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European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - June 27, 1968, Darmstadt, HessePage 4 the stars and stud pcs Vatican "convinced9 Bones termed St. Peter s from a and up dispatches Vatican City Pope Paul i announced wednesday that the Vatican had determined in a convincing Way that the Bones found under St. Peter s Basilica Are those of the Pope made his Happy announcement to a crowd Athis weekly general audience. Opinion has Long been divided about whether the Bones found under the High altar Are those of St. Peter regarded by the roman Catholic Church Ashe first Pope. Some have even questioned whether St. Peter actually came to Rome As Catholic tradition has Long maintained. An official of the Basilica technical department said after the Pope s announcement that the Bones belonged to a sole person of old age and of a Engineer Francesco Bacchini who participated in the discovery of the apostle s Tomb said the Bones were found during the digging ordered by Pope Pius ii that was aimed at finding St. Peter s Tomb. The Bones Bacchini said were found in a Marble Niche beside the apostle s Tomb in Awall covered with scrawling which correspond to those of the epoch of emperor Constantine the first Chris Tian roman emperor reigned from 307 to 337. Bacchini said that Examina Tion of the Bones showed that they were in Contact with the Earth before they were put in the Marble Niche. This he said led to the conviction that the Bones put in the Niche were of a person worthy of respect and Pope Pius Xii began in 1939the Long investigation into the civilization9 killing indians by Joseph l. Myler Washington up the american Indian has paid and is still paying a High Price in terms of disease for what Ever benefits civilization has forced upon was brought out in paper after paper at a conference on Bio Nedical challenges presented by the american indians at the pan american health organization on tuesday. It has t been just a matter of White Man s germs though these have killed indians by the Many thousands in the Cen Turies since the Spanish Conquest. It has been a matter also of the White Man s ways such As eating regularly and their effect upon constitutions unaccustomed to them. Or. James v. Neel of the University of Michigan medical school chairman of the conference said that ours is the last generation of scientists that will be Able to study the quickly disappearing examples of primitive Man for the Light they throw on human evolution and adaptability to environmental conditions. More puzzling to the scientists than diseases such As tuberculosis and syphilis Are the constitutional ailments like Dia betes and maladies Neel noted have emerged in very High frequencies in Indian groups particularly in the southwestern United a systematic study of the Pima Indian tribe on the Gal River reservation near Phoenix ariz., has disclosed a fantastic amount of Gall bladder disease according to a. Burch of the National Institute of arthritis and metabolic diseases at Phoenix. Among Pima men 5.9 per cent had Gall bladder disease compared with 1.3 per cent in a comparable Sample of White males. Among women the comparable figures were 36per cent and 5.9 per cent. Or. Max Miller of Western Reserve University. Cleveland who also studied the Pima reported that diabetes was 10 to 15 times More prevalent among them than among other americans. Why the scientists can Only conjecture at present. Butone fact stands out during most of their past Indian tribes lived under feast or famine conditions of the Hunting an gathering period of primitive Man. Now they eat regularly and like most other americans they eat too much. The Pima generally the scientists said Are obese. More familiar is the Story of what the White Man s germs have done to the Peoples upon whom he has inflicted his . Noel Nutels of the brazilian ministry of health Rio de Janeiro recited some grim statistics. At the time Brazil was discovered by Western Man. He said its native Indian Popula Tion was estimated at 1,500.000. Since then it has fallen to about 80,000. Among the causes of the depopulation of the brazilian indians Nutels Aid infectious diseases at times deliberately used As an instrument of extermination by the so called civilized men have perhaps been the most matter which Pope Paul said has now been crowned with relics of St. Peter have been identified in a Way that Pecan regard As convincing. On our part it seems obligatory from the present state of the archaeological and scientific conclusions to give you and the Church this Happy announce ment the Pope said. But he added that research is checks discussions and polemics about the Bones will not according to tradition was crucified upside Down in an Arena near the site of the present St Peter s Basilica and then buried in a graveyard near the Vatican. Emperor Constantin built the first St. Peter s Basil Ica and tradition maintained that it was erected Over the apostle s grave. Digging started under the foundations of St Peter s after Pope Pius ordered a search for evidence to substantiate the 1940 and 1950 archaeologists found three sets of Bones two of them near the Humble earthen Tomb believe to be that of St. Peter. The Tomb was third set was in a hiding place walled in behind a Parton the foundation of the origin Al Church. Medical experts said these were the remains of a Man who died Between the Ageson 60 and 70. Pope Pius announced in1954 that the work had resulted in the discovery of St Peter Tomb but that no positive identification of his Bones was the possible. Pope Paul did not say what convincing evidence had been obtained. The Bones have Bee Nat the Institute of Legal medi Cine in Rome undergoing car Bon dating and other scientific tests. There she blasts a Long Tom big a . Arsenal is fired by members of a special it Jiben Het South Vietnam. The 175mm weapon w w Pound warhead deep into enemy territory. Lightning bolts provide f2-Way Street to heaven new York a being struck by lightning puts you on one of the few two Way streets to heaven a physician says. It s a two Way Street because More people apparently recover from lightning bolts than Are killed and even seemingly dead victims might often be resuscitated says or. Helen b. Taussig of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore. If you Are with person who have been struck by Light Ning remember that those whore stunned but alive Are not the ones who most urgently ii Ethelp she says. Such persons will probably soon recover. It is the Man who is dead who needs help. Artificial respiration May get him breathing again and his hear going again or. Taussig writes in the june Issue of the annals of internal when the heart starts she adds continue artificial respiration until you get the Man tothe nearest Hospital. He has travelled on one of the few two Way streets to heaven. All Hough his trip to heaven was fantastically Short and his trip Back May take Days or weeks he May yet return to life. Or. Taussig famed among other things for initiating Blue tree baby heart surgery with the Roc. Late or. Alfred Blalock re Ycu viewed the medical literature on death from lightning after in stances in which friends had been struck. Most of the medical report concern spontaneous recovery and in strikingly few report was any Effort made to resuscitate the person who had Bee killed she comments. Respect a severe Thunder to Fly storm or. Taussig advises Ana a Don t take Refuge under a just lie Flat but away from if you have a lie on it. Hori. European col. James w. Campbell Usa it. Col jr., Leaf Mert Proctor Elmer o. Frank henrysp8tein an unofficial new paper of and for the to. ? unofficial of Ana Torp to commander in chief . European a i=., � fes Germany. Mij Iury Darth so. A -1 few the Star and Stripe poet Fach k34, Isi. & of prefix 1s6 2071 m Darm tata. Attn a -., York office to Washington St it to y of a if a 1 menu in thin or paper once Nina a nth rement by the department ". The United states is a ?. know is cherished and guard -

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