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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 10, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse No Stams Amo stats she cant head off the tears Laow of is a ont to Tarn on note water works a she surveys the favorite doll decapitated Haw hanging it with her toy fire Navy foresees new fuel stretching subs Range Washington Cap the Navy says it expects the submarine now being equipped with a new Type of atomic to go much farther than the amazing my Lei it attained with its first fuel the worlds first Atomi powered is now being refuelled for the first time since it set sail on the re erred writer roasts soviet new York Cap novelist Howard who broke with the communist party last has denounced the soviet system As without he called for removal of present rus Sian fast gave his views in an article to the March Issue of a left Wing literary journal that has been close to the communist party in the wrote that the soviet system is socialism without without by Hareas Cor pus or the right against self in without civil without Public avenues of without Equality for without right of free artistic Crea fasts reputation As an author rests mainly on his historical novels dealing with the american although he never publicly admitted membership in the communist he was for Many years deeply involved in communist causes and was a leading spokesman in defense of the party in fast served a jail term for contempt of Congress growing out of his refusal to answer questions about move on to rename Ruzian Hill in Sam Francisco up a move is on to change the names of san Francisco famous Nob and russian civic Leader Prisinzano complained Nob Hill should be called something else since Many people refer it As snob 4s for Kussian russian is dirty word these Prisin Zana he suggested it be re named for some civic dead and non Controvert Fitial fueling is being done at the elec tric boat division of general dynamics where the Nautilus was the Navy did not disclose the exact amount of uranium used by the Nautilus in travelling More than but it said a con diesel powered Summa operating the same distance would have used about 3 million or 300 tank of Oil weighing 22h million the builders said the fuel used in the Nautilus would represent a Lump of u Anim smaller than a Light in its the Navy said refuelling the Nautilus involves replacing the submarines nuclear reactor not merely inserting a new capsule of when the old Core is an entirely new heat generating machine is in stalled inside empty steel con Tainer which the new Core will incorporate important technical advances which will greatly expand the fuel As Well As making it less expensive and More reliable polish Mission held asking for mining machinery Anvil 0n Hoo so of cards ersatz penicillin developed at Mit scientists reported saturday have won a nine year research struggle to penicillin chem they said it was difficult As placing an Anvil on a House of cards because the unstable penicillin molecule disintegrates so John Sheenan and of Massachusetts Institute of said they had developed 10 varieties of synthetic penicillin which up to now has been made exclusively from Mold in fermentation to More synthetic would Cost More than natural but they said different kinds May prove effective against disease organisms presently resistant to natural penicillin and against a great number of they said new penicillin also might have less tendency to pro Duce allergic reactions in tests being conducted with them on animals at the Sharp and dome a concerted Effort by approximately american and British scientists during world War ii to synthesize penicillin ended in fail who had participated in the wartime began his new research in plan to dynamite mate blows up on Mother of 3 ins a Long Island charged with planning to blow up her Hus band with dynamite for his insure began 60 Days of mental tests after the whole scheme blew Elvira of Sel was arrested when a neighbor whom she reportedly asked to help her in the plot battled to Brookhaven truck Driver Oscar a longtime Friend of said the Mother of three children asked him to Rig explosives to her husbands car for a share of the husbands Farrell didst turn her he followed police instructions to play along with the he said he accepted from her for Purchase of the were supposed to have gone off Friday morning when her husband stepped on the cars a plump told my husband and i quarrelled Over the and on wednesday 1 decided to get rid of secrecy spat erupts amid dec hearing Washington ques Tion on the Price of plutonium set off a Battle Over secrecy at in atomic Energy commission heir Ernest Vic president and financial committee chairman of Power reactor development was asked what Price per Gram the company pacts from the dec for Plu ton turn produced in the fast breeder ire actor near from 1965 to the question came from Benjamin is attorney for three labor unions opposing the million dec attorney James Moira son said the Price was classified because proc Basic its estimated income on the car rent which 5s a re cent dec announcement of u2 per Gram for plutonium applies Only to he Borders on absurd sign objected to the say ing if they say an opinion on a Price in the which Doest even is the dec is bordering on the if it Hast already gone Over the Sigal then gave Acker a elide Rule and asked him to a series of calculations with the yearly plutonium sales estimated by the company and the plutonium production capacity of the reactor Given in a proc brochure of Hast Acker asked dec Security officer Charles Knesel if i May properly make that he was advised there is no problem and proceeded to get per Gram results ranging from in 1965 to in Sigal continued his objection to the classification of the Price Esti mates As Well As other costs and data left out of the proc exp in he said the information to the heart of this the second atomic powered the through the am on a Ferial main the Atlantic off new news photo million total is estimated sources Washington Munsat Poland u reported asked for mining farm machinery m As farm surplus to bolster polish Dipio Naats familiar with tons said that if of goods requested were added in Dollar total to ild probably approximate in which have been under Way at the state department about have not Hen put on Poland list of m end most of the goods requested being sought Over a two year of the estimated hid figure would be considerably it Hajj in the initial t age if were broken Down a they May be into two successive of a year the polish delegation is reported to have told the state depart ment that the polish government would be willing to have Ameri can technicians enter the country to assist in installing the mining machinery which say they need urgently in order to modernize their Coal polish officials have let it n known that to finance mining and farming machinery and a heavy tonnage of fertilizers they would like to float an Export import Bank loan of about 1100 american say that such a loan would not legally possible under the Batto act which restricts Commerce Kwh communist alternative Poland has considered seeking a loan from the International Bank which might possible if Poland its membership in lawyer fasts Way out of jail a who jailed a hunger striking lawyer on contempt charges has ordered him probate judge William Shi vacated the remainder of a 20day i flt sentence on attorney Edward 58 year old father of seven who fasted in his cell for Threa any More time served in considering his present would affect his Hickey the contempt citation still who began fast be cause to Felt the jail sentence was was described a Fly As a fiddle by his wife who is expecting an other quoted her husband As saying after n jail visit that he would continue his fast until i if i have Joyce was jailed after a verbal Exchange in court with Joyce accused the judge of being unfair in a will Case in which Joyce was double jeopardy Washington John wont be Able to show up for that Pron detion physical examination ordered by his new draft la is too Busy at his pres ent suppl sergeant at the it army Engineer Cen Hes been in army nos orly 15

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