost year wore Limong the inherit mid Don Jii Corsun Tho m y t h i r it 1 Sci Midi or hot Jerrod with Trio help of to j it in Viu Board of to Oakhen which i Inird the Small Olli Jjck of auth for i l Detring the Sikuk. In Ulni to key in a Borrner for South crib Lehr nil in my 1jo and Beatty who Point of per a the and win the Load in k Rel hinder fat null colleges Wero thu Flint five thin by Larry Swift Souri so Nett John lira duty. Year mis t h night s o p u i in r up 4� of Tho Kruter a Lynors Surh i own to would Wnnie Vita in lilt or Tully in Ihn form of Pri i Inori n and wry Ahtl control All we a tent in 10 to the Imrit trud Well willing to Ruht them Ulo Tor the future o 1011 Wonnin. In of in control it in tort Tow Lex not Lilily inn stir of Watt two menu fund for Elk he Uhi Java Ond of of and Porter Merrl Swiff Wii named to the third Tea n nil Yvor incl t it t Elva my a notable mention. Bend Ley the nation s Tad Riff to Trover with i o,2 per cent us Niue to n newcomer Dale Wise kvimsvllk1 Liui Ker Illel Iii Hon sol in k Moody soil Ali cur Ollna stale by the fuel is fur bus k a to year ago or s Pri by i ii third Tami was Nutu it of toil ,, Olluf Sirini join pour Side Allu Lilit try ainu ii. Icon Tui by Cral Elui Mart Kentucky Wallops vainly Ftlt-07 kno Kville torm Dlly to null in he. Coach Adolph Tupp Cal. On to door any to the or 12th Mcaa tourney oils come the � Dor 13-2, in on us Niini a jew ipod to Brenk i to guard Jirry f us flu hiding 11 d Kentucky with 21 Polnow a a word Hoer new inuit added 18, find Lnu to to nor Lattim dih Tanct. Titi Tii Vicil slowly Ami Viii Ify moved. Into a a irk 7-2 ij4d. Then Keith by n nept Iii of to intr l la k t Tichow hit wifi uti in i i and latin inn u full o it ill 7-7, the lend Swap a in tin for Chr next four Lark ill i hip Tuot it Kiili court Ellb it us a Nunda u Al in to Hilf and drove Rill Way in for a Lii yup to la Iho cats a 1 it ills run m to rag d "2g.h Point,1 Mimir n soph. This season his Point production fell Oft i by to 3,7, lint tit proved his uti we Wilh better full a Rolind Piny. He titty who comes from Wood Al Llwis tex., Nso was Delier lewd no u Wood pro Prospect by several of i i couches who helped pick the urn. Zelmo doen Cheryl Hank a the Man no Oulu do one coach i a and he a in Don Tot of than a mu1 men am t. He s certainly one of the Best plan yrs in the country Swift the Only a Tutor on the Tennis is u feet 6 ?8 and a vein Ned 20, j Points per game is h Froin Keokuk town Atid is another player with diversified intent. Marr went Attr r 6 foot i Inch Linlor from 1ml., was picked for Hlis Pluy . Even thou ii he was the smallest Mun on ii at a Quihui which a Wool o the int Lornt malt College Hlll Muni sued to Tiv i Tige 18. 2 Points per unto when to was t buy feeding to his Tull or cum mutes. A Rudloe is h 0-foot, a Inch Junior from Highland Park Mich. Ilia a 2 Iier it me Evora to was highest the Banull Ciliege Cagura. Pistons Cage Ilai svracu8k ruined to mov in the division pub soft clonal bus Kerbau Poming rom a it to in the Loconti Bill Tho Syrocki Thi St. La aka the diff or no Aey k free throw of foul Nati in extra for neut i ones to Petty. Detroit and incl Fri the or the third playoff position and it Meh remit Nung the Piston Morcom. W in in n sell hooked in it to i to Point uni id Good on throw trl i before Lime out pm by Wai after to in or an in Moreau Effii comeback tin pistons led t1-5& Militi Ituk remaining it gift but runt Jiffy scorer with 31 us Cousy led to Foston Komi if in tit the tic Ore tit set Ftp of Tutu minute. Of the pc truth Arlod it Avis nip mid Lup n n d i Jirry Cost Riuli it put the Nutu in front to us Hann and Bob a still Crft and 3 f Points for the Stout Figuni Given Turt bin Hiott a Fuji Tho Mil Jaa Molihon instruct n Toi Mut major Over thu Jan. 31 Bond Dot Trot t Vuth Max Hurt Uville ivx., earlier full duly of the election culled to build fou ton Lem Tuc a Indium in Llmott to begin play lit the league in 1d02, Robra ruled that the election was sufficient h no mate Mai Jorty of nil thut it a Nece Umry for a of the boil Al. Shuler beats Strom Fot to Bowling ii Hollywood up str Ripe. Detroit us Zeluf of to Hill on Tho Stu spot b is Jon Ahcin. 8tinier won strip unto Icv strikes to Arn t,00p, is Rompc competed infection he won $7,3ik hint. 1? f be

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