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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 28, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseLetters to the editor v1 gun is merely an instrument dear or. Bennington just a couple of lines to Lei you know that i agree emphatically with the views you brought Forth in your column of june20, regarding the hysterical rantings of the current Antigua disciples. Frankly i doubt that any attempt to regulate and or reduce the gun purchases of the average citizen would decrease the number of gun crimes by even a fraction of one per cent a. Suppose for the Sake of argument that there Are 7,300.38-caliber revolvers registered in los Angeles county probably there Are actually More than that and just suppose one Fin morning a Fella is found in . Shot to death by a .38 Calibe revolver. What happens then does the police Force go outland Check All of the .38 Caliper revolvers in . County would this be feasible would this not entail running ballistics test on All 7,300 .38s? suppose however that the murder weapon was actually brought in from san Francisco or Phoenix or Philadelphia or maybe eve from Paris or Singapore what purpose have All the time Effort and Money expended by us taxpayers on registration serve then absolutely none. B. As you indicated in you thesis or. Bennington a gun is merely an instrument no better or no worse that the per son holding it. The same hold True with a number of things a knife an automobile drugs alcohol Etc. Take a gun away from a person and you Are pos Sibly depriving him of a murder weapon but just As possibly you Are taking away from him a Means of one Day protecting his property his family or May be even his . C. Kelsey Frankfurt Germany pro and con a criminal can find a weapon Are guns too easy to get actress Jill St. John has t said but readers give their views on this Page. Up1 Public demands can t be ignored there is a current conflict i Congress Over prospective gun control legislation. I believe that Many of your readers share my conviction that stricter control in the form of a Bill that requires the registration fall firearms and that bans All mail order sales is , i want to urge these people to make their feel Ings known to their legislators. Too often people think that they As isolated individuals have Little Power to bring about change. However elected officials always with that next election in mind must keep at tuned to the desires of the Vot ers. And when there Are enough letters from enough individuals Public demands cannot be in nored. Mrs Patricia Cinderey Wiesbaden Germany i am one of the people who even get carried away to the Point where they wish to do away with All 1 realize however that this is not practicable and hopefully because of my insight i will not end a permanent resident in a mental institution. Or. Bennington can not take a Strong stand against the registration of firearms by All citizens he favors "100 per cent the Banning of the mail order Over the counter Sale of pistols to certain groups of people yet he uses ill justified epithets like half cocked politician publicity Happy campaigners Shell shocked congressmen to describe responsible and concerned persons who. Unlike or. Bennington have realized that Start to curb violence has to be made somewhere. And who basically want what or. Bennington i wonder the therm. Bennington would consider Clear thinking one of the qualifications needed for the Purchase of a refute some of or. Bennington s Points i doubt that it is or. Bennington s firearms which have beekeeping Russia and red China out of the , he might also Wield a wicked Garden Hoe. Supplying the English with prize Hunting rifles was a Noble gesture but hardly the act to finish some 20,000 gun Laws have not kept the lid on the Kettle the 20,001st might. If it is enforced. And All 20,001should be enforced. Or. Bennington. Presumably working under Usa eur surely has his guns registered or he would not be a Law abiding employee would tie Why would he object to a general registration Law nobody really wants to take his virility symbols away. But then again or. Bennington can not take a Strong Stan against. Etc., Etc. Whai is . Bennington against really the gun did not kill. The Man behind it answer a platitude with a platitude the Man could not have killed had the gun not come so damned easily in front of or Bennington like his children to be Able to buy Strych nine on any Candy counter because it is not strychnine that kills. The purchaser does or. Bennington we live in a violent world. We should like peaceful world. There Are few in any people born violent or criminal. People become so it they Are mistreated or i they grow up in an atmosphere of violence and if violence is then made too easy for them. For instance by handing them guns. Renate Kirr Thoft. Wieburg Germany 14 dear or. Bennington i was most pleased to see your column upon the wave Tofant firearm hysteria being generated in the United states. You have spoken very Well for sanity and a rational approach instead of the vilification that stripes seems to have been sponsoring in its new columns who thinks disarming the nation will Stop crimes of violence simply lacks experience in any of the supposedly disarmed nations such As England and Japan. A Crimin Albent on violence can always find a weapon whether fire Arm Molotov cocktail or kit Chen net effect of indiscriminate repression then is to Dis Arm Only the Law abiding Citi zen. What kind of governments it that will not Trust its honest citizens in Possession of the Means of defense the framers of our Constitution were not stupid or care less. The Constitution the Drew is undoubtedly the most remarkable political documenting history but it could not be adopted until after the Bill frights was added. In these 10 amendments ratified simultaneously with the Basic Docu ment itself the right to keep and Bear arms was set out after the rights of free exercise of religion and Freedom of speech Only and before Security of Home and person from unreasonable search double jeopardy self incrimination speedy trial jury trial and allow the other constitutional rights which we has been said that these provisions Are archaic and Haven place in the modern world. The persons who hold such views cannot have talked to the vietnamese who bewail their disarming by the French which had the effect of leaving the villagers helpless before the Viet Cong solemnly Pray that my government will never leave Means my family similarly empty handed before any enemy whether Domestic or foreign. Willis h. Bledso South Ruislip England shocked at reactions recently i have noticed the rather sudden show of protest to anything dealing with Vio Lence. It seems that All of a sudden everyone is trying to hide the fact that violence occurs in everyday was shocked and very saddened