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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 30, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseThe stars and stripes log 23 m m of lit i Mirt Hod another breather week cop ksfse��l8 usually look to news to provide a trend s Isis very Little tooth and maintained their closed for the of wednesday to go houses Clear up me paperwork backlog tort of months of heavy Trad a extended the weekly Pottra closings through High priced Glamor stocks which always moved widely had the largest declines while Blue chips moved in a narrow second line stocks made Good headway usually helped by favourable corporate news. On the economic front trader still were very aware that the tax hike will Cut into anticipated profits although they prefer this to higher interest Good gain in car sales and plans for increased production had Little Impact on trading. A resident Calls or new Security continued from Page it end of the dam. Some spec had a Distant View from ton Johnson went on to say that my is required than the no or test and the non Prol Ifera must now turn he said Llo the task at least equally simplex and difficult to bring wer control the nuclear arms Lin offensive and defensive Wear is in ways which do not in Hanger the Security of the unit yanks at Korea Doz kill infiltrating red Seoul a one of three North korean intruders was tilled by american guards in Brief encounter in the demilitarized zone Friday night the . Military reported saturday. I the incident was the fourth Ini Valving armed North korean in itt tractors during the past 10 Daysi along the armistice line. De states our allies or would be easy for the United states and the soviet Union to continue on the present course piling weapon system on weapon system diverting Tail ions upon billions of dollars while adding nothing to these purity of either time is now at hand to find Security in a More rational Way. I Hope to have More to layabout this to the nation and the world on monday closed his remarks by saying that we All live in time of peril As Well of Hope but that always has been True of this land. I would close by saying he said let us use our time use it to build a nation use it to health wounds use it to help establish a world of peace an Beauty. For every boy and girl in the police estimated the crowd gathered about the dedication site at 10,000. Of the 1,660 issues crossing the tape 939 declined 618 advanced and 103 remained were 202 new 1968 highs set and 37 in the four sessions totalled 52,955,930 shares below the 55,966,685 shares which changed hands in the four Day last week but still above the 44,929,876 shares traded in the same week a year ago. Commercial credit topped the Active list advancing 2% to 57ms on turnover of 835,800 company signed a formal agreement with control Dat which tumbled 15%. Loew s theatres which also has been seeking control of com Mercial credit and has gone to court to Block the control data commercial marriage fell la i Sperry Rand moved into Sec Ond place losing 3j/8 to 49% on680,900 shares. New York a new Yor Stock Exchange closing Index june 28 june 21 to be Low key Market Index Industrial transportation Utility finance. 56.0858.86 51.6944.34 66.04 56.7759.54 52.43 45.18 65/w this a High s just begun continued from Page 1 Mutual funds prices new York up i National Assoc i Salon of securities. Is inc. May bid askedx3.24 3.54 9.01 0.85 9.03 9.76 1.20 1.38 3.57 3.88 11.87 12.97 8.32 9.04 39.7039.70 10.45 11.42 10.01 10.97 1.65 1.80 i Aberdon lady pm i Ami f 1iad am i am Busi am div i am Grethi to inv i am Muti Anchor Asso i i we in Aughton h a 9.18 9.9saxe h b 11.52 12.52 axe h St 8.52 9.31axe sol Blue rid ski Host cd 1 Bulloc can Gen icily cd i up in Cap life cent so wanning funds Balan com St growth Inco spec Rise Frase cd 8.02 8.72 8.35 8.3514.09 15.40 7.47 8.16, 9.05 9.89 15.52 16.78 18.55 18.14 9.37 10.24 18.15 19.64 9.19 10.08 7.88 8.61 1u4 12.50 do ugh a Decatur Dela cd diver or divid so Dow there Tel Dreyfus Eatn bal ban or Eatn up ban 8tk Eber stamp Arp Energy ent in equity est q exp cd fair fld pm Bur get Cap fund fed id fid id trend bid asked175.03 75.03 14.38 15.72 16.73 18.2815.6517.15 4.05 4.40 8.59 9.2918.25 18.25 15.30 16.70 11.85 12.88 12.62 13.79 14.27 15.60 17.25 18.7514.82 16.21 15.31 16.64 17.00 17.00 9.88 10.5811.50 12.43 18.77 20.5727.70 29.47 15.93 17.41 13.22 13.2 17.05 18.63 14.32 15.57 19.88 21.4h 30.83 33.51 13.79 15.07 2.14 2.34 19.76 20.94 8.71 9.52 3.81 4.16101.68u.57 15,92 10.84 21.69 3.52 3.85 5,98 6.58 h.43 15.77 8.44 9.22 s.68 6.17 common with financial programs Dyn 7.413 8.1f ind 5.73 6.2iino x7.29 7.9 fat inv o 10.32 11.3 fat inv s 11.3512.4fletcher 19.09 pm etch o 9.84 Fla Goth 8.75 and of 5.62fnd Mut 8.96 fours p 14.51 16.8 Franklin custodian is8.1 9.7 col Bitcol few get Crast a pin & by 4 .0c"ptomp a of Contr cons up 22.6424.7711.2412.28 10.8311.8411.1512.18 1.78 1.93 1.98 2.u nu2 11.39 12.26 13.33 13.13 14.30 22.19 22.19 13.87 14.00 Sec try12.54q 16.28 15.61w 74 8.47 Ink a Monk it Ink in fund a fund inv Gen in Gen Sec group Eros com Stout and Goth in guard ram hda Hanover Hartwel hedge Horace Hub in Cap Grid boat and Tendam & Bank bid asked 11.60 12.61 22.73 24.709. 