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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 3, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 6 the stars and stripes sunday March 3, Boll Weevils lust won t Cotton to Alfalfa by Dick West Washington up sup pose for supposition purposes that you create an entirely new and different Type of Plant something totally unlike any thing else that grows on this planet or wherever you might be clone say by crossing a giant Sequoia with Huckleberry Bush thus producing for the first time on Earth Redwood Huckleberry. Now you take this Plant and set it out in the Middle of the Gobi desert Miles from any other vegetation. You do this and it is a sure bet that within three months it will be attacked by a Redwood Huckleberry , friends what i m leading up to Here is another of my lectures on the insect kingdom. I regret i have no lantern slides with which to illustrate the key Points but if you close your eyes real tight you can picture it All for , i be discovered from Reading agriculture department press releases Are the most highly specialized creatures yet every Type of Plant has its own individual insect enemy. Or if it does to it soon will you have Box elders you have a Box elder Bug. If you have elms you have Elm bark cabbage Looper does not concern itself with Alfalfa. I leaves that work to the Alfalfa Weevil who would t dream of competing with the Rice Weevil. Would a Corn Root worm bother the roots of sugar beets of course not. Not As Long As the sugar beet Root maggots arson the Job. Some plants Are even subdivided the Corn Root worm leaving the ears to the european Corn Borer and the stalks to the Corn sap of this May seem like Small Beer but As the world becomes More crowded and the struggle for survival by each species becomes More intense we May be Able to Lear something from it. Rather Utility Why is the insect producing specialists than All purpose or bugs one might surmise that Thi insect kingdom is tightly Union cd the International federation of tobacco hos forms being wary of jurisdictional disputes with the Amalea mated association of mexican fruit flies. Or one might surmise that the insect kingdom has merely gone the Way of the medical profession. Freeman 60 others plan far East trip despite gop criticism Washington a Secre tary of agriculture Oryille l. Freeman announced Friday Hewill take a delegation of about 60, including congressmen governors farm organization Lead ers and government Trade officials and wives on an 11-Day agriculture Trade Mission to Japan and trip to be made by government plane will begin april 3 and end april 13. Freeman told a news conference the major purpose will be to promote greater sales of farm products to these two . John j. Williams r-del., has criticized plans forthe Mission declaring it should not be made in View of efforts by president Johnson to save dollars in foreign spending to help a balance of Trade deficit. Freeman said the Cost of the Mission not including operating costs of the plane will be under 810,000. Members of the Mission will draw a per diem of about $18, except wives whore to travel free but pay for their own meals hotel expenses and other personal costs. Freeman said there have been charges that the trip will be a he speculated there will be additional criticism of this he insisted that the mis Sion is justified on the basis that it is expected to help this Conn Senate votes try increase farm sales around $60 million this year to Japan alone. Japan is this country s largest buyer of american farm products. She keeps her Maud sex Fiancee to lose ring new York a is an engagement ring a conditional gift a woman owns Only after she becomes a Bride or just a gift Given for love and affection civil court judge Sidney Asch ruled the former when he or dered Lois Rosenthal 23-year old Secretary Model to return eur gilts debate Washington up the Senate refused Friday for the third time to Cut off its civil rights debate and to begin voting on a Compromise Bill. The motion to invoke the debate limiting gag Rule failed 59 to 35four votes Short of the required two thirds margin. Immediately after the vote Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield ordered an unusual saturday session and schedule the fourth cloture vote in six weeks for noon monday. Both backers and opponents of the gag Effort tied the civil rights Bill to the findings of the president s anti riot commission. Riots or not it is no excuse to pass this Bill that the Senate does t ," said sen. Robert c. Byrd thin a lbs were shattered to bits. The conventional explosives in one or More of them May have detonated but there was no nuclear explosion. The crash left the immediate area contaminated with Alph radiation which does not Pene trate human the . And danish governments have said the situation was not dangerous. However in summer the ice will melt the radioactivity would enter the water Anil it was Wise to remove it now. Rap Brown loses round in court Richmond a. A the Virginia supreme court upheld Friday Virginia s right to return Black Brown faces be Mii i i or i 11 r i tended 1 Only in Alexandria i red and violated h Donn a tins Contention trained by the. Peals court Power Leader to Maryland charges of to riot and for Browna i Brown. H. Rap where Hei i i i i l i i i j la Ana would have Boen freed of a not Long after Brown spoke to Virginia order that he be extra a gathering in Cambridge Vio been sus state s highest a the Black Power activist now in jail in United to Maryland. The state supreme court however rejected the arguments advanced at a a wednes a hearing by Arlington Athorne Philip j. Ilii m Flikop and of Lii used the Success Ful Battle against Virginia s decision to Honor a Maryland re quem for ins return. Brown now is being held Ini Louisiana on Federal charges of intimidating an Fri agent and violating Federal firearms stat utes. Hoover asks crackdown on smut Sellers Washington a feb director j. Edgar Hoover say ing pornographic material plans a motivating role in sex Ual violence has called a stiffer punishments for win purveyors. In an editorial in the Fri monthly Law Ftp bulletin Hoover wrote incas after Case the sex criminal Nas on his person or in his pornographic literature or i under these co Miilu is it not Surpin my to note that ble rape in lilt ii Iii Vacent Over the i i to lion oreurrm1- every 1 1since Likio i Milne rape h creased 50 per Hoover said Dei pm i1 pictures Ami Pori i rap " future covertly peddled in most cities and coir net greedy smut Mere of Lions of dollars annually. D. A Ford 10 per Viola so ,.v liter and sold

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