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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 2, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Star and Lodge rejects Kremlin charge subversive actions by the agony of wailing United Iti the United Jeweral ass Webb that k Wib remain and wer the Shranan in Tam in the satellite jul Amie Asador Henry Cabot Lodge soviet Eha Irwi of american Wior Ortive activities a Eastern Europe and accused Russia at maintaining largest apparatus for overt and Covert i that world has known Lodge blasted the Kremlin Iron dad control Over the satellite and Tow russian attempt to bring the entire world Ander their Domi Lodge do Law no in member nation not Felt harmful effects of this interns tonal communist machine of propaganda Lodge challenged the soviet Gavita Faff that their Fvank Stoit to had to the whle world evils of the co mums said of the farts of this general Assembly is that the coun which to the past did not doubt soviet peaceful intentions been so appalled by Nhat they Learned of soviet acts in for that they now regard the soviet Rovern mint an an Assassin of human Liber v Jeff actress linked in probe from prof f was purportedly the private raiders botched the raid by breaking into the wrong another Phil told the interim earlier that he had hired by miss Dehavens then Matty it Inmei to Felep under Mir was threatened with contempt citation when he refused to disc Tese details of an investigation he made in another Holly swedish Beauty Anita and British actor Anthony steel who got married last Tomt otash would say Only that he did come work on that Case and then refused further revelations by taking Refuge under the privileged communications portion of Section 7538 of the business and professional i cant divulge confidential information i obtained of client he state Fred Kraft heading the said the group would Check the transcript Tor perjury in conflict ing Testi Mony by crooner prank Sinatra and a private detective if there is evidence of perjury it will be Given to the District attorney for what action he deem Kraft israelis Promise full with Dairal from Paa f her neighbors these mum years ambassador Henry Cabot Lodi for told the Assembly the not consider that Meirs declaration made with Senate unit asks Sobolev be ousted from poor i Era soviet in delegates abroad have been expelled for their activities in connection with the repatriation Konstantin first Retar of the soviet was muted last Fau for his part in the virtual kidnapping of a Arneri Caborn Tanya to Caya was aboard the Viaer tee Many Fer her soviet who intended to take her to girl was reamed in England re to tar Mother to a remit of two and other Swiet to exert pressure Carraia the define where in allowed to of in inducing foreign to team the a Bucago be noted to Mary Yitoi drawn up reported he welcomes announcement the understands this declaration to mean that withdrawal will be immedi Lodge both Isiah and Egypt must comply fully with their armistice which Rales out hostile or belligerent following the israeli with there should be any re Currence of hostilities or any Vio lation by either party of its inter National including those of the armistice Lodge then this would create situation for in con Secretary of stale John Foster Dulles gave Amoas Dor Eban a statement an the Gulf of Aqaba on Meir said this statement discussed the rights of nations in the Gulf of declares the readiness of the to exercise those rights own Beau and to join with others in securing general recognition of trios she my government has subsequently Learned with gratification that other leading maritime Powers Are prepared to subscribe to the doctrine set out in the memorandum of 11 and have a similar intention to exercise their rights of free and innocent passage in the Gulf and the India roving Krishna took Sharp Issue with the position taken by the in the negotiations which led to the israeli agreement to pull Back behind the armistice melons plus the blast aimed at the thursday by egyptian foreign minister Mah Stoud made it Clear that the Eisenhower administration would encounter serious difficulties in its agreement with Menon told Assembly that the Gulf of Aqaba was not an in Terra Tiona As claimed by and by in Secretary general Dag and that Egypt Hod Segai rights to Stop israeli wrapping in the took Sharp Issue with plans to use in forces to the Gate strip or me Gulf of Agaba except to supervise the withdrawal of israeli India is one of the countries which hat troops in the in lie insisted that the Gaza strip must return to the conditions Sung before the israeli invasion unless Egypt consented to changes at no he can in emergency be used As an army of occupation Israel finally made its decision to according to information Frons diplomatic sources after being assured of widespread support for its Aims of Egypt from again using the Gaza strip As a for raids against free into the Gulf of Aqaba these assurances do not provide the formal ironclad guarantees which Israel had first in Mandod for its interests in Gaza and Aqa but they seem to constitute n Large measure of what the israelis wanted and to extent a be represented As a Victory for israeli in Wal complained to the Assem Bly that Egypt had been vat Shiy ignored during the despite the fact it had agrees to repeated postponement of Middle East debate the egyptian Diplomat warned the Assembly that israels withdrawal must not be the outcome of a bargain made anywhere and in Exchange of a Price Israel my have been promised h a people have no right to make any such Britain hails decision on troop withdrawal London formally hailed israels withdrawal Deri Sion Friday night we Welcome this decision to withdraw in accordance with the Resolution of the United nations a foreign office than he added that Britain already on the record demanding Guaran tees of Freedom of navigation for Israel both through the Suez canal and the Gulf of Aqaba foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd declared this support in a speech the spokesman to Tapir Lakeit a baiting the Maria at and r of wary a teen it Matt to n j a parents fear Tot kidnapped suit b from in no ninth Van 41 of Glen Flora who to be maj held Oft of molest in a nether girl in the 5wmp area Loveng Ever seeing Barker Little girl or and Frank haunt re a Ransom or answer to their published for the return of the Barker is a radio Ami for a big hearts Masa and William who have 11 children of their have a hungarian refugee family Eon suture of and Nasdor mangy Aad five Chil former j judge William of Princeton has filed a libel suit against James former ambassador to who was Whipf Justice of the Allied High commission courts in postwar Char pc Conant lib eled him in a cabled memorandum to Secretary of John Foster who charged German courts were persecuting american has engaged in a two year Battle with Conant and the slate now president emeritus of Harvard in Princeton delivering the third of the annual Strafford Little lec re Disteau fit Mother asked newsmen to give widest circulation to that Mary Jane by loft at any Chur 3 we Promise from the Pittam of our to do All that we can to you from Mother addressing herself the one she feels sure abducted tile j youngest of her three children j the grief of was especially acute wednesday it Mary Janes fourth thursday was fathers Day it was to have town a file with a joint teen Tough on tobacco a teenage assemblymen of the Toca Model legislature voted against towering the Legal age for buying Tot Tateo of after Whitfield Crowther next thing know Tine new father will be handing the Bacy a prop omd the axe limit be reduced from 18 to 16 she the Law int being milk strike ebbs before oppose Tim York week strike by milk Farmers in states dwindled in the fact of position by dairymen an Anith Picke Tiff injunction the wed in Mew Jersey representing the try state master Dairy farm Giul Sull patrolled few taut producers tank trucks rotted into the without opposition and that plies were near p08cff into dairies in Krancus wad ahem Ebay pm my shed of Mew in tsp Nurs at up wrested it Khmer who bad Opas Tun american army held in depot9 him f who called Fei Auwolf had aet up an Othee depot several weeks he fastened a Dpi at his office door raiding and began to the Poi Ioe in masted of coi pct done to the me caught children who former British army i British ammunition depot and took them to their eat mag they had aim most of parents paid Sun Between 5 and 50 Marks 4s1js and in Carder to avoid being reported to police b the american Brehow admitted had bought his uniform in a a judge ordered Bis arrest on of Ike nominates envoy to Viet Dent Eisenhower by Tatge now to be to Fie would c the Job of state department t n

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