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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 10, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseAct ran i act Tenner or Gritl Ktie or. The stars and stripes Mitt Day i Juno. Recently divorced y. It u mar Rajtr no. Married to by Hen i Crosby to owe verdict h to. 8 % of i m it it try of to in he Dennl verdict Tufe Tutt father of child Marilyn Miller to a Superior court a verdict and order an of crooner limit the father of 3-yr had wite Scoll m Hecto. It new True he Spini am room procedure lit Miri of he i Wondol by e. Verdict ran up Pori Anil. Finger opern obtains comm to marry f pm dirt Tor Martha Havo obtained p Tler new hut a won t when Why Wilt we rtt Rufo Sam and mar Hall. 43. Felt old us Horn. Of n is a. Mil i it Eric in Tannd fat Uund the Prev Loftly a mar Ayr. A Rrt Ftp and Burf Mac. Marshall pre fid in i Chute Morgan Fri cd Presley now fclmhmftmm1 at l ast . Tenn turd Elvis pre Ley escorted by jut id it i it a honorary colonel Huntton of Pony Ujj Dirlje. Vul Ustiy playing jammed Lite bal Ronic before Pratley appeared in of fume of the wearing Black guitar at Home. Suit. Status of peace copy is Washington up Young men acc ppm d by or Calmont Kon Nady t Pence corps pro attly will by Given draft do ferment for the length of their peace corp duty selective service Chlof genl was n. In a hey l a gome now military cart till a added they proof ably will to it further after completing their corps assignment if they remain in some work or study in the i to tonne her shy saw thin wus not a Flat co mum it but merely his t hot Matt of lie course St left Clave service probably would follow. The Pri Slid in Jos Emphis Hazod that Penn corps volunteers wet not be entitled 16 automatic draft during Lite Lollor there Hud been some Elk of making it u substitute for military service. Her they made his 8ttemcru Tou Rop Orler lifter peace corps Rte Rector sur ont Shulver told u news Runft a Franco the draft chief to him that there would he no automatic draft sex a Mellon. Shulver Sci t de with but not without respect president pressed by press Washington a Xhilon and radio seem to think that by their manner of questioning reporter n Are mud Sertl Nof you to Tome Alixe or Lack of pm next joining in the Lauri her the president replied Well Tiu tub Jet me to orc abuse but notto any Lark of Rorsi pct. I will say thai i do know there arc i know it pm times Burden on mothers of the or is to have to St and up particularly when t am not Able to recognize Thorn and. On the other hand if it were Chr United and one Moutter too 1 up perhaps that would not to � satisfactory de Lea. ". So i think along with the old in yank about Don t take Down the Fence until you know Why it wan put up i would say a should stay with what we have townsfolk quote Lincoln to give cop his Job Nantucket. My. Aug Orr hindi a malt cop with big Hart in now Browtt n full fledged member of the police department of Nan Luckel Uland. 25 Miles off Cap cod some 250 i Lander with an a from a tall pre if it named Abe to Lncoln voted at a special town Merton a to Knock an Inch of the Law to carom module item Ondris. The Wil a Popup Nylon of the r ii land is Rel jul Vito. The 25 a tar old former farm it i an incl ton Short to a tvs tin 5-fiht. 7-i�h-h civil a rvs in Iii for Puha Ini n. The will heed a in Dpi did t of nil Llu no i link Tel Linja of lends to find out How thing Ramie wit in tit a w it to .1ol t a Volch Allsho Ujah raze not Many for i-ni1 have Tif i i Kwh Jirik him for us Elm about twing Jiu Lett Tho Hill ii Waji a 1 an in run a Ryan it it Only rough if it to be Long enough Tolu in round that � Good for my Nad Otic Volt. The Hume Lncoln Story wet quoted by a s�klla1or when the Hort cop blvd came a Tor rats cd it n Ati Slat Houch Ftp upe fial town Nii ctn i was held Bocnuk the Jov Prum ult Terrt lie in Loo talc � Jyh included to the Roi Fulner town i father diet Tucson. Aril up Arthur to tips p a it Trainer plane or Slit it 30 Fet from who re Awai Cut Njg out a Drosi in her dial Jii Rotan. The erne of the men in the and injured the other in Lnor from in Tweh air hate or pc cd 50 Rcv from Jiuu a it a. Wuo of n escaped wih that Jie hid "1 looked out of Low and Law a plane zoom. Ing arrows he pit Cluro in front of our front or Ned. Romlish toward the Houtos a the Bottom of Tho Plenc Cvitic it Luul ripped Hoo Ufah to Pas Lur foties Thon in Fairty on and Raj it 1 Hii Odili my front Yard font und cnut to n Sto i 0 foot from where 1 Alwil it the air Force d the Deuil Man a Htu Dunt Pilot crypt ice real e. Body 42. Injured was instructor maj Walter j. Beam 37. Both men were from fort Worth. Burke believes soviets operating missile Washington a adm Arleigh a. Burkt said the Rush Ana now have in operation a number of submarines believed Cap note of launch Long ballistic Niu Talle. The chief of naval operations also reported to the House armed services committee that the soviet probably