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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 2, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseMe stars Ano Simms Friday Mcfev. Nevii eases ties with Italy reds by Phil nkw8ompw foreign news analyst Italy s first left of enter govern ment since the War in ready to take office. Its Success depends on a Stocky Moon faced Man i heavy glasses who once called for Mer president Harry s. Truman another Man is left a Long socialist Leader p t e t r o Nenni who applied his epithet to or. Truman inner no opposing Italy s membership in , for years a close Collaborator with Italy s communists Calll opposes nato but his ties with communism have loosened considerably. Nenni left Wing socialists will hold no Cabinet seats in the new government formed by Premier Amintore Fanfant those went to the coalition of of Fanfani s own Christian democrats the anti communist social democrats of Giuseppe Sara sat and to the moderately Eft republicans. Pro nato defense minister Giulio Andreotto kept his old Job As did foreign minister Antonio Segno. A Strong supporter of the communist opposed european com Mon marketing return for the government s leftward shift domestically. Nenni promised to support government measures his party approved and. More importantly to abstain on those measures which wer not in also agreed to a reluctant neutrality toward nato. Strong Alliance the Alliance with the socialists provides Fanfani with time and the solid majority he believes he needs to accomplish needed re forms. These include a crash program for new schools tax reforms anti Trust legislation and easier farm credits. Also on the program is nationalisation of Italy s private Power Industry. The roman cat Hojic Church opposes the Alliance which also is regarded with great misgivings by by Many in the political Center. The Center and right Wing fear that Nenni could be the Trojan horse to Lead Italy increasingly to the left and therefore away from nato the common Market and close ties to the West. At Best the opening to the left is regarded As a necessary calculated risk. A gain might be a final break Between Nenni and the communists. Wed up May be cultural by Anthony Rouse Washington up you foreign countries touched on this Are a modest product of the phenomenon. Eastern Seaboard living in a once the Novelty of your sit foreign country and suddenly you Patlon wears off the Booklet Start boasting like a texan. Said it s quite possible you will you Are a texan living in a feel emotionally let Down and foreign country and suddenly Are afflicted by the Depres you May even find yourself Slon and Lack of vitality you leaning heavily on your fellow usually associate with Damn americans glorifying everything Yankees. American and blaming every the chances Are you Are suffer thing that goes wrong on your ing from cultural Shock. Host country and its people. A recently published Booklet this unpleasant reaction is americans abroad which gives sometimes called cultural advice to americana living in shock1."dr. James Birren. An american psychologist who has lived abroad and thus was Able to observe the effects of cultural Shock on him self and his family enlarged on the subject for United press International. Put simply cultural Shock Means the effect on the mind of dealing with too Many strange things in a strange environment. There Are Birren said so Many More Little decisions you have to make living abroad and this May Lead to mental exhaustion. Birren received his cultural Shock in Cambridge England and suggested As one of its causes English coinage. Take an american brought up on the comfortable logic of the Decimal system and suddenly confront him with the wild a plausibility of English Money. Buying a newspaper which at Home was an automatic process 17 now becomes a problem to Mathe Matics. Eventually Birren said this continual wrestling with the strange produces irritation and depression and sometimes expo additional Cor fictive Load produces disproportionate re sponge Birren said lapsing into the technical. He meant learning too much makes you oversensitive. Take the problem of explaining to a bus Driver where you want to alight Birren suggested. After attempts to communicate with Many bus Drivers you May find yourself responding disproportionately to a Driver s request that you speak More clearly. This response might take the form of telling the bus drive that both buses and Drivers Are bigger better and Kinder where you come from. Cultural Shock is not confine to americans so presumably a japanese with the National Pas Sion for the neat and miniature might suddenly Tel an american bus Driver that Buser and Drivers Are smaller and better where he comes from. Birren mentioned two cases of cultural Shock suffered by for Eigners he knew. One was a Vien Nese woman psychologist response to new Yort j feel twice her age and