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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseS&5 photo by Evanoski it i of the cast and fortress survived a trough the a a furies. By Mark Dahlinger is rant Len Bureau it s enough to give you Goose bumps when the flocks or squawking Black Ravens Wing Over the Kaiserslautern Hills. For its then people remember that the holy roman emperor after whom Kalser Slauter in timed is still alive in a Cave on a nearby Mountaintop or so the Blory goes. Little but this legend and the ruins of a cattle at the Burg museum in downtown remain to Tell of Kaiser Frederick i called Brit Brossa which Means red Bend by the italians because of his Bright red whiskers. And Kaiserslautern today fondly Calls Musolf the bar Barossa City As readily As new yorkers fifty Gotham most every Schook Hild learns in an old Folk song the legend of Barbarossa who tiled in the crusades but whose faithful subjects refused to believe him dead. He sits bewitched and sleeping in a Mountain top be Vav his Long Rod Beard grown right through the Marble table on which he leans. He spanks now and then to it Dwarf asking him if the Ravens Are still flying overhead. If they arc he remains be witched but one Day he will emerge the Day when full Alary is restored to Lifs old Empire. The red Sandstone ruins in the Henry of Lite oily Are mostly of castros constructed to the site inter but the foundations winding underground passageways Riih is Urie carvings remain from s 12th c20ui Century visitor Points out the Gold replica of a list made during his. Reign 1152-1190. A broken Stone lion sculpture and a pillar All housed in u Small Hull that was part of a Castle constructed by his grandson Frederick ii. A tapestry wooden Slittuc-6, a portrait of count Johnny Cas a mar who expanded the Castle in the 16th Century these arc nil that Are to be seen above ground. Then comes the descent into the Pas subways bar Barons and chipped laboriously into the solid Rock foundation to provide an escape route during stage. The German word lantern in kaisers input can comes from the no me of a nearby River and it was the fishing and Hunting in the surrounding forests that made the entitle bar Brossa s favorite the filled in marshy fitting spot still makes construction difficult in today City Frederick s fondness for fishing is re fit fled in the nolo Silver Carp emblazoned on s red and Blue striped a not of arms. But the Castle was Moro than a sports Retreat. It guarded a route from Paris to Mainz still of great military value a thousands of american soldiers and airmen who Hoo along it Well know among the greats of Early european history Barbarossa stood out As a red bearded giant. Crowned King of Germany in 1192, he was determined to bring the italian pen insular under his Rule and saw this rebellious land Bow before him As he was crowned emperor in Rome in 1155. Due partly to a vow to support the papacy. Upper Burgundy or French com to was brought into his realm through marriage and later Poland through Battle followed by Bohemia and Hungary. He destroyed Milan during a vigorous italian campaigning 1158-62, earned excommunication from the new Pope Alexander Iii marched on Rome itself in 1166 and Ayr the anti Pope Victor 11 his Choice enthroned. But the Italy that was made to Bow to Barbarossa spelled his downfall eventually and at Lignano near Milan he met defeat in 1176. Now made to recognize Alexander As Popo the red bearded one Sajiw his Powers limited by the peace of Constance in 1383. A u n Gregory Viii acquired the Pope Crown he called on the great knights for the third crusade to the holy land bar a Rost Tii in severed the Call lending his army out of Gem any in.--.1.189 and into Asia minor. There in the Calyx Ednus Hiver he Tost his life. The Ireum stances and his fun let Price unknown to this any. in Mason and successor Frederick ii. Macle the Inland of Sicily his favorite residence and the fortunes of his germanic subjects waned. Because Barbarossa had brought them their greatest glory and Power and too because he was a Man of great personal goodness and character the legend arose that Barbarossa was not dead but be witched and sleeping in a Cave on Kyff Hauser Mountain in Thuringia in easter Germany. This was apparently too far from Haj favorite Castle residence for the citizens of Kniser Alnuten so they moved the Mountain Cavo to Rotenberg a Hill outside the City now crowned with a television Antenna. Today when the first murmur of Dawnis apparent in the dark skies and again when the Sun is about to set behind the wooded Hills the Ravens Fly overhead As they do in Many in Kelser Slauter it Means that has sent his Dwarf out to see if the great Black Birds Are still winging by. of Johann Casamir who expanded the Castle in the \6th Century. 13

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