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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - June 25, 1968, Darmstadt, HesseJune 25, 1968 the stars and stripes Page 23 Jnson Colls negroes to in Rocky Iford Conn. A e governor perched on aside him Jackie Robin nday called on american s to support Nelson and oppose Richard Axon for the Republican entail nomination j be got to let the people where we he told luring of negro newspaper ers and editors he had _ to his estate Here Nixon gets the nomination going backwards. If Nix it i m suddenly going to la a Democrat Robinson if Nixon is nominated the Ratican party would be saying Don t want the negro this Drew applause,.efeller flew in by helicopter an Early morning fish expedition with his 4-year i Nelsonjr. He applauded j n s o n s remarks and de him on the is the negro who the color line in major baseball 20 years ago fhe signed with the Brooklyn is. He is now an aide to new York a firearm stilled 198 persons in the United states a week Long Survey byh e associated press showed Pfost of the deaths were Homi Lides. The Survey which ended a Midnight sunday was taken during the same week president Ohnson signed a crime Bill con Taining two gun control provi Sions. The shooting deaths included113 homicides 65 suicides and 18 1966, the last year for which Fri figures Are Avail Able there was an average of l25 shooting homicides a Are not available for suicide and accidental shootings. Demands for tighter gun control measures were made after the assassinations of president .Tkefeller told the guests iof them negroes that my belief is that racism has no i in America. We Are Allric ans we Are All children a sigh of sympathy he told the 30 to 40 guests he had been up until after ight signing 460 Bills. He this As a Lead in to an a for to be president he i want to bring deep he understanding combined fiscal responsibility am Gerial capacity to the 1 want to make this a coun there we can be proud to Beri cans again he added in that people Are looking meaning in their lives a of purpose and a sense o in Underhil 1c ago up twos each pulling a be equipped with two 200-Tonicity bags set out to scoop by Alewife fish out of Lak Pigan. They caught one. $ firearm death Tell is 196 gaily in the country american who have renounced their citizenship and veterans who receive other than an honorable measure pending before Congress and sponsored by the president would ban mail order sales of All firearms including rifles and shotguns. The a Survey begun at mid night june 16, showed gunfire in Texas claimed 20 lives the greatest number of any state. Homicides there accounted for14 deaths. Illinois had a total of 16 gun deaths and California an Michigan 13 each. Academy code is upheld f continued from Page t been awarded three air Force crosses 44 Silver stars two legions of Merit 345 distinguished flying crosses and 697air medals he said. The trim general said the atmosphere of dissent among youth which has received so much publicity the past few years has had Little effect on the spit and polish of Cadet life. We re a military organization and there s no place for that sort Pic i j. Viik my ukr la d ii jj1 a j.u1 la Lix am John f. Kennedy or. Martin of thing the superintendent Saidt itt lint. Vinert a tar can inv part i _1, King or. And sen. Robert f. Kennedy All killed by of gun control blame Loose traffic in firearm for thousands of deaths yearly. President Johnson signed a omnibus crime Bill june 19 which contained a gun control Section and still More stringent Laws on gun control Are being considered by Congress. Two of the provisions in the crime Bill prohibit interstate mail order sales of handguns and their Over the counter Sale to non residents of the state of Sale and to people under 21.make illegal the Possession of any firearms by felons mental incompetents aliens Ille explained that be cause cadets come from the Sam cloth As their Young contemporaries the