to hear of sen. Robert s death but i am fur ther shocked at some of the re actions people Haye taken. I re Fer to several articles appearing in the stars and stripes concerning the sudden ban on Chil Dren s toys Art and sculpture and anything that suggests or depicts an act of violence or the result of Are our children going to do when they reach maturity when the parents have tried to hide any form of violence from them sgt. Louis a. Davis or. Ramstein German managing editor s note now ask yourself Why violence occur4 in everyday life. And what can we do to prevent it or lesson it. The stari and stripes makes you Wonc thanks for getting Well Ben i missed you Enk article of 20 june. And agreed 100% with you that the Cornmire Imwold love to see the . Disarmed like the misguided Irilan want. Luckily the Constitution is on our Side and poll Fushi Man who says no guns right alongside you Ben make a wonder who s supporting Antigua Laws even if Kennedy alive and against us i d fight him. Of course i would t Shont but like you said Ben i d shoot a Man breaking and entering maybe a communist trying to overthrow the Constitution or Mph be someone acting like a communist or maybe i d shoots Sione if i thought it the Only Way to Stop him doing Somp Shinoh thought wrong. It d be easy Ben unless they pass some new if ii m not saying Kennedy was a communist but that word Rstom a lot of ground. He did advocate gun controls. Maybe that buy Vohan knew something and so i wonder Ben if possibly Vou or h with our guns might not have Opportunity to commit the Sam that insane Sirhan committed if we believed in our head m were doing the right thing. Just like Sirhan. Ever think a sit that Way Ben m i know you re a sportsman Ben so i la close with a bet bet a Jwon t publish this. Set your own stake. By David l. Jenkins 1frankfurt Fol untruths challenged i on the Remote possibility that the article was intended to Hitaker seriously i am writing the first letter to the editor of is life. 1 have no illusions about converting or. Bennington for the Only weapons i have Are facts and common sense poor on pal indeed to employ in such a difficult attempt. However taking lesson from the past world War As or. Bennington suggests believe that no matter How obvious the fallacies May be it if always dangerous to let untruths go unchallenged. Thus my response. 1 the first Issue i should like to take with or. Bennington regard his statement that All americans have a constitutionally guaranteed right to Bear i suppose that or. Bennington could be referring to the Constitution of the Era i m not familiar with it. However if it is the . Constitution to which he refers suggest that instead of referring vaguely to it he read it and learn exactly what this constitutional rights Are. In fact the see lond amendment reads a Well regulated militia being necessary to the Security of a free state the right of the people to keep and Bear arms shall not be it seems to me that anyone with a Basic knowledge of the English language should be Able to deduce that the right to Bear arms is Only guaranteed in Connec-1 Tion with membership in the militia. In Case such a deduction should be too much for or. Bennington the supreme court empowered to do so by the same Constitution which or. Benning Iton so reveres interpreted the amendment As expressly concern ing the preservation of efficiency of a Well regulated by his own admission the uses to which or. Bennington puts his beloved weapons do not expressly concern said militia the second amendment guarantees him nothing. It would seem worthwhile to examine the reasons for Whicher. Bennington does keep his weapons. He lists four to Admire to clean and use at the Rifle Range and finally to defend his family from nitwits who might pick my family As a target to molest or this last in the same paragraph in which he explains that he keeps his guns safely locked away and he with the Only key. It s hard even impossible to see Why he could Admire clean and fire his weapons just As easily if he left them at the Range As for the last reason i would suggest that i someone did come to molest or Rob him and his family and waited patiently while he unlocked his weapons that he might defend himself then they would indeed be nitwits. I would also like to remark concerning the statement that gun control legislation would not keep crackpots and criminals from obtaining guns and the implication therein of what s the use the bad Guys will get them i would like to disagree with that statement and cite a statistic that in a recent periodic Massachusetts of 4,506 guns confiscated from criminals Only six had been stolen. I would think that we could at least make it hard for them. Or. Bennington s position is tantamount to saying that we should t have Laws because Only criminals break them. In one final comment on the article i would like to take Issue with what i consider to be the most ridiculous statement 1 have Ever seen in print namely that you can rest assured that Noth ing could make Russia and China happier than to see the Ameri cans Back in the offices factories and Down on the farms stripped of his sic or. Bennington complains of illogic on the part of the pro gun control people he knows then has the unbelievable audacity to suggest that Russia and China faced with an enemy possessing the nuclear capability to destroy the end world 20 times Over a peacetime armed Force of 3 million men an overwhelming superiority in missiles sea and conventional Airpower not to mention the Well regulated militia provide i Toi by the Constitution i say he wants me to believe that with a enemy with that capability facing them the russians and cd Nese actually give a Damn whether or not roughly half the met Biaua americans have pistols rifles and shotguns in to Weir hands i credible i wonder Why they Haven t taken Over Western Ursoi where the citizens Aren t so Well armed All along i had to gum that the free world was being protected by the most a we a nuclear and conventional military Force in the world Ana ii tally turns out that it s that strategic Reserve of notes piss and shotguns that is keeping the red menace from our too Issei. I could spend More time on or. Bennington s feeble rational. A Tion but a full critique would take up an extra edition or instars and stripes and i Don t think it s Worth the trouble Sinou like to close with two thoughts first the statistic that two u of criminal assaults and three fourths of homicides a in quarrels among families and friends this is what we in in to put a Stop to and second with the observation that pm is a country Only a Little removed from the Frontier. I not foreign to us it s in our heritage. In View 01 Inis. To me imperative that we have stricter gun control Law.2nd it. James c. Kwh Apo 09150 Friday june 28, 1968

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