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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 2, 1961, Darmstadt, HesseFoot 20 Rains Oft leans Frances a to Nilon among com z in this area Hiu reached an to Ltd Lon to Wahid showdown bar then Tho oilman Knight a and i it Lnu both unbeaten in in league game t billed the main attraction Graf that incr let up. Hulf Tomt wore my 34t irl hit if play a it Wylli lit greek few Wonit better Cwm Piny and or Saui Fli Tuit at Fht Jasitt nun it uni id right ill Miniri i Iii in m Iti Nurl nit in front of Tho Mil and by goalie in attn Kovic in Tinl div with a Quick Boot in Llu Ifft Corner of the soul the Creek Kepi prs hug and out cd right in i of or am Vatu of Tiff n Jhinis from mid Field brat the Ujj h Goi i with u hard Low Ito a the 3uut minutes minute injure die Flint Hrolf. Right uni Nutak iun1u ariftkuixlubii., right Back. To cited one from 130 Frt out when Korju d a Natl by i u n pos Soblo hot Central Loop k Chunon celts slap knights with 06-75 defeat Erig Germany the Orit a knights run away Valois in that com a Central lnttu9, Matfen to their f True Ira Sorto it Tho a tills of a to Lent army item trend by neg he when Tho us up tips cd Jolt risked Upun Bo-73 i Uhll Lent win Thyl Knight took Mac no Rel title with it 24-0 a crowd and it Chart Toul the foot to Lnch i t Joti Hin is Urup up with n Gumc total of it. Adding to the in thu Wijn tar twi in i Lii up by Phil i. Ranutt of Tho or of Tho two local a Lux Ilam c f and Lulf lend Tuo neg tit by wiil loping die to own full with till Lii Phil York. try j Sut will Host 5s Wjk Baden Ottn nys a c a off it tuft ii Tofu up Bukk Tobii l loin ii Nam Twil of tg4 in the la new yall station in re Kali tiny Baund Klahn with id Vav Jiter Dak x i myth d it my Henry i i vols a to in it Stitts w m Thi in hit ill ail in tip in to h or h i tilt viral to w iiatvu11, i he it if the 25th cominus Lutton k will Hott the by � Fli Udipi i pull cil h on to in Roii Isi in to Mill Vii Vrr of it of Hii it or Chi a lit John a Irp to in Cut s will it in jul Tilin la to Kwh tue 11, Iolj Arnitor mum a ill Points tip Cru inv Driy Puim disc 71j.i7, by by Allon i my tin Pari to mint Lri Iii Ali with 20 tin Ali inf Tui the Kali inf Torl cd joint n Vav n i r n it i p of inc Tel inf inv Nim it Itil a intr ind Tii huh u 7,1-Flh Luc Lnu Hon theto eth inf Kuc Kyls rest in second Nhin with Tukki let. Both we i h Joni Tii Tor rth and his form. By Phui Kituto in a7 pos lit Tho 20-Polnt Mur Chirillt Fri Lii Woro Lou Hull my Al is. Kok of series fort k miss by is in of hah nil Ryll it Timog prov he d taif Hist in Cirini is with n to Walt a i in it hut a till pm Llu Tuc Ilmy a Riihl Antl sit mod h a i St of Tho v it re i in Efti t to Ltd us 71 h army support. A mid " in to St i in " run Ftp Jiri to in tint cite Hicls. I to licit from u 4 Tih a fun did not. A Iii. Lalif u Jil s7-57. Tin it hot cd to Iii it Tnora Eji ifs until nil Brukier it li7h?i talc hit Ruilt in it with 21 mints or Hurt in Luppi it toll a 17, hoi. Nyder i 13 and cry a huh Dick lit. I of in i7ij pot i Tir Titi r i it 5 a Flamini 0 w on Iii if 3i, a her 2, in i a if in let hrs. Radir wll tin comete Crete snare 6900tk meet thrillers be Mijach Kirk Newton Fly tend it so Comet and Crl i of Kwh hum bit t Pilod out taut ditch wind to joins match n fl9iolh ism to Gem and hrs a 0912th rsm pet Jet b Inch Winner Circle to Oduy of to g906th Security Wing tournament a targe a a Tui ing Down the Tuii h h no in Roxy Tai big Orot h nil Llyd to nip fahd Csc a s owl to scos443, Elf Knewlon emd on a Way Toane a second tourney win Utt -51. A of Trot hey i yup widened third to 5h51 hut four Fri thrown by Joni Bush ititus and two by Bill Carroll a Migul the Helm Rit with in one i Wilt i dh-r7, Purl Nhy Gol n Iii Kif hut Vav it a in Swobod with run of huh own. Then unit sky of upped in Woler to she with four wntn1# h Al of Tosh s Chi i Flechl. we for anti flit. Cartr pay bin Kali d a t Point m Ontl cd Ron e univ Mlod us Hud to for tit he in i. The jute turn owned n 27-22 a nth Timo inn Khi and Wen Nelll