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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 5, 1962, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes monday of Cyk lower Van Allen Belt seems to be no Hazard Washington a the air Force says that the lower Van Allen radiation Belt now appears to be no Hazard for space travellers contrary to earlier is another layer farther out but the service s scientists expressed optimism about what will be shown by later tests announcement covered results of a year Long study based on information obtained from a scientific package aboard what the air Force referred to Only As an Agena it said the Van Allen radiation Belt once thought to be a Hazard to space pilots. May no longer be a problem in manned space travel through its doughnut shaped ring about the obtained thus far indicates that the Belt is Only one half As big in the area of major radiation concentration As originally surmised although it is perhaps six times As hot " even though this heart of the Belt has six times the radiation intensity previously estimated a space vehicle would pass through it quicker than previously believed and thus be subject to less bombardment by protons the air Force said. A space Pilot would have to spend full week in the hot inner zone to receive enough radiation to cause death air Force dentists estimate. Instead he would past through in minutes. Re the lower Belt is composed of High Energy Hydrogen particles called protons which come from the Sun. The Belt is above the equatorial Region of the Earth believed to be held in that position by magnetic Force. Scientists estimate that the lower Side of the Belt is at an Altitude of perhaps 600 Miles the upper Edge a perhaps 3,000 estimates were that the band extends about 40 degrees North and South of the Equator. But now the air Force scientists have revised that estimate to about 20 degrees North and South half the area of the original estimate. V till would appear to mean varsity letters will be awarded Scholastic leaders As Well As athletes at the new archbishop cur Ley High school. The principal of the school the very Rev. Alysius b. Balcerek said i see no reason Why the scholar should not receive the same or better prestige Symbol As that Given the father Balcerak said extracurricular activity leaders also would be Given letter awards. Navy vessel sold As Riviera Hole Charleston , up a former . Navy vessel which saw duty As an list and a helicopter Carrier was turned Over to a group of italian businessmen for use Asa floating hotel. The italians bought the surplus vessel for $130,000 and plan to Dock it along the Riviera to accommodate guests. House food launcher fizzles As hungry congressmen Burn Washington a the government is getting its missiles off the ground All right these Days but it s having trouble boasting the bean soup in the new House restaurant. An automatic dumbwaiters that is supposed to lift the food 17 feet from the Kitchen to the restaurant on the floor above has had a Dis Mal record of failures with extremely Messy results around the launching pad. Hardly a Day hns gone by since the restaurant opened in january that four Gallons of bean soup u Dally menu item for More than 50 years Haven t been upended by the Dir witted dumbwaiters. If the bean soup makes it safely four Gallons of peas Corn or Fried potatoes arc Likely to go splashing Down the Shaft. What happens is that the tray carrying the food which Are sup posed to slide automatically onto an upward moving series of shelves Don t always get their timing right. They slide confidently out before the shelf arrives or hold timidly Back so the moving shelf lifts Only a Corner of the i Ray. Spilling the contents. As a result congressmen have to wait for their food the restaurant manager gels Gruyer every Duy the face of the manufacturer of the contraption gets rodder and the waiters who have to carry the food upstairs get highly articulate. Pair can t get their 20c Worth in on taxes Indianapolis the state conservation department reported that 311 Black bears were killed by Hunters during the 1961-62 big game season. This was far Short of the record 622 killed last season. Father 2 children die in . Fire Point Lookout . A a Man and two of his children burned to death when fire destroyed their Home in this Long Island Community. Firemen listed the dead As John Hagerstrom 46 his son Neils 6,and daughter Christon 10. Two sons Edward 11, and John 12, were badly burned and taken to a Hospital. The wife and Mother who works As a waitress was not Home at the time of the fire. Found Lyman killed by molten Metal St. Joseph Mich. Up eight tons of molten Metal splashed out of a huge ladle killing one foundry worker and seriously hurting another. Thomas Moon 55, was burned to death and Willie Taylor 47, Hurt when the Shaft holding the ladle broke spilling out the fiery con tents. The Accident occurred atthe Auto specialities co. Home swaps ease Tea cub vacation new York up a sell teacher in Brookville Ohio tons with his family All Sui in romantic Haleiwa. Hawaii a schoolteacher from Chat Tarigo Temu h treats his family four week vacation in South Ore. Recalling what you be h about schoolteachers salaries yep wonder what the secret is. Do they live on a rations i year to finance trips to Harawi places did they come into an tic Here Tance How did they do to it turns out Many teachers Murtif treat their families to such a a. Tons Are no better off financial than the Rex teacher. A but the Lucky teachers have oat thing in common membership tit the Var tinn to tvs in nerd it in def the vacation Exchange club thought up by a new y schoolteacher on maternity Iea i the club is based on the no of swapping Homes for the summer mrs. Betty Ostroff the teacher who started the club said loot association with teachers led to the development of the Exchange. Teachers Long to go to faraway i places just As often As the nex person said mrs. Ostroff. Short of Money but frequently All they can \ raise is the Money for the to apr with practically nothing left Over to live on during the vacation. They stay where they can afford i to stay and in most cases the Homes they leave vacant Are in j finitely More comfortable than the temporary vacation abodes can mrs. Ostroff s club publishes or directory containing names of teachers willing to Exchange their Homes. It circulates to All state j and Canada. Vij we Don t make the actual Swap Ping arrangements " she said. Just Supply names of those willing to Swap and the parties work own but teachers Aren t the Only one i with time for an extended Ion during the summer. As a 15 \ suit mrs. Ostroff said the club year is opening membership to any one else interested. Etc to probe cold remedied to see i advertising is True Washington a an investigation of cold remedies to see whether they live up to Hel r advertising claims was announced by the Federal Trade commission. The Etc. In a preliminary move ordered 24 major manufacturers to answer questionnaires about their products and the claims made for them. The Agency indicated additional manufacturers will be quizzed later. According to the announcement the inquiry was prompted by a belief that some firms May have falsely advertised and misrepresented the effectiveness of cold remedies in violation of the Adver Tising provisions of the Etc act. Manufacturers s e n t questionnaires Are being asked to disclose a to the commission the chemical formulas for All preparations de signed to combat congestion inflammation irritation infection allergy or other congestion involving any part of the head Throat and cheat officials said All formulations will be Given scientific tests to Serif they measure up to advertising claims. The commission s division of scientific opinion will conduct the studies calling in outside experts where necessary. Some manufacturers May balk at revealing the formulas for their products although the Etc said it expected Complete cooperation and in fact demanded it

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