act think half As quickly. The other was a latter can educator who arrived Cage for a conferences culturally shocked he straight Home. Cultural Shock Birren said to More than simple Home sickle Icard More than the Strain of Deal ing with strange people tit strange land. It May also be defenceless feeling caused by re Moval from a familiar Environ ment accompanied by a Lack of Confidence. And that might Lead to boast ing. So next time an american tries to persuade you that the grapes in California grow As big As melons just Lay him Down on a Couch and practice your pay Ciao therapy. He probably is just going through a phase. When new York went wild for Lindy by Fred t. Ferguson new York up a lanky 25 year old kid with Sandy hair and a Quick smile stepped ashore n.1 the foot of Manhattan and now York went wild with adulation. There never was anything like it the newspapers said and even that May have been an under statement. The Date was june 13, 1927 More than 34 years ago Charles a Lindbergh had arrived to receive the biggest Wel come the nation s biggest City could manage and everybody was cheer ing Lindbergh s historic Petit was his epic transatlantic flight in a monoplane less than a month before. Four Hundred varied vessels dressed in a multitude of flags announced his arrival for a reception much like astronaut John heroes both some 34 Yean ago new York gave its wildest Welcome Ever to Young Char Tai a. Lindbergh right after his buc Ces Srul Solo flight across fee att Antte. New yorkers turned out again thursday to Welcome another Pioneer astronaut John a Glenn jr., America s first Man to orbit the Earth and the first Man to capture the heart of America. Of completely since Lindbergh up photos h. Genii or s thursday. Their whistles screeched with deafening . "22 planes Riding the skies in Battle formation gave him an escort of his comrades of the Silver wings one newspaper said. On Shore a crowd of 3 million waited him. The City was drenched in Flag Sand Bunting. Thousands of hero worshippers had been waiting along the Parade route for hours. Accompanied by official greeter Grover Whalen Lindbergh stepped Shore at the Battery and the crowds roared. A paper snowstorm from the office buildings virtually dimmed the Skyline. Near Accident Lindy s Parade cur spurted for an opening in the crowd. The aviator was hurled backward and almost thrown from the car. Phaion grabbed his leg saving him from injury. Up the Cony on of lower Broad Way went the procession 4,000 soldiers and sailors in the Lead. Much of the 1.750 tons of ticker tape and shredded phone books that were thrown within the next 414 hours came Down then in thick snowstorm of White acclaim. La indy Kintly linrtj1 spectators jammed the sidewalks from the curbs to the building wails. They Hung from the roof tops and every window. They yelled themselves hoarse. They screamed Undy Lindy hello Lindy it was estimated that 15 million other americans heard this cry on radio. City officials 300 seated guests and a crowd of 100,000 jammed City Hall Park. Three White Robe women trumpeters heralded the hero s arrival. This is the Man who has won the love and admiration of the world said Whalen to mayor James j. Walker. The flier received the City s scroll of commendation and its medal of valor. Another Parade followed. It was As tumultuous As the first. The hero and the mayor had to try to sweep some of the knee deep ticker tape from their car. European edition army Navy air Force col Howay p. Smith jr., Usa de Tor to chef it col John j. Caulfield Usan Deputy Bhtor-hvoli.1 Arnold Burnett managing editor Elmer i. Frank production a Noger Sydnie Label Ora Farfon mrm or a sector of news bureaus Germany Darmi Ladt Contrat activity Hom i a Cabin Newt Jack Emif Sporle Ralph Kennan. Dan Stradt c 75346 Darmstadt air sep m 741 two Rufy gtd relax 04189-273, 04189-284 Stull Gort Williom c. Duiven c 84j 5. M 729s, la 7-33607 Munich Bob , c1 493648, m 8356j Talen 5-23886 Henry it. Krall c 43995 Tola. 045-721 brain Jom guitar c 764610 England South Ruit tip John kru9r, c i Kifft 3333. It. 47. 472 0200-23681 France Pirli motion p. Gud bred c Balzac s400, Tut 443 or 368 Spain Madrid Wollage 6w�, c 2.22 93-90. A 2733 or 2551, Talu 03087-7793 directory of circulation offices England London Bothy pork a Mal is or Teddington lock 2863 France la roch.m., m 774 , q 6366 9 path c 93c-7s-7ij m Belman u7 Italy leghorn Darby m 1465 Spain Modred c 2248408 Greece Alhani c 962323 Germany rim c 763l , a 4334 Dormi Cdr a 75366 it 61 Frankfort c 06108-2047 knt naut a. A 5117 Moln Ntim a b6402 Munich. C 65913 , pc 790047 Stuttgart a 84321 i i bed c 43046 or 43479 Morocco. Catablan civilian number a air lot Imp military number an unofficial publication of and for a . Foix in europ Plant a Dairy of dorm Todt Germony und i the auspice i of run Putell of Flatt Outlan Usai Gujt a nil

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