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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 5, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseI i by George Eberl staff writer strike All five pins Down to a american Bowler accustomed to 10 Maple pins something s wrong with that opening gambit five pins simply Are not enough. But to Canadian Kegler five pins Are plenty thank you and anyone addicted to 10-pin Bowling is Welcome to it. Five pin alleys identical to the 10-Pinlanes More popular in the in Canada and men and women fro British Columbia to the easternmost provinces Are Given weekly demonstrations by pros on the Telly Courtesy of the Canadian broadcasting corp Csc the five pin species of Bowling differs from the . Variety in that each strikes Worth 15 Points 10 in the . A perfect game is 450 contrasted with 300in 10-pin Bowling you get three balls each Frame two in the . And each of the pins in the a shaped setup has a specific value head pin 5 Points the next two pins three Points each and the two farthest Back corresponding Ocorner pins in 10-pin Bowling two Points is fitting that the sport s popularity is on daily display at Canadian bases i Germany such As the Craf s 4 Wing base at Soellinger for it was in Ger Many that the Many variations of bowl ing have their ancestral roots. Bowling s origins oddly were bedded in religious practices. An Early Day German carried around a club called Kegel he d twirl it use it to build up his forearms stage distance throwing contests with it and even employ it to devastating effect in combat. A use was called a Kegler a term that lives today. Records show that germans we recalled upon to prove their Faith by under going a Kegel test on greens next to ancient churches. A Kegler would set up his club at one end of the runway the would take a round Stone called a Heide which Means Heathen a droll it at his Kegel. A hit was proof of a Man s Faith a miss would require return for a later test or tests until he had satisfied the clerics by making direct hit. But modern Bowling a lost an semblance of religious overtones save for pleas for divine intervention occasionally heard from despairing bowlers whether american or Canadian. Dear Ann Landers after Reading your advice to betrayed and bitter the woman with the unfaithful husband 1 wonder if the Good you do is equal to the harm. 1 doubt it. Why do you persist in the notion that the wife of a cheat ing husband should take the Jerk Back soothe his tired brow forgive and forget an never bring up the subject again?1 wish 1 had a Dollar for every Lousy miserable cheat ing rat who read that advice and chortled with glee. My own Lousy miserable cheating rat shoved your column into my face and said Here read what a mature woman Hasto say on the then you come out with you owe it to your Why must it always be the Mother who owes it to her children does t a father owe his children anything Why Don t you write a column telling those Back Alle Romeos to grow up and it their family obligations ahead of carnal desire Why Don t you remind them of the vow. In sickness and in health for better or for worse till death do us for 20 years 1 put my Hus band s happiness and Comfort first. I gave him four wonder Ful children and 1 raised them without much help from him. A Csc 14 1 made our Home a meeting place for his family and friends. I was nurse teacher House keeper chauffeur accountant Cook and official hostess. Anyhow did he repay me by Tak ing up with every skirt that crossed his path office girls shop girls stewardesses wait resses just name it and he has had it. Forgive and forget you say. The phrase is so sanctimonious and pious. And it Hasa Nice Christian ring to it. But if you Are going to sit atop and hand out advice you d better come Down occasionally and mingle with the mortals. The women who in habit this Earth Are flesh and blood humans not plaster saints. Also betrayed and bitter dear also my desk is piled High with letters from bitter and betrayed wives from Ever state in the us n. They Call me a female Judas a Tiai Torto my sex and other names which Are unprintable. But 1 have received som Beautiful tetters too not Many but a few from wive who Are not bitter. These Are the women whose existence you doubt the plaster Here is one of Thebes dear Ann your advice tothe wife of the cheating Hus band was excellent. I was once such a fool Bui i Learned the futility of anger and bitterness and i might add the lesson was a costly one. May i say afew words to the unforgiving wives of the world dear stubborn fools Are you Content now that you have decided to throw the bum out and go it alone Are you enjoying the role of the woman wronged March on with your head held High. Meet and commiserate with All the divorcees in your crowd. Rehash the Battle Sand compare wounds. When you begin to Date other me you will be surprised at the number who were thrown out because of a meaningless affair. Then go Home and Strug Gle with the multitudinous problems caused by your insufferable Pride. To those who Are still undecided i say erase that perfect image of yourself. It does t exist. Accept the fact that no marriage is 100 percent perfect. Enjoy and appreciate the 50 or 60 or 70 percent you do have. Forget the past because the future is More important. And forgive him be cause you love him. Been there copyright 1968, publishers Hall Syndicate the stars and stripes Lee scream our commissary has finally sold the