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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 3, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse My iras and my placed Dulles Blick control has directed Harold his Ousaima Man to Fra Bow lit under tace Boere Tarjer of John Foster instead lot reflecting i i Rocatty the Dalfe tand toe Pottey to at the Houie after they had conferred with babes said the shift Means no utter As a Spe Cial assistant to Tibe president on the that it Omi Stassen win report to him Taa Toad of to of isl Wib be under state change the to Cut off direct Access to Bis on Taar Vantent to give full control in that Field there been reports that has been dissatisfied with operation of Stassens office As Wittal in effect has n foreign policy function Independent of the state department Dulles announced that the change a Fol not affect Stassens status As chairman of the delegation at a meeting of the United nations disarmament subcommittee in Lon Don starting March Stassen said he will continue to Nave Cabinet status and to sit at National Security Council meet Ings whenever Eisenhower wants him to do there also have been reports that Stassen plans to resign after the London he denied those tet refused to say we Ether he intends to leave gov try tent service later to bid for governorship of nos adopted Ysuf aide nominated As Public affairs chief Washington Eisenhower has nominated Andrew now assistant chief of tilt United states information to be assistant Secretary of for Public Berding would succeed Carl a former Philadelphia resigned month As the state departments top in formation has been in govern ment service since before that he was in the newspaper bust he started to that Field in his Home and later was with the associated press overseas and to the of washing ton a ounce new York Cap Baker and a leading refiner of has rut its Price for Metal by 18 an ounce to 188 for bulk quantities and 185 for Small a spokesman Sam Taco Purtee but resulted from increased supplies and reported offerings of the Metal in Europe from Rastica go official gets fear hiding past wash1hgton cup Robert former Simsq Baycar director of audits for accounting been Given a oneyear suspended for about a tins was with and two Dren in was placed on he was convicted two months ago Job charge that he concealed in his application for govern ment Job the fart that he worked from 1933 to 1938 for the sugar crate of to covered government mid he Tea by the Dairy alter a set outage in funds wag Dis although Long was not formally they he would not have been Given the government Job if the Circum had been Lone treat to work for the Gen eral accounting office seven years ago As a he worked up to the Post of director of audits with an outstanding Job probes claim reds in Treasury blocked Aid for Chiang Economy a gift mask for Eisenhower Wagner seeks second term new York a mayor Rob Ert says he will seek a second term in november and la not a candidate for any other the democratic son of the sate Robert who sponsored the Wagner labor relations act and other important new Deal was Defeated by Jakob javits in last novembers Senate Wagner told a news conference he would serve the full fou year term if the announcement brought from a group of Republican leaders in the City a joint Challenge that Wagner give an ironclad Guaran tee thit in seeking reelection he is not looking for a fresh new Siep pin Stone to try again for the Senate in 4t in has cherished a wish for Litany years to follow his father to the j aides tied to delay in Gold shipments Washington that during world j ii in the a Fol Gold shop i to avoid collapse of currency in this the Senate i t r n i t Purtty str tips the the Harry Dextor a former assistant Secretary of and what it matted his fellow Tonapi Valoni dial in shortly of swearing to House he never had been a t of Mutt or a to the Senate received Testi Mony that White was a comm and frequently has so Jet lands safely going 600 Mph Larson a capt William the Rottle of his rf84f Jet plane jammed landed safely but spectacularly at this Central Washington Emrick discovered his plight on a flight North from approaching this he circled to exhaust Bis fuel but he was still travelling nearly 600 he when be started he put Down his flaps and land ing and 2jogq feet from the runway intentionally flamed out to Glide hitting the runway he threw out the drag Parachute and stopped just before reaching the rur ways far Irr aident displays a trilled Nizuk from Thailand at the House after declining to try it on with a laughing it wan to him by a group of foreign High of school associated photo cancelled Luther film rescheduled on video Chicago up the american broadcasting television station mired to show the controversial film Martin the movie biography of the protestant reformation Leader earlier had been then by television station the station said it received a flood of letters protesting showing of the Sterling c Dulnuan wbb vice said the movie would be shown april two Days after and that the same sponsor which scheduled the show on we nov would foot the wbb estimated it a protest committee has Ron damned the we nov cancellation and hired a Washington lawyer to present its Case before the fed eral communications i want to show a Panorama of religious the Rob Ert head of a in now looking for a Good Cath tic and a Good jewish Kendler said he is a Christian wife and daughter Are his brother inlaw is jewish and one of his uncles is a full blooded american germans present highest award to Mccloy new York a West Ger has a resented its highest the grand Cross of the to first Cav the relationship Between the and Germany on an enduring Mccloy now is chairman of the Teal of toe Chase Manhattan ref tier raised the efforts of Mccloy to Cul Tural Fen Germany and to give it Krekun Esaid Estabr Shemat of the Uto Academy of design Hes debt hour wat Accel eve ment he Wais also you who made sure that we a Germany became the America your country Char life a of urn we deeply touched when saw that your departure from Germany did not end your endeavours to bring our two nations closer to one another that you were at All times ready tax Tous to help and to accused spy asks charges dismissal new York via motion to dismiss three counts of a govern ment indictment for including one carrying the death in filed in Federal court by attorney for Jacob Ai one of three defendants accused of spying for Federal judge Gregory noon who reserved decision on Simi Lar motions made by attorney Teorre Wolf on behalf of Jack and Myra the other s Hedu led the motion for a hearing March collide in air 2 Parachute to safety up two air Force pilots ejected themselves from their f86d Sabre jets and parachuted to safety after they collided fit both it Robert of Sam and it John Green escaped the two wre picked up by helicopters and brought to Westover fab where they were returning after a routine training flight when the Accident in the fifth instalment at its annual the subcommittee reviewed testimony it took Lank Var about chivas wartime obtain the report wid testimony from or Arthur n wartime Hill adviser to the chinese was an account of Congress sought to give our Illy i needed won Tiv Aid and Haw marry White and his Fel Back that i while communicating Kiili the Mart who a time the tulips of to subcommittee she Story oii5cl Down to this ask tit for million in sold in it rot Only proximately trillion of a million Art atly from that time to july report Saja currency collapsed in suffocating which helped to bring Down anticommunist Chiang Waishek and bring up the chinese Bedwell Case to be dropped Chicago authorities Law that a murder charge against skid Row Dexter Edward Bennie the dish was Ier Bedwell in of the Grimes would withdrawn states attorney Benjamin Adam Owski said would take action despite Obj tons of Joseph Bedwell first confessed that and another Man dumped the and from a car after a we Klong my Gad whiskey Binge in skid Row he withdrew the and was released in Bond medical evidence indicated Story Lehman has insisted that bed a Kutara Cumming Billy from was itt solved in the death of whose nude and Frozen bodies found in a sought throw boys who were reported to have followed the Sisters in a car night they Zanuck quits Fox Board new York Tup Darryl Zanuck resigned thursday the of directors of 30th Cen Tury president spy rot Tea company largest individual Stock said that Felt he Coald not take of Board duties prop Erly Becaum he had five scheduled to be made a Paru of the

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