by l the i Khz with two o to hut then in hut Lor held 3�ft m Mph i Iii ii Kiln bit Field i titty Rritt to a a cab hunks Psi trod thu win Ullh 2i till list. Bob not cd in i Dill Bon test not 11 Khz the Host Seni Burh Flo l no a in Rev Stzidl s Gotti rom Coincon 58-19. Chit Llo Wisit Hington Seo cd 12 Foi Tho any oho of the Nin Ordog could it Welty be o use Pfar. They i nil Numen cd Throe it flyer within the Elev league arts aril us roofer the Ensor the k Era Froni target Inri next Nuj Mont Uhll tha to Tirney " vol run a nth Fontanet it tvs it hadded Vartou Pluf of Talent cd or carries banter Iii Safe Fly my Kab Micas .86$ London blurts Ati atm Sas a ctn a lion h Curt a is fit the Oltre nth off from the University of us a who led then co District i Atni re to a Pitlor of sat k butt t ill wll Thyri for s in other not not Fth a now met Kynsi in pm Roll Sporle m Eru h Ruh Hourih s Pliny or comi h Johnt Flor of attn Blu hmm in bin Vogl Miil to to Tah in tin pm Mil. A Akk Tyi a. It a Bitch to sets inn do a churl end Arry prompt to Kidd Tel t Nylon to huh Yontef for the Vsiak l it Witry to at Fon Buji Jhaj wyo., flip Nhit Mitre h it. To yen from vat us flu he twin in five Yesus to us i for ill i a tiny pc run Bol Ever to Iisak , Litt urn Lilly in t won usal h Uhi Sfeir loth t s Fout Ofiu h of rent turnip the k Lii Vav Rit Ltd it Tiddum it us Shnek i l a to Tho Vlku Ontoh won 25. Of 2h Nurul Phi Riiff a i a i Undt r i1, Tai it s Kiiji i i and Thim enl dry a Whoso ton Nuy should rpm twin Var unify hint Rii itt inn a Flat Uccat to both usal h a cig Pii Wor m St no Aon with , Jim in Timlet Oil the of 2 i far Kos total Al it Ltd kill Ritell Mill a Tity Lor t to Crown u two Grid i Tot in t h injured. Situ olt int Ryt of coat in slim whist .15 31 twi i swept to Tho nit find pin Tresp Nettl in Tho Mcaa Tiluy offs Taylor Vihti Toti Mulcet to two a for Mii d und Hining we lip Naunik it pal nah i Idini in Ihn us a i11 tin Cal i in it Allty to still it Nyk t of ii a Hpak Muir Furk i Tanh Plaht Novair it Noi of d out it f0r he St Thim ply. Insl it Bott no out the Fin fellow and his Hud u churn Tot my Torr Jon a Bui Moore Lily Prana Pilut a Witt on the if Tuckelt. Nian Mill a r i i. You two sign Ullh Baltimore bal Timofte map the coils they hive Lent Ilion lir Tiret Wade of find in inv tort of Papuk ilium state t a col tag As Tret ton Tiu wide 230 pounds an3 Jive run it tvs both played tue Lylw to co logo. Rho Cults fled Ever Hurt was slut etl or a trial tit Lofv Tilva tin Kle till a Ltd wow to to shot at that should keep ther Cardd average Anil of from the Trof Bulte Tir and Thom nod Nett lit or Ilion John sheer it omit More of fans Iff inv that Hitro Nothna tiny probably the crows who re Ltd t Ift Uniti losing 24th d a 2ndjump no Joe fret rat the it a born n poll of o Annc Ted More to font of the scoring a fast year Hay on the tit Rochellar their perform wow Titi a tinted Bert Toomey Bho from the out hit i into the tout men for Wunt Bobr and a Potter j or 02,? both tumult 6 of land Are the born Ali. I he Flam five old front the is n " 1t,q Point for a Jerric and his tit lust 10.3 Pifer Outing of of retirement Almonth to to Ftp ohm for John Hon who in to Ted to the tote i wit h. At Willm pfc no Tibia who Rynn Dunk with Coin tank on1 this he i to get More the our hts a the Bis train in the orc Ink a Loup or Futon re Hob Harris $ f1 it cry fights Al Toi Cox i-4 other Rrt Lintt a o no Nippy 5-foot, 6-. A la min. To. Knight j five Moil on the floor who "5,t As 1 Ottili to we i of nut. .4iklcku. Who h the Afu flt High jump Chrim t with Tow Points arid f. And Harris and a 0 to ii it lil Butom the $$1na Overall 20-0 a Cord Union i Ohhi Lefo with the St Lack ind Annj. Tit re overrun Chatt Tuoti they writ trounced to. By the enl khow Tho or ult80-61 find 7w$frums, but Nvart Ivd i left i it by Orlenn win. Vat Herr to tits lie of Pitisi a or com 55 two Fnu Rcpt twins were Truu a Snow 3j-0 and urn ton no 3 who took Home the marbles.?3crows, who v id-13 record into the i. Tryout

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