last of its Cream and now just carries the imitation Troh int Al Lee the consumption in T Uch Cost consumption of ice Cream by our family has is Uch a quart or two per week to Zero. I am sorry but pro Froni imitation ice Cream to have a flavor and Tho different enough from real ice Cream to be i for one would be willing to pay the exuma Premium sary to obtain real ice Cream. As i understand it i Ces Factor was the main reason for discontinuing its product the commissary can Stock such limited demand items a milk Salt free butter and Yogurt and if the demand for is great enough to warrant stocking butter As a Margarine then it seems to me that a limited sunni a1ice Cream could be made available for those of i a real willing to pay a higher Price. No Are perhaps this letter will stimulate other readers to voice their sentiments. If there Are enough of us who would Rath i than switch then maybe we can bring the great am tradition of real ice Cream Back to our commissaries capt. Jack t. Rummel Bamberg Germany editor s note he Usa eur replies 1. The production of ice Cream for resale in commit stores without butter fat was directed by the . He Usa eur is aware of the unfavourable so acceptability of this product and has requested reconsider Snow the Dod policy More than once. These requests were Den de 2. In december 1967 and january 1968 a customer Survey teach commissary store was conducted to determine preference and acceptance of imitation ice Cream. The purpose of this Surv Evis to provide Usa eur with a basis upon which to initiate another request for an exception to Dod policy. Susareu commands Are now compiling results. The writer had an Odds Unity to indicate dissatisfaction with imitation ice Cream Inthis Survey. 3. Informal reports on the Survey indicate customer response reflects overwhelming dissatisfaction with the imitation ice Cream and a desire for real ice Cream for Sale i Usa eur com Mussary stores. 4. In reference to the writer s comments on other is sufficient recurring demand for Buttermilk and unsalted butter to warrant their continued Stockage and Sale in commissary stores. Moreover there is no policy which prohibits their Sale in commissaries. The Dairy product Yogurt is no available for Sale in Usa eur commissary stores. Demonstrations the recent anti-. Demonstration in Benjamin Franklin Vil Lage an american housing area near Mannheim Germany has infuriated Many americans throughout is inconceivable that these troglodytes primitive Cave Dweller. De were allowed on american property with Flam ing torches some of which were thrown at buildings and amidst hostile obscene shouts and threats must our children be expose to such violent behaviour. It seems to me that the american Community is entitled to unofficial explanation As to Why americans living in the housing area were forced to remain in their Homes Between 6 . Sun Day Jan. 28, and 6 . Monday Jan. 29. Further Why were these anarchists permitted to trespass on american property thereby representing a Clear danger both to people and private property tolerance May or May not be a virtue. In this Case had firm intelligent judgment prevailed on the part of responsible Amer ican officials an ugly unfortunate and potentially dangerous incident could have been prevented. Name withheld by request editor s note the Usa eur Provost marshal replies 1the demonstration in Benjamin Franklin Village Mannheim on Jan. 28 was authorized under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany by the police of Mannheim. On the permit issued by the Mannheim police Access to streets which Are Reserve for the exclusive use of . Forces such As Lincoln washing ton Jefferson and Jackson streets was specifically denied. Inner portions of the demonstrators route however Lay along streets such As Wasserter Strasse which although it parallels a portion of the housing area is a Public Street. . Authorities have no basis to forbid a peaceful demonstration on a Public Street. 2a number of the younger demonstrators perhaps As Manyas 150, violated the terms of the permit broke ranks and streamed up into the housing area Between the buildings. Most of to activity was limited to Washington Street where they a Geum Brief sit Down. Some Small groups penetrated As far As Jefter Street. Throughout the demonstration German police resp now with alacrity and most of the demonstrators had been Remote from the housing area itself within 30 minutes. . I air police were standing by in the event the situation got on hand but they were not deployed when it became Clear thai German police were in control of the situation. Be3several Points in the letter Are not Correct and Sno Uio i writ a. A. _. _ _ _ j.__.�.,.- n4 it if Tlell Loftt. Ollil answered. First no torches were thrown at buildings Hutn act would have almost certainly resulted in the of the demonstrators. One Torch bearer was burned by 11 an Torch and in disposing of it threw it away one of the lawns in the area and was immediately """�.-,- , there was no violence or anything even finally it was to protect our children and others Lio possibility of violence that the restrictions were imposts. A reminder to b bag correspondents All letters to b bag must contain full name and ,e0dtial,writer, and must be signed. All correspondence is to the writer s name will be deleted upon request. To Reserve the right to edit and condense letters. Tuesday March 5, i68

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