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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 1, 1962, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes t1geb babies a Kitt Enish Trio of youngsters at the Cologne Germany zoo seems to join in for what could be the Jungle version of Tiger they re Only 54 months old. A photo sees Russia evolving on More democratic lines West has cold War chips prof says St. Louis up a Harvard historian says time is on the Sid of the Western world in the cold War because it was almost inevitable that soviet Russia will eventually evolve along More democratic l. Linger. Coolidge pro Fessor of history spoke to the 46thannual convention of the of Vional association of secondary school principals. He said the very fact the soviet Union is becoming highly industrialized society re space network urged Washington up Sens. Estes Kefauver d-tenn., and Wayne Morse d-ore., Here pro posed legislation calling for a government owned space satellite communications proposal renewed the fight Over Public is. Private ownership of utilities. President Kennedy Al ready has asked Congress to create a privately owned corporation cooperate the space communications Senate space committee will open hearings on the administration measure and a Bill by sen. Robert s. Kerr d-okla., which also would set up a privately owned corporation. In family Circle Ogden Utah a a son was born to or and mrs. H. Ray Hill the Day astronaut John h. Glen circled the Globe in space. His name orbit suiting in More goods being produced and a general Rise in the Standard of living will result i increasing demands for Liberty and self government even stain found it necessary in 1936, to introduce a representative system with at least the semblance of Western institutions he said. Since his death in the Brief period of nine years tremendous changes have taken place in the soviet has made one con cession after another and is lavishing promises holding out to the russian people the Prospect of eventually attaining the some Well being already enjoyed by the United said two portentous changes Are currently in motioning the communist world. One is the gradual transformation of soviet Russia and the second is the progressive disintegration of the communist these changes he said would make the it May be the time but it s not the place Milwaukee up a Manhas found out that you just Don t try to Cash a Check made out to Catholic Cardinal in a tavern. Leslie g. Stockwicz 52, police said was charged with forgery after he tried to Cash a $200 Check made out to Gustavo Cardina Testa an italian Cardinal in two North Side bars. Rev. John Biegler assistant pastor of St. Anne Catholic Church said the Check was stolen from the Church. Soviet Union easier to Deal with in the future. Langer said the widening rift Between Russia and communist China was a manifestation of the changes going on inside the soviet Union today. Indeed one might argue that the quarrel Between j them stems primarily from the tendency of the soviet leadership to abandon the uncompromising i revolutionary belligerence of Marx i is leninism he said. I Langer pointed to the defection of communist China which he said was proceeding at an Alto i get her unexpected Pace and he i said it would encourage defection elsewhere in the bloc. It seems most unlikely that this process can be reversed the historian i said. Langer added however that Iti would probably be a matter of years before the definitive form of the new communist world will i be the interval Langer predicted that hard times would lie ahead for the United states. Washington up customs officials have told Congress that a serious enforcement problem has developed in efforts to prevent shipment of strategic goods to Cuba. Congressional testimony just made Public said government agents Are working hard behind the scenes to halt such shipments. They have been banned since november 1960. . Customs c o my i s s i o n e Philip Nichols or. Told a House appropriations subcommittee our investigations have shown that in addition to outright smug gling of merchandise out of the country Dummy corporations have been established for the most part in Mexico to which merchandise i shipped ostensibly for consumption in that said that for the past several months customs agents on the East coast have been investigating shipments of Large quantities of Auto repair parts to Mexico. The suspicion is that Many of the parts Are being re shipped to Cuba. Under detention the customs chief said the has ordered some carriers to return the items to this country. Other shipments Are under detention in Mexico he reported that since the . Trade embargo was imposed a critical shortage has developed in Cuba for Industrial automotive and electronic machinery and parts. Practically All of this equipments of american manufacture he said and Only through unlawful shipments from this country can Cuba secure necessary replacement $18 million in israeli Bonds sold at Parley Miami Beach up Israel Bonds totalling 518,150,000 were sold in a three Day conference ending to kick off a nationwide drive to raise $66.5 million. The Bonds Are to finance the development of the Negev South Ern desert Region of Israel an make it an Industrial Center and settlement for the increasing Flo of immigrants to the country. And repair parts Nichols said customs officials in Miami last june discovered that 42 engines of a Type used in heavy military tanks had been put aboard a Spanish ship in France for ship ment to Premier Fidel Castro regime. " ,., the investigation in this noun and France established that the engines had been manufactured bythe Detroit diesel engine co of general m o t e r s and shipped to France during the. Early years of world War ii he said. Forfeiture proceedings on the engines ,. Arepending.". Mail carries illegal wares to relatives Miami up cuban refugees and the . Mails Are combining Here to shoot Small holes in the . Embargo on shipments to holes Are Small because that s the size of the goods nothing larger than an envelope will and customs officials said they Are aware that some of the100,000 cuban exiles in Miami Are mailing Small items like razor Blades Nylon stockings hair nets and in at least one Case an Auto Mobile part Back Home to relative still living on the Island. All these items Are in Short Supply under Premier Fidel Castro s goods Are sent first class mail which postal inspectors an customs officials do not open. Razor Blades taped inside the envelope Are especially popular in Cuba because the Dull czech Blade which dominate the Market there now Are generally unpopular. Postal and customs officials con fess Small concern Over the prac , they re probably sending some very Small items Down there said Walter Cline acting Deputy customs collector. But i Don t think they can Send much of importance in a Nixon hails common Market backs Kennedy on Tariff cuts san Francisco

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