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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 11, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse W7 to staks and Itotia Plouf Ymir of Tami on o Kohot Britt acc How to eat or Yotter food of a lord Retog Sid Tui Trioa and Al the novel peace t native of said him to watch Ameri i eat one extreme is the Quick at the drugstore counter or f fun dutch Coffee at the while a to Siple of telephones the other to three or before we get to the first course of the who is a Hale Man of eating a British said the rest of the world should enormous you the rest of the world should learn to eat cultured chinese As he outlined it Means having very Little to drink before a hot wine with various finished off naturally Glass of Fine said he aids doges Tjon if consumed with slow tic me warm he to go with the add plenty of pleasant Good no family arguments at better not to than to eat under Strain or in Tou in America Ember muss alow the Pace or go Over the whats your hurry anyway Why dont you Start enjoying the enormous wealth you on other topics sex sex and food two subjects of fundamental interest to All Medicine it has Able it hat in my time added 30 yews to the average life dieting were overdoing it i dont believe in eating to excess Bat a woman can become too thin for her Healths Weli an her Beautys individual is some people Are healthier with a Little he cant understand the Ameri can love for rare steaks i prefer a Hurnt offering to bloody Sacri supreme court to get bid for ruling on deductions of illegal business costs Washington fins the gov Ern Mem has decided to the supreme court foe a showdown vision whether a taxpayer can Money spent for immoral or just slightly Shady Pur at Issue a conflict involving buttons of Dot Lara in income taxes an internal Revenue spokesman said the Justice department will ask the High court to review situation this at the present the govern gators urge increase in Aid for africans ins two senators said the should offer to increase substantially its technical Aid to the new nations of Africa so they can develop in an of Mike Mansfield and Bourke b Hickenlooper r in a final report on their Norvest lostion of technical also recommended Continua Tion of knowhow assistance to Laun America a about its present Roll Hon annual they called for reforms in the latin american particularly More firmness in num Long the various projects Over to the Host countries just As soon a they have passed from the Demon Stratton to the operational stage the senators warned Liere is no end to american involvement in the Lark of enthusiasm the two said they were Dis Turbed by the fact it was Neces sary for them to emphasize wha should be i a other governments should not he High pressured into accepting Aid they made this statement in de Claring they had noted some pro acts in latin America that were launched primarily at the insistence of Washington and were with a notable Lack of enthusiasm by the recipient in discussing the report pointed out that technical Aid to the exclusive of Egypt amounts to Only to million j am senators said the should be prepared to increase sub Stan this they in doing so the should not put itself in toe position of trying to paddle such assistance or of trying to Force it upon countries which do not want Mansfield and Hickenlooper tied their proposal to the politically changing conditions in they note the emergence of five new which became inde pendent last Tunisia and they noted that now a United nations is to become free in they said other dependent territories Are making rapid political a new Flag for a new nation Low life stimulates vermin us England in8 at nth Cywar it Tou Fen Saag tartrate feat he is a thai he him on and and to fact am explained i to Csc live the us4 of versa f Nunt and a Similt Ewert Art i disagreement and the taxpayer a caught in the the dispute revolves around an administrative decision not to allow income tax deductions for personal or business for prohibited by no the Tux court has along with this practice of holding the Public but the circuit court has ruled that made no such distinction in the income lax Public policy practice adopted to Rover situations not care of in Tho org Rel professional j liquor in legally dry okla dependency status of and Simitar questionable u it in in ceremonies marking the birth of the new african nation of its of Gold Ami Given with a Black Star in unfurled in front of the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall in Philadelphia holding the Flag Are left to right Esther Ola City councilman Raymond Alexander and Rudolf the three Young people Are members of the a Lafrican students Talon of i top rare Stamps will go on Block at 94th auction in Dusseldorf Germany up stamp collectors Are gathering Here to prove again that mistakes come heavy bidding at the 94th Dusseldorf stamp auction was expected for a finnish stamp commemorating the first Zeppelin flight of the engravers error put the flight just one Century too soon sent