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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 11, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Tade tit i9st inc stars and Stutto peril of Loans few kit those tomes from a nicer few tilter k i we Wonhi of a her threat a000 at mixed Fer the one Story soldered at the anted dint Plant reported and of anyone for Guy ci0wri of by Plant spread far 12 East sooth Point a Community of 800 to Ohio and is Oti the Ohio River and was m indication from officials that the fames Rouw pave fatal they said Tjie titter to net classified a an explosive Bat warned that of the combustion Are firemen reported that the apparently were of a chlo Rine fun Marti alien Lone exposure to the they can irritation of Hie nose and fire was discovered in the building about and fire men for Tom Ironton and soon were on Noel ring water on the Arnol Der inf pile the Anifer control a few hours its twit smoke to pour from the the odor easily discernible in downtown Huntington an Well As Ironton and other communities in the some families living near the Plant were and others were alerted to move if the smoke became a serious firemen wore Gas masks is stood on Mobile moved into rotation near the building so water could be poured into the fire group Oles to Juvik postal savings a Post office committee has a Bill to junk the 47 postal savings dissolution was toy the commission on and by the Eisenhower admin Stratton of june the had deposits of item terms of the Bill the win be Eto sed when either amount of All deposits the less him f 1 or when accounts Aftaw t is losing figures Tor 1956 show the system returned profit of j after the Sis Lem is it would be liquidated Over a period it approximately two officials of the Post office department have told the committee that deposits had dropped about a per cent since 1m7 and were dad Taing More than million it they said the system was set of in 1910 to accommodate per saw in Rural communities with a Post office but no and to protect depositor savings in Case of Bank since they Small town residents have stopped making Modi use of the foreign funds face 3d quiz Washington up senator Lin Johnston says his Senate judiciary subcommittee on tits trading with the enemy act if considering immediate hearings Obj foreign funds invested in the Senate internal Security sub of which Johnston is has been investigating 1st Johnston wrote to chairman Wuu am Fulbright of the banking committee to ask the investigation would 90bifict with the work of Ful a tights on see url tips a third croup investigating few feral Ilo Kaston said his Hearl Ngi would the bar changes in the Lair necessary to protect the United states from any fifth col or similar Type of attack our nations financial and Inta trial concerns through uss of gym Roulst or enemy funds Corn into this country unidentified foreign Banks of Neutral urged to repudiate aides views on piping a Richard 30 to m death after chopping through he Metar Beh with bit bit foot Washington styles Bridges rays presi Dent Eisenhower should repudiate a statement by a White mouse assistant that american recognition of red China will have to come some Day under suitable Condi who Heads the Republican policy pro posed that Meyer Kestnbaum be asked to explain to the Senate for eign relations committee a state ment he made in a presidential assist ant for intergovernmental rela 1 he was expressing a per Sonal w in saying the should make Clear that red under suitable can look Forward to recognition and admit Tance to the United he said that would require new attitude on the part of Russia on individual Freedom and dedication to a peaceful Kestnbaum said he Doest think there is any Hope that nationalist Chiang Waishek will Ever again Lead when White House press Secre tary James Hagerty was asked to comment on the Bridges state ment Hagerty said at the time i was first queried about the Kestnbaum i said i could not believe that Kestnbaum was quoted but that if it was reported to the he was neither reflecting the View Point of the president or the Secretary of Bridges said in an interview he wonders if Kestnbaum was reflecting any administration Bridges added he surely does not represent the feelings of american people generally or the american Congress when he states red China can look Forward to and Admi Snitt to the United four riotous Deputy keep police hopping san three riot Calls sent san Jose police cars roaring through the streets hut each time the officers found no Sig of a sheriff Melvin Hawley later Noti fied police that the fake Calls were made by four of his deputies who appeared to have had a few drinks too Mississippi kicks out president in College race Boycott Jackson a state cortege Hoard in Memed ail Airon students who the to to it also discharged for r Otis As of the 570 at Awn quit Friday in Defiance of Board order to end a Boycott of Boycott was in protest Over a professor who had written a series of efforts to end racial Terresa Tion to Hoard said in a Resolution the family at i of Luff Corn has wholly in turd and the students or some of them 4rt2 a have taken band with the acquiescence if not the consent a and approval of the president of a the As a troll hand Baton chairman of n Cumi Vaiana legislative committee has called the National association for the advancement of coloured people com Maui front and Rha god that in activities threaten racial peace in the Rolio Johs Scott Muon a the committee wound up our Days of into All fled comm miss in particularly in Iti relationship to the racial Ranach said lie bad several preliminary Conr Huttas from the which include enl testimony from several described of giants for the the Hoard its announce ment after an emerged session m which Colerain and attorney general Joe Patterson a Coleman and Patterson not a third members and apparently appeared by invitation of the for Good cause shown to the president Otis is discharged As president of College effective immediate and required to remove him self immediately from the the statement it made no reference to Clennon the Aleorn history professor whose articles were blamed by students for their Boycott of the student had demanded Kings Dis Missal or resignation before the would return to hut the College Board refused to negotiate with the students until they were Hack in president Carpenter of the Hoard said King is still it member the in Nimy his name was not brought up at today was no reason to bring it the Board announced that whom it had named recently to succeed who had submitted his shall forthwith assume his duties As president effective this Berlin family reunited on Hollywood to show Art Lwi he Alio said hearings to Ted be followed but did not say what final action would be Forth the state senator said he concluded that communist party used racial uprisings As a principal instrument by which it can overthrow other governments and it acts through its own organisations and such front organisations a such communist party and communist front activity in Louisiana and the South it a threat to the Ranach he urged that cities and states reexamine their Laws dealing with b25 Lostin 43 found on Isle Washington up the re ins of six missing in they wont on a scouting mis n the japanese 14 years have been recovered in new inti and Wilt be taken to Hono Lulu for the members of the army air perished when i their b25 the army has j told their about a month the army Aid came upon the wreck die of the plane in a densely Ovied area of the Owen Stanley m in new investigation by a Royal australian air Force officer Aad in extensive search of army the plane and its no Asiso the Bis had gone on an Aerial mint for japanese forces near do Ihmi unt on Jan toward and of Gen Douglas Mac Art burs Buna near the searchers Vered remains of six identification tags and personal i five of the Crew were after Tike fact of Sun and bar Horst Hubert embrace on a Bollywood television show to end a separation Atfah Bogatt it years ago to wept a tears in is Oettle tha boys we Wae in arrange for Tho Bays was Kutou Der Fajr the and the sow Ratum Amunrud is a Ottar went so Oen Smy it Toto sent to to us up Paul cant stand the sight of children police took Seg Recklus to a Home to identify his stolen television the legend thief s eight children Lato team when decree Kate fled his set give it to he told author Mac

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