have my Leur powered submarine to. Hut said he doubted they Are yet fully ready for action Burke Aid he present russian my Sulla nubs Art convention Nelly powered a far a is known but thai a soviet version of the Amerl can Polaris Al rank nuclear powered Hubman Rene mul be expected in Iii it lir the. Admiral Mivi his of Ruh inn in til Power in an inv it i Ort to the committee behind closed Cloore. A limited version of the review Ltd was if Lvon to it no led fuss Hui construction on Kui it d nude talc de Elro crw and patrol or till und Suid flu soviet force.,. Now Totti Liivik Tiu Iri him 4m. May de Cline Stix Huy in no mho t u us older ships Nett bin Jug reply cd. Stud China Hurck ulna reported that the Chine v Conan unit Navy in now the lir to wholly Asdon naval fore in the far Kaai with to Nur Nhor of a uni a. Lurk i and Woll Doc Lois d naval Chicago to gel new Art museum Chicago Chicago will Ket a new Musil Mikulon Dollar of mod in Art. It Lias been announced a Tirol modes one of Tho in corp rulers of thu , said for to i top building iut Jun arc would not indicate the sex dict Ioc lion or i re which will now unto a Tho Way but army of major in Korea Skoul Tuph the . Army has announced it do Salt last Sun Tuy of maj in u nil u if. Hanks of t Impton tonn Collop cd in bin quart Crit no Oit Arou come and was upon Nruh is at the 12tht on Hosfel a. of i nth riot determined pending nit Malopsy. To meet july 8 Boston up1. A nigh it. Hoffa old his will hold is fir Unm oui tf�i4 d convention in four years july at Miami and that lib in confident of n he Clun la off Lucid of the 1.7 million it Nib or Union in in Roslun to obtain on urea whle i Jurci my it with i to Union and trucking fir a. He Tahr ibid the chinese fled my primarily defensive but a limited offensive Secretary of Tho novy John b. To. Said in statement by to h e committed that there n n no prop oct for the of our enemy s ability or to employ nil in Etui Ponti Blu to Dom Nulo the from i Kield Navy Trina Power strength to ii Litu Sotir would Htut i id Tivy it � nil�p Connulty Lecyn Rotl that the Nuvy a tightly stretched forces. Run no Lon Rita Tih on w i t h o u i narc need Nurt ". Incr Tauhert Tho Secretary snid five porn Rex Abs will be or it Tang by july 1. That a Volunteer would have to do us Ftp work to get a Niter hug two Yar hitch in the peace corps. If he by cumc1 a or something Shulver said it Mikhol to a different matter " Shulver said 10 or 12 countries in Africa Yalu tend i Stin America a Wroudy Hugo in having peace Corpa coat Logene sent to them. The pm co corps office he nil be Perl n ten Dent an president of the apartment St orca. Shulver a Nve the of other de tails on How Tho peace corps wet work members will Uve by the name Tan Dnard of living As people of the same prof of Ion in the country to which they u re sent they will not however have to live at the level of the poorest people i countries. Pence corps members will Blunder the control of the . Ambassador in the country Theyn. There who no peace corps ranks. All Waltl be member. Married couples May join the corps together it both qualify. 8th graders Shine in med1n a. Ohio a met. Dorothy Spencer nays her Elijht graders did pretty Woll in fact they did n Little better than n of Cotte Cre students on n cur rent events test. The Junior he a school ache noted a newspaper Story recently about the Low Ticora on a tent lit i n by Atudo Najt at Kent stat University. The test a Given by iwo members of the staff of Tho univer titty newspaper. Mrs Spencer of hold of the to St at Kent Stute. Where tha score i verged 47.3 per event and it to her eighth it nil Clana. The eighth graders scored Sui of 49.2 per cent. Commission Date set for Carrier Washington thai the new Carrier damaged hit ully by fire it new York during constr Wilt be commas stoned oct. 28.this would be averal week ahead of the old december Eom Date eat tinted ally after the Blaze in the. Brook Lyn Navy construction a Liitt a the Nuvy estimated that the Carrie would h Rohdy for commissioning on March 25 . Glass blowers loss of Art to automation los anti elks up worried tit k kit h to Bozile blow a Asso Tritton opened Ali or vat id in Puiul convention la menting thy in Van l blown any i Hiji for it Sara it s Iho brutal truth suld As san Iii Lort or of i it no let a Menton of Iii Ludo Phi Auloni Jitian the mint him hit is Wuy Back in it 10." Tho Harte was Udo Lud to 3845, Liyu blowing Gonsa Avn s something a inti Mouht be proud of und now we re stuck with the title. About 18.000 of the i Talon s members hold Down Job select Inland packing tas said met Vitou. But he is incl there a Uto tic the lines fit selecting Puc k t n k by to if h i n e u n it sue h. It is Ujj uitus Rutx . It slim to but Al we re u Kuy Indus try. Aft i full. We serve people front the o r a die to the Ruvo irom Houle that hold their milk As bib pcs to the bottles Thutt hold Formallo Hyde used Fot ,1

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