future officers May take cynical attitude on various subjects. But their feelings Are expressed in the classroom the general said not in the firm believer in a balanced 20 perish in bus crash Seoul up at least 20 passengers were killed and 30 injured sunday when a bus rolled Down a 200-foot Cliff and plunged into a Reservoir near Chinchon about 45 Miles Northeast of of the victims were South korean soldiers on weekend leave. Program of academic and Mili tary subjects the California born officer said the purpose of the Academy is to train men to be military great majority of graduates go on to flying school a Dafter that Many do graduate College work. They do As wellor better than most others said Moorman who has master s degree in meteorology and was commander of Theu Saf air weather service from 1954 to 1958.Moorman said that when applicants Are accepted to. The Academy they sign an agreement to serve five years of Active duty. When they Are seniors the Academy Calls them first year men each Cadet picks the Branch of service in which he wants to serve. As superintendent of the Academy for the past three years Moorman said he has made any major changes in the school s curriculum. He said he has put More emphasis on participation in the military train ing program giving the cadets a bigger role in running the student body or Wing. The three Star general has also built up the summer study pro Gram with instruction in tropical survival underwater demolition paratroop training and a new course which gives students 36 hours flying in a t41. . Unions stall 40% of trains London a rail worker forced 40 per cent of British train traffic to be cancelled Mon Day on the first Day of the nation wide Railroad slowdown. In the London area 60 per cent of the rail service was Cut off. Meanwhile the locomotive engines Union decided to join the slowdown at Midnight threaten ing Britain with Complete rail executive committee of the 30,000-member associated society of locomotive engineers and firemen voted to join the 270,000 closing . Stock Market prices ral Ich Airl Tan Cyan i Fly Mot Onda Lour t i lab k steel p a cd roughs Insp Mac in i of Icola i pal Tairl i or chem ont air t Kod r Cam Stone Gehauf Idun i else 31% 52 Jun 24 Jun 21 217-8 23 225 a 22% 311/4 26% 25% 22 a 137e 33 a 46 477s 47 /2 297 e 67 797 s 17 a 200 /2 32=8 399s 551.4 51% 677a 637ij 76 44% 38% 79 15934 33 a 81 /4 b7 ,4 s4 a 417 8 383,4 535.8 8ti?i 22i/8 14% 34i/8 18 /4 347/8 511/4 46% 467 a 48% 30 67% 80 17% 2011/4 331/4 401/a 55 523/4 68 77% 43%56 19 a 387/a 79% 1583,4 337-8 811 a 671/2 54 42 381/2 541/2 87 /4 Gen Fra Gen Mot Gen Tel Gen tire Gillette Goodrich Goodyear it a a Gulf Oil Honeywell ism int Harv int Nick int paper into to Jones & l Kennicott Lino tem Litton ind lock air Lorillard Mac Donn Magna Vox Martin m Merck Mem Minn my Monsanto Mont Ward Motorola Nat Bis no am a Northrop new Airl out mar pan am Parke do Penn ctn Pepsi Pfizer Phill pet Polaroid proct & g Ria 41% Jun 24 Jun 21 86% 86% 811/2 81 411/s 291/2 541/2 697/a 53 /2 26% 751/2 130 3581/4 323/4 1041/4 53 /2 687-8 54% 27% 75 127% 348i/4 32% 103% 34% 563/4 63/4 43 1087/8 76 a 571/4 531/4 56 51 21%89 401/2 10896 451/4 30 39/2 49 37% 431/4 82% 337/a22i/ 2 28% 821/8 49 727/s 58 1163/4 93% 46 561/4 64l/4 431/4 112 77% 573/4 53 /8 561/a 51 22 881/2 407a 110 45 /2 40 487-a 371/2 43i/4 82% 341/a 22 28% 81% 49% 73% 59/8 117 94 4678 Raythelon re Publ St Revlon Rexall Rey met Rey Tob Rich Mer Ronson Roy Dut Safeway Schering Sam up Scott Pap Seabra Sears r so Pac Sperry r St 6 Gal St o ind St o no Studebaker Swift Texaco Tex g sul Tex ins Thi Okol Twa try up 20th cent in carb in Pac Ltd air Ltd fruit us rub us steel Wam Lamb West in West Elwinn Dix Wool with Xerox angst St Zenith Jun 24 Jun 21 88 427-a 86 35=8 39i/8 441/2 867/a 255/a 47/2 27% 651/2 46 281/2 323,a 707/a 333.8 51% 611/4 52% 67 /4 65% 271/8 76% 46 /2 10748 18% 373,4 5894 371/4 417

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