35 10.0" 9.56 10.3 18.19 19.8s 25.85 25.8022.68 22.6s invest group Mut Stock select Var Payne res 20.1322.00 Itel cd 27.20 28.04 vestry cd Hnsen Keystone inv by 21.04 21.9 1 my b-2 Dis b-4 inc a Lgth k-2 hrs a inc s-2app s-3 apr s-4 intl7 14.17 17.15 18.74 9.47 9.47 12.91 14.15 7.75 8.47 17.94 19.61 14.37 15.70 fdsx14.81 16.23 6.38 6.97 18.08 19.76 ads 15.08 15.33 45.10 45.1017.49 17.49 12.24 12.24 15.58 10.8518.72 20.40 8.94 0.77xll.84 12.80 15.24 15.68 x14.06 15.37 11.40 12.4610.13 10.95 15.76 17.26 54.52steadman funds am ind 14.8616.24 Fidy 9.1910.04 Sei or 7.90 8.63 Sec Sessel Welsh Seq in am Sobos Sigmas St savr slate Invin St x4.85 xs.31 5.32 9.11 15.10 16.51 13.48 Mutneja Natnat ind Nat inv Nat Sec Alan Bond divid it stiff com Stock growth new threw eng new hoi new old Neast i Ocean 20.27 21.916.56 7.0 20,89 20.892.78 2.84 11.93 12.17 11.29 12.22 13.76 13.76 8.32 8.99 Sertl 2.15 13.28 St Einstein St Einstein St sup invt chars tech fat Miltn Tex fat inc g Tunc i United acc income Scle nun f in 6.63 5.91 Roe ads r 22.51 22.51 in 17.16 17.10 St 15.60 15.607.69 8.13 13.91 14.49 10.46 11.4019.05 20.82 12.94 14.14 6.31 6.905.83 6.37 funds 8.64 9.44 15.34 15.77 9.87 10.89 7.21 7.88 first time since he became governor Lester is right. We Are sick sick and tired and disgusted. We have not yet begun to phooey Meredith s assailant freed after 19 months Memphis Tenn. Up Aubrey James Norvell 43, re turned Home Friday after serv ing 18 months three weeks and three Days in the Mississippi state prison for shooting negro civil rights advocate James Meredith during a March against fear in 1966. With 84 Days of his two Yea sentence chopped off for Good behaviour Norvell left the prison at Parchman miss live a Normal u1j��10 f 44 then you d have a police state said Pomerance. That s totally disrespect for Flag costs 21 Days Newport Beach Calif. Up two youths who used a american Flag As an automobile seat cover were sentenced to 21 Days in jail and placed on two years probation. They also were ordered to write 5,000-word essays on the topic the Flag is a Symbol and what docs it mean Tim Llopis 21, and Rod slow Art in must submit the essay wit Liin 90 Days or face the Prospect of going Back to wit Chr third such Case to i a in soil 11 was mining vowing obo prosecuted recently by Orange county authorities. Viet Cong slay 88 in Village raid continued from Page t tacking Force at 300 men or about a . Dennis Eilets a spokes Man for the . 198th Light in Fantry brigade which sent a re action Force into the Village said Viet Cong cadres had been to son tra several times in the pasto months seeking recruits. Eilers said the villagers refused cooperate and the Viet Cong threatened to Burn the the threat and the Vil lagers show of loyalty the government failed to provide a platoon of perhaps 30 poorly equipped militiamen about 35 pacification workers and a Small group of self defens youth were protecting the Vil Lage government headquarter said. The Village covers an area of about five City , there were indications that the Viet Cong were hiding weapons on the outskirts of Saigon and in outlying prov inces for use in an attack on the troops directed by a Viet Cong defector uncovered a sizable Cache of weapons Only eight Miles Northwest of Saigon it included 98 rounds of Bazooka Type rockets 18 Grenad launchers and 21 rounds of mor tars. Eight Miles North of Sai gon government forces found a Cache containing two rocket out South vietnamese i curl cd uni Kyj civilian irregulars turned up 125 weapons 30 Miles West of Saigon along one of the main enemy Supply corridors leading from the cambodian Border. The Cache included 31 machine guns and russian rifles. A sub commissioned Newport news a. A the Navy s newest Nuclo Ai tack submarine flip 11head, was commissioned in ceremonies at the news shipbuilding & i. At co. X6.07x5.41 8.056.22 9.51 10.39 11.84 12.04 25.u8 25.a811.4812.41 29.69 29.6914.57 15.0 17.6 17.us20.07 11.00 u.ti2 9.b7 value Val Val Inu Vangrud varied in Viking Walls in Well fewest ind Whittl Windsur sinful Worth line of dub 9.55 10.476.74 7.3�i 8.73 10.66 5.47 6.985.62 6.33 8.15 12.71 13.8913.07 14.94 13.30 14.55 9.22 10.08 15.69 16. Mi20.28 l.04 15.57 17.028.22 8.99 6.u9 c.04 lend. Berkeley Calif. Up police b a 111 c d Rock throwing students at the Entrance of the University of California late l Weihin 15 annul is the Larn Cades Wen up. They Vevie Nutof trash cans bicycle Racks and Whaul Vor else was Handy sovino two to i ii of Hie concert h pounded Down to make rocks throwing. A Bonfire of Trinish was lit i a he students but Hoy

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