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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 3, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes i Abby read this a a ammo 1 "1111""111 it air borne astronauts work out by Edward k. Delong Houston up it has been Jhin a year since the last nvd5 space flight but Riri s astronauts Are still song the most physically fit men in the nation. They slav in shape despite the fact that they spend most of their a behind desks and Only about hour a Day exercising. But their secret of exercise can Hel others in a society of commuting see workers whose flab mess could be , each of the 55 National aeronautics and Nasa Astro auls is on his own about How often he exercises and How much he does. No one except occasionally a fellow astronaut checks Tosee Bow fast they can run or How Many pushups they can one outlines a specific pro Gram for physical fitness. No records arc kept. But there s one thing they know they must pass rigid physical examinations Given a mini i mum of once a year and usually i More often. According to or. d. Catterson a Nasa physician i none of them has Ever failed the tests the manned spacecraft Center provides an outfitted gymnasium Complete Vith handball and other exercise equipment. Out Side a Quarter mile running path winds through Trees draped wit Spanish Moss. According to astronaut James Lovell there Are two types of exercise muscle building and stamina and endurance develop ing. We re More interested in the stamina part building healthy hearts and lungs he has an extra reason to be interested in exercise. He i physical fitness adviser to pres ident Johnson heading a group that seeks ways of keeping americans in top shape. We be found that the average person is in pretty Good shape when he gets out of High school or College he said. After that he begins to work Long hours an forgets his physical Well being. The Reserve left Over from school curries him until he is about 32, generally but then it is used up."1 read reports 1 write letters i sit behind a desk and lie trim Veteran of the i Emit 7 and 12 space flights s just like any other office Job. This is the Type of Guy who needs exercise most rather than the ranch hand or the said running is one of the Best kinds of exercise for this purpose. So Are a number of types of simple calisthenic which work out All the body s Muscles in a Short period of time causing the heart to pump More blood through the body Ami the lungs to take Indore air. In tie Nasa gymnasium Trainer Joe Gorino said some of the spacemen try to work in nearly morning exercise period almost every Day. Others Comein on their lunch hour or after work. About an hour a Day Savita in added. Torino described a typical it re it with the astronaut jog l ii a Miu to warm up. Then he m Tahi run hard for another mile half Mike of jogging to Cool off. Nothing lakes the place of1 Uli Iuit j " be a Iii o4i111, or exercise Jorio said our in is to develop their cardiovascular system heart and lungs and the strength to do their jobs not to build Muscles. We just work on the muscle they astronauts just entering the program Start out with a week or two of Basic calisthenic Roget them in shape Gorino said. Then they gradually Start put Ting More and More stress on their Muscles each Day try ing to do a Little More than they did the Day before. They keep themselves in to condition he said. We Don t have to keep them in or. Catterson thinks this Type of physical fitness program could keep Many americans alive who suddenly after avoiding strenuous activity for a Long time de cide to shovel Snow off the drive Way or carry a trunk Down stairs and drop like Are people who never stress themselves until they Fin they have to get out of the drive Way he said. Then they gout and place an overload on their system and those who have coronary blood vessels in a mar Ginal condition will suddenly lock one of those vessels and suffer a heart attack. It s a com Mon Story to the Freedom from heart attacks under emergency conditions is not the Only Benefit people May expect from exercise carried out week after week the Doc Tor said. There is Strong evidence that it will mean a sense of Well being to them 10 or 20 years from now. It s not that they re going to love to live to an older age he added. But they la be less plagued with getting Short of breath and having muscular aches and pains catches and cramps if they want to engage in physical activities climbing around fixing the family estate rough housing with the kids demonstration astronaut Bruce Mccandless shows one of the ways astronauts keep in shape while holding Down a desk Job Between space nights. Nasa photo service device for m67 cuts firing costs from $45 to Diane Watervliet Arsenal,. Special . Army weapons come engineers have Cut the Cost of training with the m67 90mm recoilless Rifle from $45 a round to 10 cents. The recoilless Rifle which is used by a two Man team fires a High explosive antitank heat round capable of defeating any known tank. Each firing costs about $45dollars. Engineers at Watervliet Arsenal have developed an in expensive training device to re us. Site now Fon line completing Auto Din not Andrews fab my. Spe Cial on line reactivation of the defense communications Agency s automatic digital network Auto Din Center Here completes expansion of this network in the Continental United states. Auto Din is a High Speed com Puter controlled common user secure data and message switch ing system. It is comprised of automatic electronic switching centers and a variety of sub Scriber terminals to meet specific customer requirements for perforated tape punched cards and magnetic of the network in the United states was directed bythe department of defense in 1964 the Andrews Center originally activated in february 1963, was put off line in october1966, while its capacity was in creased from 100 to 300 traffic Auto Din centers were Norton and Mcclellan air Force final delivery made on Star lifters Scott fab 111. Special the last of 284 c141 Star lifter Jet aircraft built for the air Force was delivered to the military air lift come Mac at tinker Aill squadrons of Star Are the spearhead of . Strategic Airlift Force Able to transport Large numbers of combat troops and their equip ment anywhere in the world m minimum time. I a him in. I a bases in California tinker Al a okla. And Gentile ass Ohio. Since 1964, new Auto Din Cen ters have been established at Hancock Field ., Marine corps Supply Center Albany a a it Detrick md., and Nav communications station Hono Lulu. Kit Oiler Auto Din switches Are hems installed in the Pacific area. Three centers Are located in Pacific centers Are at Clark a. . Korat k1ai b. Thailand Nha Trang and by j Al i Vietnam it. Buckner Oki Nawa Fine Gayan Guam Camp Drake Japan and Vil Wood Alaska in Europe the centers Are at Croughton England Pir Masens Germany and Collano Italy. Auto Din had its beginning in1958 when an air Force planning group developed a concept Foran automatic electronically con trolled data handling network to meet growing demands for faster logistics support reaction to Glo bal air operations. Its activation in March 1963, replaced several manual data networks. Monthan Wing gets maintenance trophy Davis Monti i an fab. Ariz special the 390th strategic missile Wing received the Johnk. Mcneil trophy for outstanding maintenance for july through december 1967, the award is presented by 15thair Force to one of its strategic missile wings deemed outstanding in ballistic missile Maine in uhf. The Wing receives a tray Elm trophy which is retained ii Wii three consecutive times Aida plaque for permanent Helen Tiou. Place the heat round. The practice round consists Ofa Cylinder which is the same size and shape As the regular fires a Standard 7.62mm Rifle round which has been adjusted to travel at about the same Speed and trajectory As the regular90mm projectiles. Soldiers now can get the Sam functional training on both stationary and moving targets that they would normally get with the regular round for a Cost of ten cents. Also the firing Range target that were virtually demolished by a heat round Are relatively undamaged by the 7.62mm am munition. Washington special personnel booked for flights nonmilitary Airlift come Mac or commercial aircraft mus place a copy of pertinent travel orders in the inside of each piece of checked or unchecked Luggage. According to depart nent of the army message 811945, tags should also be attached to lha outside of the Luggage regard less of whether it is checked or unchecked. Should the outside tags be come obliterated or detached the orders inside uie baggage will Aid in identification and delivery. Washington is the Navy is going ahead with tha first step in what will eventually become an extensive ship building pro rain for a be class of multipurpose destroy ers. At Iho present time the Yare known As the do ships and intended mainly for an anti submarine warfare role. By giving the shipbuilding Industry a major Lial n Tho design and con Minou of tin ships the Hopes i achieve a significant reduction in both procurement and Liioi

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