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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 7, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse A killer in action Romlow the navys new sidewinder i Sulla in Delft used from a Jet on Way and beside the target drone a one Thot Mil the one Navy official would Aerial dogfight a a thing of the photo Syria agrees to let firm reopen pipelines to Iraq London Iraq Petroleum said wednesday Syria officially has promised to allow it to repair its damaged pipelines in the country and Start pumping Oil to Mediterranean a company statement said the Promise was Given to its representative in Syria by the syrian tile firms valuable installations in Syria were damaged after the Dulles warns reds on Asia Washington up Secretary state John Foster Dulles warned communism today tout the and seven other Pacific Powers Are determined to Prew Rve their Independence and Wcur Ity against any fee sounded the warning in a statement issued before his de parture by place wednesday night flight to for a meeting of the tout heart Asia treaty Organiza Tion Seato Council Bullet my Seato has become firmly established and has made a pm have Montri tettion to peace and lability in during its 2h a Fife said the eight nation Seato fact will be further developed at the Canberra two port hearing Aid is making dog of 9yearold bed in terrier owned by and Edwin they be aware of their pets plight he stopped answering the Fol or when decided to see if a hearing Aid they say hearing Anglo French israeli invasion of Egypt last and the Supply of Oil from the Rich Iraq Fields to the Mediterranean was Cut rationing Factor the interruption in the flow of Oft was one of the reasons for the imposition of gasoline rationing in a spokesman for the company in London said Oil could begin to flaw in a week but that additional time May be needed to Buhi up reserves in storage tanks and to get Oil tankers into ports to receive the tankers loading at Mediterranean do not have to pass through the Suez Carguil to bring Oil to Western weather forecast with Macau err in the after mind air weather serried Uno Krai of the Ferre in Elope number 321 March 195 Israel pullout on in taking Over Man of destiny my Kukk Senate approves 7219 Washington Senate has adopted he i nitty a Resolution serving notice on soviet Russia that the will if to help halt communist aggression in the Middle the vote was passage of president Eisenhower Middle East Resolution tuesday night came at the Clow of More than two weeks of debate on the Propal which to use its military forces if the president deems it necessary to help any Middle East nation which asks help in resisting overt armed aggression by the the president Power to spend up to free of most present in supplying arms and economic assistance to Middle East nations Between now and july l urgent eisenhower1 asked urgently for the authority in a special message two months ago tuesday the House gave its 355 on the Senate has been debating the subject with in a statement saying i am de lighted at the senates Secretary of state John Foster Dulles quickly accepted the sen ates version of the while further action will be necessary because of variations be tween the language of the House Resolution and that adopted by the the substance is the he said majority it is now Clear that the con Gress of the United states by an nonpartisan major Ity joined with the president to assure the Peoples of the free nations in the Middle East that the stands ready to join with Page 5 Spint Sterg will saves 4 from slew pan los Angeles map the old age of four pet hens has been provided for by the will of a who set up a Chicken feed Trust fund to save them from the Stew pan Claudia do a piano to died left in Trust to a Wilma Alt with these instructions please see that my pet hens get a if one cannot be have them put to i dont want them Eamon de of then de Valera takes Strong Early Lead in Irish balloting dlblin1 i a Eamon de Valera was running strongly out front wednesday night in a dramatic bid to win Back the prime minister ship of the Irish Republic he fought to create the american born Irish Patriot showed strength in Early counting of tuesdays votes in the parliamentary elec with Strong indications he would gain an Overall under the Irish the 147 member Dall parliament chooses the prune minister in a second while de Valeras fianna fail t men of destiny were running on Page l bulletin new York tote rally the Stork Murf aet Wrightly higher leading a times made of to about a acid males bribe witness Ben Girion wins test votes tins a Hunt was pressed wednesday for an assailant who hurled acid in the face of a witness in the investigation of bribery charges against a Mem Ber of Tea Texas House of repro tiie assailant buried an open bottle o hydrochloric acid into the of a chiropractor of when he answered a Buzzer at the Back doer of his office tuesday Mcmeans Suffens Burns on the face and As yet unknown damage to Mcmeans testified last week be fore a special committee of the Texas House investigating charges that Cox of Conroe Reed to accept a bribe to kill his Bill outlawing the practice of in the is somewhat on the order of a criminal complaint was filed against Cox after Howard of san president of the naturopaths said he planted a wire re Corder under his bed and trapped cat into the bribe Cox filed a counter charge Gamst Harmon accusing him of offi Frong a bribe to a member of h accused representative claimed he was merely trying to trap Harmon into the bribe Lirati Tor up israeli troops streamed out of the Gaza strip wednesday night and United nations forces took Over in a lightning withdraw Al curtained by the israeli High command announced that the in take Over of Gaza began at 5 pm did be completed within 21 on it Israel will up Sharmel the official defense ministry meant that within 4h hours Israel will be Back within he a r m i s 11 c lines its Ossed last setting m the Sinai the communique was issued six hours after Premier Dud Ben Gurion won three f Confidence from the Knesset actually the pullback fwd been under Way since Early vehicles and equipment poured from Gaza throughout the Day at Sharmel troops loud on Page t us reserved on ikes plan London Secre tary Selwyn wednesday Britain was fully determined to is communist aggression in the Middle East but was not commit Ted to go along with every action b the under the Eisen Hower Lloyds statement in the House of commons was made in reply to Laborte he said he welcomed or Eisenhower proposals for the Middle East and stated determination to cooperate with us allies in resisting communist aggression Bema que Atton Aneurin Lafortte spokesman on foreign asked does the foreign Secretary appreciate that the statement he has made is an exceedingly serious one does he mean that if presi Dent under the terms of his own policy As suggested to decides that a nation been or been the victim of an act of aggression by a nation under the control of inter National this decision automatically involves the foreign Secretary replied 1 do think i think it is a Mailer for Tuta in each the extent to which we consider ourselves

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