the quoted Price of the faulty Stamps from to the finnish 10pinnmark issued in september is one of the featured rarities of the auction opening Here on wednes some Stamps will go on the Block in the fou Day some of them miniature works of arts or masterpieces of the engravers others ugly and but artistic considerations rank far behind rarity to the professional stamp t dealers and eager amateurs who will crowd the auction Hall one priced a scrap of sooty Black for bore the distinction of being Germany oldest the bavarian 1kreucer equivalent of Britain Penny in a Block of was catalogued at the stamp was issued in Boxer rebellion Stamps from the Onner German issued in were catalogued for with a 50pfennig stamp quoted at special Stamps issued twin Sisters up at Eldora Brockett and Eutura Chamberlain believe they Are the oldest twin Sisters in the by the German forces occupying Crete and Rhodes in world War ii were priced As High As other prices quoted no sure guide As to what the Stamps might actually bring at auction included a double one of the rare Swiss cantonal Al a similar one on cover at and a Naples Trinacria at 1860 Blue Friiss hurls chair at Goodwill show Indonesia up a russian circus performer threw a chair at an indonesian child and set off a riot that was broken up by the incident occurred at ikan stadium during a performance by a Goodwill russian circus according to one rus Sian performer became angry when a youngster crushed up against the stage in order to see the he hurled a chair into the students answered the Challenge by bombarding the soviet circus troupe with wooden benches and police finally re stored Mexico tour aide confesses slaying of 2 new yorkers Mexico City a Federal Security police said a tourist agent admitted he and a Boatman killed and robbed two americans aboard a launch in Acapulco Bay last the victims were Joseph Michel new York attorney and Edith a wealthy Amer ican they disappeared from Acapulco the night of and their bodies have not been two bodies found earlier 100 Miles North of Acapulco and not identified apparently Are not those of the the tourist agent u Luis police said he told them he and a Boatman he identified As Only As Hios killed the americans with took their Money and jewel and dumped the bodies into the earlier Fenton told police he had planned the robbery but had Noth ing to do with any he said the killers were two Roberto Zuniga and Claudio Fer they were arrested but denied any part in the alleged police indicated the guides probably will be released operating in Chicago St the state Law already have two court involving and end instance the tax court Al the claim on the grounds i of Public but the seventh Tunny court of appeals upheld the gamblers and rebuked tax Nurt for us the i fruit court said that the it setting Forth what Trade or Hiki Niss expenses Are to de Shii from Gross income in com Hitrik not income mikes no distinction Between lawful and in Ful this clearcut Rase is the which the supreme court will to despite the i fruit court by tax court will continue to Force the Public policy until con stress or the supreme ourt up the main Tiff of to for business the Only criteria set up by Law Are that they be Ordinary and necessary to the some tax experts Are of the opinion that a business firm might Well win circuit court approval of expenses such As prostitutes to entertain customers m Long As it could be proved that the entertainment was necessary to the Busi a similar Nevar tested beyond the tax courts rejection of it on Public policy la the Cost of liquor for business entertainment in legally dry okla under the Ordinary and Neces sary a Pennsylvania Dairy was allowed to claim As an advertising expense an african safari which Cost it was claimed that the trip by two executives resulted in travelogues for civic groups and Ani Mals for the zoo ail of which was done to advertise the a doctor was allowed to deduct the Cost of an expedition to the Pribilof islands in the Ber ing sea off while he he studied diet deficiencies of natives and the mating habits of seals and made movies to be shown to medical and civic Rome cracks Down on film posters Rome up italian distributors of posters showing shapely French actress Brigitte Bardot in various stages of striptease Are facing charges of circulating immoral material the action came after a Strong denunciation by Pope Pius Xii of vulgarly pornographic movie posters covering the Walls of three Days after the Popes pro made in posters of miss Bardot advertising a film currently being shown in As Well As those of curvaceous italian Star Marisia had vanished from the Over the police inspectors raided the firm distributing miss bar dots in Leffeu Lelant la Marguerite appearing tinder the italian title of Bliss Spogli arello strip and seized the posters showed miss Bardot in four stages of strip it was reported that posters for other films will be by the these were to in clude one of Italy lotto Briglda advertising her latest film

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