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European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - June 15, 1957, Darmstadt, Hesse Jefe aha Neor Godfrey land yews stolen Hoard Miami Beach Godfrey frent propr0y hidden twas of Stolon Bondi and jewelry which police who two convicts had buried in a rough map drawn by the new con fined in on robbery led three buried toothed shallow covered with police mid the television radio knew nothing about the police mid the in nonnegotiable War Flavin i and upwards of in transferable Utility were buried 200 North of the Lowrim by television the stocks and Bonds were stolen 5 Fram the Home of retired guard cmdr John Marks of North jewelry valued at about of and currency and 1 aug were the two James of and a 24yearold unidentified will be extradited from Mobile to Ace theft police the two men were can voted in Alabama for More than a Down it Rok recovery incomplete billion in Aid by Marvin Stone Seoul ins a Survey Dis closed that the billion president Eisenhower pledged to rehabilitate South Korea has now been entirely programmed or it Falls woefully Short of the to finish the Job the would have to allocate another this estimate was provided by the office of president syn Man the Rok chief made it that releasing the Esti mate of further need did not constitute an official request for that sum of is53 Promise the original pledge of billion was made by president Eisenhower in it was considered in Washington to be an encourage ment for Rhee to command his troops to Stop fighting when the Korea armistice was the Ryks had threatened to ignore the it was Washington As stated at the to reconstruct South Korea As an example to the communist world that resistance to aggression was not to go while much has been a com the funds so far spent Are far Short of the handling of korean Aid funds has brought recriminations from both Rok officials and from economic Aid military funds in addition to the purely eco nomic additional hundreds of millions of dollars also have been spent on supporting the Man South korean military Stab the main source of reconstruct lion funds for South Korea has been the International cooperation administration Ica which has allocated since the of has actually been in addition the United nations korean reconstruction Untra programmed and spent before the War had an american civil Relief program 1st torpedo boat launched by Bonn Germany German navys first torpedo boat has been launched and named after a world War ii Craft sunk Muring the Normandy invasion i Jaguar was christened by Ursula whose brother was killed in action while commanding the torpedo boat in last the the first of 30 111 he fitted with two torpedo Ubes and two antiaircraft be delivered by foreign Arma ent it will be turned Over Lor service in Navy line Craft auxiliary most of turned Over to it by the figure includes a num spent a total of on re the total of nonmilitary Aid Al ready committed therefore totals Well Over a billion dollars has actually been in reply to questions on the said it was president i who following the armistice in 1953 mentioned the Fig ure of but there was no indication nor has there Boon any that the figure was used in any limiting far More important is the fact that it and the generous intent of America to do what is necessary to do the Progress has been made and on the whole the Aid program now is going Japan buildup hit Rhee what he called american until to use korean Aid dollars to build up japanese Industry so Japan could furnish consumer goods to instead of building the Industry in Korea we needed the consumable Rhee and we still need but we know this Aid require ment could continue indefinitely unless we acquire sufficient Indus trial capacity to produce a Large proportion of our own Only As we approach self suf fic ency can we Start reducing the economic Burden on which has always been one of our major the american Aid administrators also know and with Mutual cooperation to this i have High Hopes for our future us socialite mole j sums Bonn buildup London is v the Scarlet Pimpernel rides this time in the of a pretty London socialite the engaging name of Cherry crewmen miss 36yearold Daugh Ter of late air Cost adore John Crosswell rental it at a news conference la her Swank Kensington Home How she played a role during and after the Hungar Ian revolt similar to that of eng lands fictional hero of the French she said she led Rescue which included american deep into communist territory from the Austro hungarian Border last october and snatched hundreds of refugees to when Hunting for refugees Cherry clutched a Dagger and wore fleece lined Parachute boots and a russian army vacation in London she is in London now on Vaca but intends to return shortly to the refugee Camps in where she has been assisting hungarians for the past several Cherry said she nearly lost her life once on an excursion into the soviet occupied iia Tion when she became lost in a swamp for six hours and led 15 hungarians to Ward a russian Strong Point she said the refugees suspected she was a russian agent and decided to hang her from a but finally relented and gave her an other she finally got them into i entry a hit at red fair Poland to the Pavilion at the Poznan Trade fair have passed the the fair opened four plays Bonn the new German bund Wiehr it suffering from n severe shortage o until the bottleneck can be the inn Linly ing rearmament program almost certainly will be Down the Luck of officers and trained n on Coots spotlighted by the Kemplen in which 15 Young airborne division were drowned trying to across the flooded her one of the first turned by the bundestag lower defense committee in a Quick preliminary was that the company to which the Wen be longed had Only and one experienced non staff the Captain was fishing another platoon at the time of the the p r t n t strength around of whom about Art or roughly one officer 11 but the shortage in Junior rather than senior and not mirrored in the bund Estehr began building from the top starting out from the generals and working Down through company officers and noncom to the training lag it u less than 18 months since the first training courses for the first future bund Estehr instructors despite All by the defence the bund Estehr so for has not been Able to train enough Junior officers to fill the positions waiting for them As the first divisions Are the officers and noncom of world War u All Are men in their 30s and 40s and hold ranks of major and higher or sergeant and the real shortage is in lieutenants and Buck shortage of Junior officers and noncom As As shortage of equipment and Barracks was responsible for slowing Down the original program under which a 12division army was to be raised in three the defense ministry found More than Iju months ago that it would be impossible to induct Large num Bers of draftees in the near future because of the Lack of trained instructors and officers to command As 11 Only draftees have been inducted so far this year and no More Are scheduled to be taken in until april some posies from the Kremlin Cost Ello says wiretap voids tax sentence new York an attorney for Frank asked that the underworld Nezari income tax Eva Sion Cor vict ton be set aside that Federal agent a Cut with county authorities obtain wiretap the Edward told Federal judge John Mcgarey that theft had been a cooperation Between the Bureau internal Revenue and the new York county District at Torney in placing a tap on Tho Gambler assistant attorney Arthur Kristy ibid in opposing the motion Williams had presented nothing but surmises and suspicions that tax agents used wiretap information obtained by county authorities to prepare their Case against the William claimed that tax had us ii the wiretap information As the basis for to in formation which was offered at costo Loii trial despite the of foot that Federal Law bars the use knowingly of such Jovial the 65yearold was by a Bullet in a murder attempt last appeared in a Jovial mood in he served 11 month of a five year term for tax the supreme court ordered hit release last March 11 pending review of the the court upheld the leniency on june he is on Bond pending receipt by the at Torney of a copy of the supreme court Daniel of Spring n j a ormer Treasury agent in of the new York testified during thursdays hear ing that Federal agents had known of the wiretaps on costellos Tele phone made by county Bolich admitted that the wiretap information had been put to but he Naid h was not in connection with the Case against Idman steel Coal at 25 million tons Germany a West Germany Busy steel Maken expect to push production to 25 million ions this this would be million More than last years output of 23 2 with this West or Many would maintain its position As the worlds third largest proud try after the and soviet soviet party Bow Budta Toft Tad Pronior Nikolai Bulgaria carry m they arrive la during if cell Sute Rufic at top to visit East zone Warsaw a Cornu let will Lead a polish delegation to Germany within next few Days it officially other members win include pre Mier Saief first Secretary of the polish Monist will be having first direct Contact with East Man lenders last

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