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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePooe the stars and Stalpes for whey june \ symposium in Munich told s 20 y by James Gunters to Bah boreal chief Munich a Ihrck ? cod of Jade a Here to Etc a the heart trvplfe""1 we be Coro in. 20 a 5r 5 a Echo rfcs a Riri i co to rec Ted " r for � 0a is he the. Re he fun urn he Cirn be Given shots Oij Rev Vize Herri Asaitis rejection of Orcigr hearts in Caseh arvo Jive a no plants l1 later Lif ? w 3 or. Awn Starr. Chief of c5j--i a exr o2crv surgery at the Verry of reads me i Tii school i , Dor am Nix in Ross. Who xxv oar. In be transp of � . Heart Nuvi St a London is d the Patien Ross explained that be Corgi Cal Ream left West s heart Ard grafted another oct it and patient s heart should have been removed it cot not dismay a in not a for going on with this Tvorik said Ross who is consultant thoracic surgeon at Guy s Hospital and the National heart Hospital of London. There was no evidence that the heart was in any Way rejected the physicians were members of a symposium on develop ments in heart surgery at a join Congress of German and Ainer Ica if surgeons Here. About 1,2wmembers of the american col lege of surgeons came Here forthe convention which runs through saturday at the Deutsche museum. Tee Dele Gates include surgeons from us afe and Usa eur with the proper financial support Ace coordination it is entirely possible that a Mechan ical heart will be forthcoming within the next decade Saidur. William h. Muller jr., pro Fessor and chairman of the department of surgery at the University of Virginia medical Cen Ter in Charlottes file. Trans plants have overshadowed this work but work on mechanical hearts should Muller said the biggest prob Lem in creating a mechanical device that will work As a total heart substitute is the Power scarce to operate it. He said a electrical charge shot into the Chest cavity from outside the body is being tried. I foresee the need for mechanical hearts to tide people Over but i Don t think a Mechan ical device can Ever be a per manent replacement said Ross. Anytime one can use biological tissues to replace or repair a bad heart it obviously i greatly preferable to using a mechanical heart Muller said he thinks it is wrong to emphasize mechanical hear development versus human heart transplants because both Are or. Frank l. A. Gerbode clinical professor of surgery at Stanford University and the University of California school of Medicine in san Francisco said if the rejection problem can be solved hearts of calves pigs or other animals would be Home off the Range this drawing of a space station was released during a space symposium in san Antonio. The station would be about 715 feet Long and would spin at 3 revelations a minute to provide artificial Gravity. A photo this is lbi9s proposed gun Law Washington up he Reis what you would need to to a federally License gun dealer in order to buy a firearm under president John son s proposed new gun control jaw a valid official by your state or political subdivision showing your name address age. And signature and photograph. A statement dated within six months and signed by the chief Law enforcement officer of your Community that you arc not under indictment have no been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment forbore than a year Are not a fugitive from Justice or other Wise prohibited from posses sing firearms and ammunition. A statement dated within six months and signed by a licensed physician that in his professional opinion you Are mentally and physically capable of possessing a firearm safely and responsibly. A statement signed by you that you May lawfully pos sess firearms and ammunition under both Federal and state Laws. A set of your fingerprints to be certified by a Federal state or local Law enforcement officer arid a photograph of reasonable identification. Payment of $1 to the dealer. Johnson s new gun control Law also requires All gun owners to submit the following application for registration to the govern ment within 180 Days after the Law s enactment a Arne address Date anyplace of birth social Security number or taxpayer identification number. Name of the gun manufacturer Caliper or gauge Model and Type and serial number. Date place and name an address of the person from whom you obtained the firearm that person s certificate of registration for the firearm if any and the License number of such person if he is a License dealer applications must be i duplicate and accompanied by a fee of $1. The Law also provides registration of a firearm shall expire upon any change of the registrant s name or residence unless he notifies the Treasury Secretary within 30 Days. No one May carry firearm without having on his person the certificate of registration to show upon demand to a Law enforcement officer. Anyone who Sells a registered firearm must within five Days of the Sale return his certificate of registration not ing on it the name and residence of the new owner an the Date of delivery. Anyone possessing a firearm must notify the Treasury Secre tary within 10 Days of its loss theft or destruction and of its subsequent recovery. Readily available for transp Jing into humans. A but we Haven t even Soi the problem of tissues hat 1 related he said. Things pen in plateaus and periodic breakthrough comes most of the transplant T t0 4ve been Empi stunts. The Only was to Fin is to try Gerbode said the transp operations were not human per mentation b u t Empi trials. Don t forget that when first appendix was taken out i patient it was an exper Imbe said. A heart transplant is easier operation than repay heart he said. The tabular thing is that i works at All. Having shown it can be done in a few stances surgeons have Ion a great body of research v ers to solve the Starr said that heart Ira plants will be common in to 20 Gerbode said he has real human heart Micro valves Call and pig valves with go results. Some patients in air Thalia have been living with valves in their hearts for asias four years and Are doing be Well he said. Starr said he inserts m Chancial valves made of Meo and cloth instead of animal Tolj sue valves and has Reil deaths in such operations of than 10 per cent. The dilemma in heart Valv is that when non cellular or tissue is used the Long ten desirability is questionable said. When live tissue is us you have a rejection problem for this reason we Are Devoir most of our attention to a facial or. Hans Georg Borst. Profe Sor of surgery and director i the surgical University Hospital in Hannover discussed the insertion of pacemakers to Stim ulal heart action with electricity,230 pacemaker operations Munich University. 25 die some because of Pace mama breakdown he said. Or. Rudolf Zenker director ithe surgical University Hosp a in Munich who was Model Sta of the panel said the Moia question of when to re heart for transplant can do w tied by determination ii Alno longer possible for the donor to live. european edition col. James w. Campbell Usa it. Col. F. A Michael jr., a of Mert Proctor Elmer d. Frank Henry 8. Epstein an unofficial newspaper of and for the . Aenied Force a ubi t oar i. A remand a in chief . European command and printed Oai j Tiona nah in Germany. Miliary a Drew the and Stripe Apo 09175. Orie him man�3 my i 5ur and Stripe pc to fact 10m, 61-Oarnntadt, German. " -,9.332, prefix 06166 2071 m is Umstadt air trip prefix 2376 741. Teie. York office 441 within Stoa st., new York. 10014, Tel area second Clam to to paid to new York . The appearance or Menta in Thi newspaper a Oncelina commercial publication one by the department of def we or try of ". The United states is an open society in to know i cherished and guarded president

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